i left my heart in san francisco…

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…just kidding. i didn’t.
but i easily could have. i liked that place a bit too much and i think josh is worried because i won’t stop talking about it. the cooler temperatures, the food, the colorful homes on steep hills and that glorious golden gate bridge all covered up in fog… gosh that city is pretty.
i have more photos to share but my computer just told me my start up disk is full. (so fun.) so this was all i was able to upload for now. have a wonderful weekend! if you’re spending it in san francisco, please don’t tell me.

  1. wow, eleanors eyes are so beautiful ♥

  2. by the way: greats from germany, love your blog!

  3. Looks like y'all had a wonderful (and very yummy) time! I've been wanting to visit San Francisco for a while now, and these pictures are giving me major wanderlust!

    Gotta ask-where did you get your jean jacket? It's lovely!

  4. these eyes naOmi these eyes…

  5. Bridget

    eleanor's eyes in that last picture are so beautiful. i've never been to san fran but i am dying to go there — and basically the whole pacific nw.

    i just got the start up disk warning on my computer last week. blast.

  6. I am loving the last pictures as well. Those eyes so pretty! I have always wanted to take a real trip to San Fran. Maybe this year These pictures make me want to go even more.

  7. tinajo

    I´ve never been but it´s on my list – seems beautiful!

  8. SF is indeed beautiful and I think Eleanor agreed with it too ;) and gosh her eyes in the last photo is so beautiful ❤❤

  9. Absolutely lovely pictures! Looks like you all had a great time!

    Dearest Lou

  10. Kathy

    oh wow, those eyes.Eleanor's eyes are so beautiful!

  11. Your children look so precious & beautiful. Hopefully they'll remember all the travelling experience when they grow up. I brought my child for a holiday when he was 2 & he still remembers it :))


  12. Your children look so precious & beautiful. Hopefully they'll remember all the travelling experience when they grow up. I brought my child for a holiday when he was 2 & he still remembers it :))


  13. Shan

    My boyfriend and I have those exact same two bikes! The orange and green ones from Public Bikes. (publicbikes.com/) They are great bikes–so easy to ride and perfectly designed. The orange is so fun, too! Did you guys rent them? Or is someone living parallel lives to us in San Fran??

    I love the pictures! I have never been to San Fran either, and am dying, too. Probably because I love cool weather and watched every episode of Full House as a kid :)

  14. I went to SF 2 years ago to visit a friend for a week and go to her wedding before she moved out here to the east coast. I fell in love with that city too! I still miss it! :)

  15. Beautiful pictures. I've never been to SF but you're REALLY making me want to visit!

  16. i went to SF for the first time a couple of years ago and fell in love, too! it's a very inspiring city and i love the mix of urban and outdoors. they seem to really get it out there, you know? xo

  17. everything about this is darling. sure do love SF. and your sweet photos.


  18. Eeny

    san francisco sure is easy to fall for. i love that city so much. and i think i left part of my heart there pretty much exactly 9 years ago.

    your pictures are beautiful. can't wait to see more.

    have a wonderful weekend with your lovely family.

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  20. all the pretty colors! I think eleanor needs to be in an ice cream ad somewhere ;)

  21. onlyme

    I did indeed leave my heart in SF years and years ago, but you see, having to go back to try and find it is the best excuse to return time and time again.
    I would normally find myself just staring at the ice cream on the pic, but E's eyes are all I can focus on….

  22. Dianna

    E's eyes! geez they are just lovely!

  23. Such gorgeous photos!

    I've never been but I can truly see why you love it.

    Bumping it up my must-visit list!!

  24. Shannon

    LOVE San Francisco. Seriously the greatest city. There are certain things about it that actually remind me of DC a bit. Looks like you had a great time! Glad to hear your heart is still connected to the rest of your body.

  25. I used to live in SF. It is amazingly gorgeous! Glad you had a great time.

  26. angie

    i just love your photographs! they are so colourful and happy!

  27. zay

    OMH that last picture is adorable!

  28. I really love San Fran too! So many good things there!

    Eleanor's eyes are absolutely gorgeous! Such a beautiful baby :)

  29. animru

    beautiful eyes… :)

  30. I love the amount of ice cream that your family consumes! :)

  31. in the 6th picture there is our tram (I write from Milan, Italy) ;-)

    OOOOh I love USA!!!

  32. what a gorgeous eyes! Eleanor is sooo cute and fashionable kid.:)

  33. Archana

    Whr did u get E sweater's from? Luv ur blog!

  34. that last shot — her eyes! do people ever tell you she looks like the twins? i see that resemblance a lot.

  35. San Francisco is fun, but when it comes to living, I'm East Coast all the way (except maybe during the summer!) And I prefer the vibrancy of the people of New York much more than the uptight attitudes of many San Franciscans. I've been there several times and I always find them snobbier than anyone in Los Angeles where I went to high school in the 1990s.

  36. Alison

    looks like a perfect vacation and like eleanor had a blast.

  37. I've always wanted to visit San Francisco! I feel like I would fall deep in love with it!

  38. Megan

    My family is moving to San Francisco (from Florida) on Saturday! Come back and visit!

  39. My dream is to come to San Francisco!

  40. that pic of you and eleanor is seriously the cutest. and her outfit! the mustard yellow boots, striped pants, and sweater? i want that outfit! :)

  41. it's an easy thing to do :) sf is easily one of my favorite cities!

  42. Mariela

    The last picture is just amazing, beautiful eyes!! enjoy your weekend! x

  43. I'm from the DC area and have lived in San Francisco. I count my blessing everyday to live here. Glad you had fun! PS Smitten Ice Cream is deeelicious and how cute is that park!


  44. definitely one of my favorite places on the planet. glad you enjoyed :)

  45. Beautiful photos! I've never been to San Fran but I hope to go some day, I didn't realize it was so chilly.

  46. Rachel

    I think that you and your beautiful babies should definitely move here. Just be sure to never call it San Fran.

  47. Kirsten

    That last picture is amazing!!
    And her little sweater is so adorable!!
    Looks liks you had so much fun!


  48. great photos! i love SF as well and would definitely live there if the opportunity arose!

  49. Oh my! What a gorgeous city! E looks adorable, as do you! Sorry about the computer overload but thanks for the pics you could load!


  50. Amazing photos, totally made me miss that city. I lived about 40 min away my whole life. Miss it oh so much!

  51. My fiancé and I were just in San Fran a few weeks ago.. It stole our hearts – that's where he proposed! I think I fell in love with the city while there.


  52. Oh look At Elanor's eyes, she is so beautiful. Like her mama. Glad you had a fun trip. My sister-in-law's mother just came back from San Fran, she fell in love too! x

  53. I miss San Fran so much! I keep telling my husband we need to go back asap and take our little boy (same age as your sweet girl). We searched and searched for the "Full House" house, only to find the wrong one! I finally figured out where it is so I think a trip is a must :)

  54. Thrilled to hear you loved San Francisco. I wish I would have known you were coming I would have sent a list of must see's and things to do. Although I am sure your schedule was packed.

    Did you get to eat at the trucks? We have the most amazing food trucks? I know you like pizza and some of the best comes from a truck.

    Come back soon.
    Diana from San Francisco

  55. Steph

    Love the photos! Eleanor's rain boots are too precious!

  56. Marla

    San Fran is my favorite city and I plan to move there some day soon. You need to move there too!!! Im currently a So Cal girl but I definitely prefer Nor Cal. Love the diversity and history there. Ran the Nike Women's Marathon in San Fran two years ago and the route was so beautiful!

  57. staycie

    I from San Francisco but currently live in LA…you don't know how much I miss it every day!!! so jealous you were up there. i need to get my hands on that city.

  58. I love the picture with Eleanor and your friend sitting at the yellow table. It looks as though you interrupted a shared confidence between these two old friends–so perfect!

  59. I grew up near SF and I think my heart will always be there! My husband and I are in Boston now…but we'll always be trying to get back there! These photos are gorgeous, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! It makes me miss home!

  60. San Francisco misses the Davis rock stars! At least, that's what the fog told me this morning. ;)

  61. carli

    We JUST got back from San Francisco. Had to post an absolutely ridiculous amount of photos on my blog, because I just couldn't get enough of it. What a beautiful city! I too, very nearly, left my heart there :)

  62. I love the "Fro Sale" t-shirt and then your little man being held…haha so cute!

    Lindsay @

  63. Kristen

    Elanor's eyes in that last picture are breathtaking!!! Looks like a wonderful vaca!

  64. R.

    Look at E's eyes!

  65. I love the last picture of your daughter eating her ice cream, precious!

  66. Katie

    I felt as if I was right there with you the entire time, through your photos! Beautiful. I especially love the snapshot of E with her ice cream cone.

    We moved from Northern California to Colorado almost 4 years ago now. I love the Rocky Mountain state, but there are things I miss so much about California. So happy you enjoyed your visit! SF is a special place.

  67. Susan

    Love your blog! Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. I take alot of pictures on a regular basis, but your blog inspires me to take more pictures of everyday life on a more regular basis. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  68. san fransisco is high up on my must-visit list!
    it looks so beautiful in your pictures, i can't wait to go there one day.
    xo, cheyenne

  69. Erin

    I really love the whole style of your family. Your kids are always dressed so well without being stuffy. I am definitely going to look back at these pictures when picking out clothes for my own little one.

  70. I'm not spending my weekend in S.F. or "the city" as we call it here in mid Ca. But I am spending next weekend there ;)

  71. oh gosh, look at those eyes in that last photo. absolutely gorgeous! isn't san francisco the best? i went there a few months ago and still can't get it out of my head how perfect it is. hopefully one day the mister and i will move there!
    so glad to hear that you had a fabulous time! we must see more pictures!!
    xo TJ

  72. Priya

    i LOVE SF! These pictures are awesome. I especially like E eating the ice cream, look at those gorgeous eyes!

    perfectly priya

  73. Bev

    I hear you loud and clear, I love love SF!! I have family there, and every time we go and visit {which is often} I get giddy and don't want to leave. Glad you had a wonderful time, beautiful pics as usual!

  74. JSL

    so brave of you to take both kids to see such a beautiful city!

  75. Ok first off, your kids are drop dead gorgeous! I've been lurking for a while on here :) That last picture is so pretty of your daughter's eyes!!!

    Second, glad you enjoyed my city! I never get tired of all the sweeping vistas and general vibe. Come visit again soon!!

  76. Shilah

    I wish to know what you did! You should do another post on your favorite places that you ate at and visited =] I'm going to SF with my husband and baby in September and I wanna be READY.

  77. Kari

    I too dream of San Francisco. Lovely city!

  78. My family and I are headed there next week! Do you have any recommendations for restaurants?

  79. Oh my gosh she is so precious! Love Samson all snuggled up with Josh, and you and E look so perfect together. The last one though, so beautiful. Love!


  80. The last picture of E is my favorite, her eyes are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  81. katilda

    i sure hope you saw the sea lions lounging on the pier. it was my #1 priority when i went there in 2010. it just worked out that i got to eat a churro from a street vendor at the exact same time. never has there been a happier afternoon.

  82. San Francisco is one of my favorite places ever! So beautiful. I'm trying to convince my husband that we need to live there too ;)

  83. Gina

    Oh my goodness, her eyes are so incredible. You dress E so well! And, I'm so glad you enjoyed SF – so thankful I live closeby.


  84. Bethany

    We were just there in June! We walked around that city and fell in love. Your pictures are fabulous!

  85. she is the most beautiful little girl!!

  86. You and baby E definitely have the SF glow in the third picture. That warm beautiful sun that the city always seems to have at just the perfect time. Hmmm :) It's a hard place not to fall in love with for sure. So happy to hear you had a blast~