1. Lyndsay

    Samson and Eleanor are so sweet! Great, pictures, I hope you're enjoying your new home in NYC!

  2. Demmy

    aww beautiful pictures. your son is the cutest. I'm sure Eleanor is a very proud big sister! x

  3. Sparkle

    samson is becoming so alike e! :) so adorable! btw. love the hannah edition, she looks/sounds so cool :)


  4. Kathy

    Samson is totally rocking that Mohawk :D i love the last photo, haha Eleanor is such a cutie pie :)

  5. tinajo

    Nice pics – especially of the kiddos! :-)

  6. What a delightful life! :)

  7. Tereza

    thats so cute! looking at those photos makes me feel like i really want to be part of your family! :))

  8. Lotte

    That's a very nice workout by Josh in the chair! Getting good abs while having 2 kids…

  9. Mariana

    beautiful. :)

  10. Clio

    Eleanor chatting on her foot phone? Ah-mazing!

  11. omg… is eleanor using her FOOT as a PHONE?

    such a cutie :)

  12. third foto on the left side is amazing!
    what an expression of little samson!

  13. Welcome back to NYC! I've been lurking for awhile, but as an NYC girl I am excited to hear what places to eat at you & Josh love. Eating must be the number one extracurricular activity here, ha.

  14. i love little e using her foot as a phone! looks like life in NY is fitting your family perfectly.

  15. Your family is so so so beautiful! Congrats :-)

  16. Chrissy

    I guess every child uses his foot as a phone, I also did :D
    It's just so cute to watch your family!

  17. Jemi K

    Adorable! :) I stumbled upon your blog and read it wayy back and fell in love more on every page! Lots of love! xx

  18. colleen

    I love that photo of you kissing Samson – his face is so funny. he looks just like e did as a baby, too!

  19. there is simply nothing quite like a handsome baby with a mohawk ;)

  20. Hannah

    the last one of eleamor having an important call with her foot, is soo awesome!!!

    I showed my mum these pictures and she smiled al the time and at the end she said: "you can see it in their kids face that they are so satisfied. their parents are doing a really good job!" And, yeah, josh, naomi, you two are doing a really really good job!!!

  21. seems like a great week! what kind of lipstick is your sister wearing in that picture at the restaurant? it looks great on her!

  22. mollyluc

    Samson's little face is too cute! Love the bottom left family photo!

  23. I know this has been said quite a few times, but your kids are adorable! They are growing up fast. Love your cute little family! Thanks for sharing:)

  24. Sarah

    It's kinda funny seeing some of these pictures since they were back in DC and you are now in NY lol. I loved looking at the mall though =)

    – Sarah

  25. I love the foot on the face! My son does that too

  26. Faith

    omg, you have the cutest family! LOVE!

  27. Kirsten

    Precious pictures!
    You have adorable little babies : )

    And, I am so excited about you all living in NYC again! I loved it there (although my time was short), and I love seeing other people's times there!


  28. S

    i can't over how much samson looks like eleanor

  29. Marie

    Your children are adorable!

    The photo of E and her friend at the waterfall is still my favourite :) she looks like a graceful dancer, just like her mum :)

  30. Lottie

    love e's phone foot–pure genius :)

  31. You have such a beautiful family, Naomi! Too much cuteness to handle right now!

  32. Britney

    Every time you capture Eleanor like this and with your post about her being a little photographer I can't help but think about her growing up to look and be just as lovely as her mama! So gorgeous–keep them coming.
    And I can't wait to see more of your life in NYC!

  33. Kris

    Your kids are adorable and I love Josh' "I Can't Afford to Love NY" shirt! Hilarious!

  34. just love your outfit in the last photo, naomi! and mama-son matching outfits — please make this is a common occurrence. it's heart-melting.

  35. Luisa

    oh how cute E is, so lovley! :-)

  36. Sulli

    I can't wait to see how you make your new space a home…it looks like the kiddos have taken over with their toys already ;)

  37. Melissa

    lovely photos! your little girl is SO cute :)
    Oh, My

  38. i'm curious – do you use another filter/photo app besides instagram?

  39. Erin

    You always have the best iphone pictures! Do you use a certain photo app or just the iphone camera?

  40. Y

    such cute little babies!! Love your pink lipstick color!


  41. LOVE these pics – ALL of them!!
    The fountain pic makes me smile, those sunflowers are beautiful, little man's facial expressions are adorable and love the flexibility of baba's too!! My little princess loves touching her nose with her toes :)
    Caley – http://www.ellieloveblog.blogspot.com

  42. 2busy

    Have you painted a new chalk board wall in your new apartment?

  43. Priya

    Is that little E on a "foot phone"? I love it!! You seriously have a gorgeous family, that sis included! How great that she could spend some time with you. Love these gorgeous photos!

    perfectly priya

  44. Britta

    Totally spotted Cafe Lalo in there — good taste, lady! I took my husband there for lunch one day, and while I had a panini and salad, all he ordered was a cannoli and a piece of dulce de leche cheesecake… I think that pretty much says it all! Welcome (back) to the city.

  45. Coryann

    Samson is really rockin' that faux hawk!

  46. you guys are brave! my husband and i just moved 2000miles to san diego with a dog from a 4 bedroom house to a open loft in downtown and I thought that was nuts! good luck, you are a strong lady and look like y'all are fitting in so well!


    lydia from vintage2vogue


  47. that last picture is too cute! Hello? Hold on I'm on my foot phone!

  48. teeny

    samson KILLS me. what a handsome little gift you received! the mini mohawk takes the cake as well…


  49. Lovin' all these cute photos especially little Eleanor using her foot as a phone (it must be a girl thing b/c my little S who is about the same age does the same thing! haha)
    Also I sent you an email from color issue…just makin' sure it doesn't get lost in the shuffle! Thx girlie!


  50. ha! love josh's shirt! "i can't afford to <3 ny"

  51. Such lovely photos! X

  52. RoselyC

    I love the sunflowers!

  53. Stella

    From the way E is holding her leg in that last one, she is sure to become a ballerina like her mama!

  54. Katie

    Your family is the cutest, as always!

  55. your life is so colour co ordinated. Each of these pictures is perfect… I can tell you I could never get our clothes, locations, shoes, food etc to look so good! Im jealous! xx

  56. Jenna

    You sure have cute kids!

  57. samson and eleanor are the cutest!

  58. Barbara

    looks like brooklyn is your new home??? m i right???

    love and kisses


  59. Beautiful pictures, your babies are absolutely gorgeous! xxx


  60. rtkce

    Such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing!!


  61. So that's DECAF coffee in that breakfast shot. Right, taza???

  62. I mean, since you aren't allowed caffeine as a mormon.

  63. Morgan

    LOVE the one of Elanor playing in the water like she's leading a marching band…..oh and of course the one where she's using her foot as a phone! too cute.
    And Samson is looking more and more like her each day.

  64. lovely! i adore your outfit in the last picture! You and josh are such a beautiful couple.

  65. So cute! Love the iPhone; I don't know what I'd do without it. Sometimes the quality of the photos it takes shocks me too.

  66. norajo

    Where is the shirt you are wearing from, on the left, third from the bottom? Thanks!

  67. shayla.


  68. I love that sofa!
    And those yellow boots? Cuuuuute!

  69. J'adore votre blog et vos photos sont magnifiques !!!!
    bonne continuation et bonne chance à New York, je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur !!!

    Merci pour votre blog, je viens souvent voir et j'adore

  70. PLEASE do tell where you got Samson's Muslin swaddle blankets?! What brand? I love the print! (i noticed alot of others would like to know as well!)


  71. cuteness overload. your family is perfect!! can't wait to see more of your new place here on the blog!
    xo TJ