1. Perfects days with the babies!!!

  2. I adore your pictures, you guys do so much together. I feel like we just work, come home, and hang out, then do it all again the next day. I also adore the pics of E "taking pictures" so stinking cute.

  3. @norajo, the shirt is from the black keys concert.

    @candice beth, samson's swaddle blankets are the brand GOBBLE. i'm not sure where they are from. they were a gift from a friend.

    @2busy, we haven't but i need to!!!

    @mandy boddy, her lipstick is schiap by nars.

  4. You always have the absolute cutest instagram pics! Love them everytime!

  5. Rosie

    Oh!!!!!!! Just discovered your blog, your now one of my new favourites! You have a beautiful family :) x x x

  6. You're just too cute! Where did you get that striped shirt in the very bottom pic on the left? I've been searching for one like it everywhere! You'd think it wouldn't be so hard!

  7. Wow, you have the cutest kids! They truly are adorable :)I found your blog not long ago (from The Daybook Blog) and I have been feverishly going through it like a mad woman! haha. Your pictures and writing keep me so entertained during those boring work days ;)I look forward to a new post everyday. All the best to you and your insanely cute family :)


  8. Looks like New York City is treating your family well. My dream would be to move to the city ;) Have a great week, dear.
    -Ashley Cooper @ design-parlor.blogspot.com

  9. Ok. Is that a certain Meg Fee I spot in one (or more?) Of our pictures. I have so secretly been hoping you two would reunite in NYC.

    i know, I sound crazy and perhaps a bit stalker-ish, but you guys are famous according to my Google Reader. ;)

  10. i would love to know what brand your red baby carrier is. love it!!

  11. Forever in love with your iPhone photos! :)

  12. Jenna

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  13. Samson is already SO expressive. I love it. Cutie pies the both of them. I love seeing all the love in your posts! ox

  14. where did your husband get that great shirt?! I would love to get that for my husband! "I can't afford to love NY"!