i left my heart in san francisco…

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…just kidding. i didn’t.
but i easily could have. i liked that place a bit too much and i think josh is worried because i won’t stop talking about it. the cooler temperatures, the food, the colorful homes on steep hills and that glorious golden gate bridge all covered up in fog… gosh that city is pretty.
i have more photos to share but my computer just told me my start up disk is full. (so fun.) so this was all i was able to upload for now. have a wonderful weekend! if you’re spending it in san francisco, please don’t tell me.

  1. glad you enjoyed our little slice of heaven. :)

  2. My boyfriend and I also just got back from a trip to San Francisco, and man, I loved that city! The cooler temperatures were so nice and everything so lovely.

  3. Carly

    i'm spending my weekend in san fransico.
    just kidding ;)

    i adore that photo of you and eleanor. and little samson! so precious.

  4. I think San Francisco is one of the greatest places on earth! No wonder it was hard to leave!

    And yes, I agree! Eleanor has such beautiful eyes! Lucky girl.

  5. i know how you feel. even thinking about california hurts my feelings.

  6. Such a magical city! We went there on our honeymoon almost five years ago and I want to revisit so badly. For now I watch a few favorite movies set in one of my favorite cities – the princess diaries and yours, mine and ours (with Lucille ball and Henry Fonda) I love identifying the places I recognize!

  7. Unknown

    oh how i wish i were in SF right now as well :c
    your photos are so precious.
    on another note, where did you get your fabulous blue skirt?

  8. I can never get enough of your posts, and eleanor's beautiful eyes. That girl is going to break hearts all over the world!

  9. Emily

    I fell in love with SF a few years ago when we visited the city during our US road trip! I hope to visit again, for a longer stay … Love seeing your pictures!

  10. were you people trying to sell that pretty baby?? shame on you!!!

  11. meg

    as someone who has lived in the bay area their whole life and in san francisco for five years it truly is a great city, complete with crazies, interesting, beautiful and fun people. if i ever did leave, my heart would most definitely stay.

  12. wow that's a big ice cream for a little girl :-) ha she's so cute!

  13. San Fran is definitely one of my favorite cities! Love it and thanks for sharing some great photos!

  14. isabel

    SF is one of the best things i've seen!
    your daughters eyes are so beautiful, she looks like such a sweet lovely happy kid! but who wouldn't be happy eating such a gelato!


  15. My mom spent her college years and a little after in San Fransisco. She talks about how much she loved it all the time! Love, love, LOVE that last picture of Josh and E. So cute!!

  16. Bonny

    Naomi, if you get half a second…I know you're super busy right now….can you tell me where you got your jeans? I need a pair to go to Lake Tahoe, and yours are super adorable. P.S. You know I'm sure San Francisco has a ballet you could dance in if you moved there. Just saying;)

  17. Beautiful photos! Eleanor's eyes are soooooo pretty!

    XO Krystin

  18. Daphné

    Great pictures, makes me wanna go to SF! E. has the most beautiful eyes!

  19. Marisa

    Eleanor looks adorable!

  20. Marisa

    Eleanor looks adorable!

  21. I love your travel posts! You really know how to sell a city.

    And I am sooo with you if you want to toss your computer out the window – I have a "disc full" problem about everyday.



  22. such lovely photos! And I want a full size version of Eleanor's cardigan :) so cute xx

  23. kristyn

    looks like you had a great time in san fran! :) i've never been there myself but it's always been on the to-do list.



  24. eleanor just gets cuter and cuter, i swear.

  25. Kate

    if you like san fran, you HAVE to visit portland and seattle!

  26. san francisco is pretty much my favorite place ever! i'm about 8 hours away by car and it's tempting to drive up there now after seeing your post!

  27. Cute pictures…I love San Francisco! I remember being surprised to find those orange street cars (like the one in your picture) when I went there…those are old street cars from Milan, Italy (the city my mom comes from), they even have the cities emblem on them…I have no idea why they are there!

  28. Sini

    Beautiful images! I would love to visit San Francisco and USA in general. I know this isn't a beauty blog (and one reason why I love it!) but could you tell little bit more sometimes of your style and how you do your hair? :) You all are just simply stunning!

  29. san francisco brings back fond memories! by the way. where do you purchase your kids clothing?

  30. Anna

    ugh, isn't san francisco so dreamy? i fell in love with it on our honeymoon a couple years ago and have been dying to go back ever since. love the photos!

  31. i'm not sure i've seen a more beautiful little girl than little E. makes me smile!

  32. Yeah San Francisco is one of my favorite places!

  33. Kristal

    I spent my bday there last year. It's a beautiful city! I love your jean jacket! Great pics!

  34. Aww, I love this post. I haven't spent a lot of time in San Fran recently. The last time I was there i was 13. Now that I am 29, I say I am do for a visit, and this post easily convinced me :) Also, E with her ice cream made my heart melt! xx Jen

  35. Rossini

    makes me want to go..


  36. i am so glad you loved san francisco so much. i think a lot of people don't understand what i see in it and why i love it so much but it truly has captured my heart.

  37. Benthe

    San Francisco seems so beautiful! I have never been there, I haven't been to any place outside Europe to be exact, but it is on my wishlist!

  38. by the way: greats from Berlin/Germany,
    love your blog!

    your kids are so cute ♥

    My babygirl´ll espy the lights of our world at september, 14th.
    Iám looking so forward ;)

    very dear greetings

  39. Hi, I am discovering your blog and it's great. It feels very fresh and so happy. Your photos makes me want to discover the west coast. I've always wanted to go there….San francisco, LA….one day…maybe…hopefully.

    Greetings from France.


  40. rain ::

    i agree….i am homesick for san fran and i've never even lived there! my husband and i spend a glorious few days there 2 octobers ago and wow…i ache to return.

    beautiful photos! what a lovely family.

  41. Jenny

    The last photo… just gorgeous! She is such a beautiful little girl. San Fran looks and sounds like an amazing place to visit, hope you had fun!


  42. Ono

    Holy Cow! Is that a City for Sale t-shirt? I saw that show at Theater for the New City in 2000 when I was but a lowly intern. Awesome!

  43. sweet e's eyes in that last snap — too beautiful for words.

  44. I really want to visit San Francisco now, amazing photos! X