happy feet.

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not really of importance to anyone but me, but i can’t get enough of my little samson’s baby toes. or the way he is always clenching them so tightly. i also have a little girl who would wear her rain boots to bed if i let her and i find it sort of adorable. you never know when that next big rain storm will hit! ;) just yesterday i had to quietly slip them off of her feet after she’d fallen asleep at nap time. you just don’t get between eleanor and her rain boots. you just don’t.

and while we’re kind of sort of on the topic of feet, i’d like to use this opportunity to tell you just how much mine hurt. but i guess that’s new york city’s way of officially welcoming me back to the city… that, and a few blessed blisters on my heels. but if the upside of this situation is semi-toned legs come october, then i’ll take it! who needs a gym pass in manhattan? you just need really comfy flats with wonderful arch support (because i won’t do tennis shoes. i just won’t. i can’t. ever.)
footnote: samson is sitting in the bumbo chair in the photo above. i am aware bumbo did a voluntary re-call last week. we have ordered the repair kit (safety strap) and always use our bumbo chair on the floor while sitting or playing right beside our baby. // i found eleanor’s rain boots pictured above on GILT a few months ago. // and for those who inquired about where we purchased E’s wooden toy camera in this post, i got it from this etsy shop last year.
  1. My dad told me that when I was a toddler/kid I wore a pair of bright orange rainboots everywhere until my feet were cracked. What is it about kids and rainboots?!

  2. i'm the same way with tennis shoes – unless i'm going for a run, it just won't happen. i'll take my comfy flats, boots or vans any day instead!

  3. Haley K

    curled baby toes!! and Samson's sweet, chunky little arms and hand right behind them…adorable. :)

    Eleanor's yellow rain boots! she's already determined to be fashionable and sensible, fall is right around the corner ;)

    hope you're feet feel better!

  4. Am I the only one who giggled at FOOTnote? ;) You have some super cute feet around your home… and I'm going to be so jealous of your NYC legs!

  5. i felt a bit sad when i read your little footnote about the bumbo chair. Obviously your used to people making comments on your parenting skills and have felt the need to have to justify it before the comments start.
    Your little family is so beautiful and i dont doubt for a second that you are caring, thoughtful and loving parents.

  6. Kirsten

    Oh! Yellow wellies! I love them : )

    There is a children's book set called Alfie and Annie Rose. They are English and SO fun! My mom would read them to my brother and me when we were little (we also named our cats after them). I think your kids would LOVE them.


  7. jessica

    cute feet indeed! if you find some comfy flats let us know. as a mom of three i am often carrying one in a ergo & would love to know about cute & comfy shoes. i can't do tennis shoes either. thanks!

  8. EC

    Have you heard the song Eleanor Put Your Boots on? It's a perfect song for your sweet girl! "Eleanor put those boots back on,
    Kick the heels into the Brooklyn dirt,
    I know it isn't dignified to run,
    But if you run,
    You can run to the Coney Island roller coaster,
    Ride to the highest point and leap across the filthy water,
    Leap until the Gulf Stream's brought you down."


  9. c

    Do you have any recommendations for comfortable flats? I feel like most of them give me blisters!

  10. Always loved babies'feet.

    Cute boots, I understand Eleanor does not want to take them off ;)

    (I have been reading your blog for like a year, and I still love it. You are doing a great job :) )

  11. holtkamp

    baby feet are the cutest! i saw your instagram stream blow up with bumbo recall comments…i hope that ever doesn't get so annoying that your stop sharing pieces of your wonderful life with your followers! i think you are a wonderful mom to your lovely family!

  12. I'd love to find some comfy flats too! I just don't find flats easy to wear at all. Give me a good two-inch heel any day.

    @Kirsten, I loved the Alfie and Annie Rose books! Beautiful illustrations, I remember.

  13. I don't blame her! I have the same ones.

  14. i also need the comfy flat & excellent arch support (!!!!) recommendations. please?!

  15. ErinMSW

    Tee hee – FOOTnote.

  16. look at those cute little toes! my baby fever is at an all-time high, no thanks to you! ;)

  17. Rachel

    I totally agree about tennis shoes!Never ever!

  18. Dianna

    super cute! Must get some for my Nyah!

  19. Amy

    I was completely obsessed with rain boots when I was Eleanor's age. I would just never take them off. Glad to see I'm not the only kid who has that weird little obsession!

    Although, saying that, I'm still heavily obsessed with my wellies and have about eight different pairs right now (pretty much essential with the English summer!)


  20. Sarah

    My kid cant be separated from hats. I let her go to bed with them on and slip them off later lol! Thanks for the etsy link to the camera!

    – Sarah

  21. Oh my goodness those TOES!!! I am excited to see the fun little characteristics my kids will have! So adorable.


  22. oh so sweet! and don't worry for a minute about explaining yourself on the bumbo. the way i see it, anything can become a hazard if we don't monitor our babies adequately. i'm still a huge bumbo fan, with or without the repair kit. i always used it when i was right with baby j, and common sense says "if they are wriggling around (which they will do), be near them so they don't tump over". be confident! you're an awesome mama and God made you and only you to be the best mama to your sweet duo. you're great!

  23. For everyone looking for comfy flats sperry has black ballet flats out right now. I just got a pair at nordstrom. They are extremely comfortable because they have some sort of memory foam cushion in the bottom and are pretty much just a classier version of their topsider slip ons.

    Jut thought I'd share.

  24. baby toes are they cutest! And Samson's is just too adorable!!

    Eleanor's got me wanting to order yellow hunter boots!

  25. I love baby feet! Isn't it funny that you have to be ahead of the comments by making sure you state the recall. You are a great mama and are doing a great job. I always love your blog.

  26. Beautiful photos. And I'm lovin her rainboots. I wanted to buy my son a pair of rainboots the other day; they had skulls on them but I passed them up. Now I'm kind of regretting it.

  27. LOVE the squeezed baby toes. I saw the drama thread on instagram. I laughed. I'm glad it's not me whose photos start a storm of bossy/judgmental mom comments ;) Of course, I am assuming you left him unattended, on the kitchen table in the bumbo – who wouldn't?

    My four year old wears her purple hunters non stop too! Granted now everything has to be purple, well, at least when she picks it out. She also wanted some pair of Sketcher "twinkle toe" sneakers at Nordstrom. It was a scary day, and I refused, so I'll take rain boots any day. Their fashion choices get more and more interesting as they age! :)

  28. Josie

    People have got so crazy about the bumbo safety thing but as long as your baby's on the floor and you keep an eye on them I think it's fine. We use one anyway!

  29. This is such an adorable post! I also find it somewhat humorous that you have to add a disclaimer regarding the safety of your children. I can imagine the comments that probably flood in when people feel like you're putting your children in harms way but you are a human being after all and you shouldn't be subject to so much criticism. Anyway, thank you for sharing all of your beautiful pictures. I really do enjoy them as they inspire me as I'm getting ready to welcome my first little one into this world :)

  30. b.marie

    i love the rain boots and baby feet are always my favorite! i don't have any kids but whenever i meet a new baby i have to check out their toes!

    when i was a kid i absolutely i insisted of wearing my tap shoes everywhere! i wasn't even in tap, we just found them at a thrift store, but oh man, they were my fave!

    have you tried any flats by born? i have several of their shoes but their flats are amazing and super cute! i'm a hair stylist so i know the importance of a good/cute shoe! if you haven't checked them out i would highly recommend them!

    lovin your blog!

  31. Merrell makes really great "barefoot" style shoes for women. Most of them are on the *sporty* side but there are a handful that look like regular flats. They are not super fashionable, but I can promise that if you have a big walking day ahead of you – they will be your best friend. After walking all day in mine (for multiple days in a row), the bottoms of my feet are only slightly sore and the rest of my body feels great (no leg, shin, hip, etc pain). Here are a few examples:




  32. Our 3 year old can always be found in a pair of boots. It might be rain boots or it might be cowboy boots but it's gotta be boots. Too cute!

  33. b.marie

    i should also mention that one of my favorite outfits as a child was my bathing suit and rain boots. it happened all the time.

    yes, my parents are awesome.

  34. I wore purple rain boots for EVER! We had nanny's growing up and my nanny from Germany was very strict and she would fight and fight with me about not wearing my purple rain boots and eventually my mom had to tell her that it was perfectly fine for me to go out in them everywhere. Makes me smile to think about :)

  35. thats so sweet that she won't part with her boots.

  36. Katie

    Just the sweetest post, Naomi!

    Our Bumbo chair was a lifesaver. It's currently sitting in our basement, waiting for Baby #2. The first (to my knowledge) voluntary recall was issued when M was a few months old, but we continued on using it — It's a baby seat, not a babysitter, people! ;) And S looks adorable sitting in his.

  37. Bianca

    I just say no to tennis shoes ;)

  38. Kimber

    Thanks Naomi, we've had a rush on cameras today!

  39. Here's to toned legs come fall, girl! So glad you guys are getting back into the swing of things so easily. Love the boots! : )



  40. I love Eleanor's Hunter boots! She is such a cutie pie…as is Samson. As for all the NYC walking, I just visited for a few days recently and came home with blisters and soar calves. Thanks for sharing all of these moments.


  41. Simi

    Way to cute :) Can I steal Eleanor's boots for myself?

  42. Those are such cute, happy feet on both of your littles!! I love that you won't do tennis shoes. I hope you feet feel better soon, though! It's tough to find good shoes sometimes. Vera Wang Lavender flats have pretty good arch support, I wear mine everywhere.

    <3 Josephine

  43. :) I really got to laught while reading through your post. I feel absolutely the same about my little boys toes. Just today I told my husband I can't belief how they could so perfectly round, I just love them. I also got a bigger girl, she loves her rain boots but more the feeling of being barefoot. She also got cute little toes, but I didn't ever adore them like the way I do his!!!!


  44. :) I really got to laught while reading through your post. I feel absolutely the same about my little boys toes. Just today I told my husband I can't belief how they could so perfectly round, I just love them. I also got a bigger girl, she loves her rain boots but more the feeling of being barefoot. She also got cute little toes, but I didn't ever adore them like the way I do his!!!!


  45. Oh his little toes are to die for!

  46. please share some stylish & comfy shoe ideas, I walk to work, to school, and everywhere in between and am currently wearing running shoes and then changing into better looking albeit uncomfortable shoes at my destination. not a great system lol

  47. Lindsey

    I'm sooo with you. no tennis shoes. ever.

  48. Those wellies are just too cute, oh my life! brilliant xx

  49. I absolutely love your blog. That is all! :)

  50. Bev

    Love little kids feet, they're so cute and chubby!

  51. You don't know what you are missing.
    Tennis shoes RULE!
    But those wee baby toes are pretty much the cutest thing on the blanet.
    What a sweetie!
    And E… goregous!
    happy almost weekend!

  52. Rebecca

    In terms of stylish but comfortable shoes I love my Matt Bernson flats. I have two pairs of the waverly flats that I wear everywhere including commuting to and from work. They have really comfortable soft soles. And they've lasted me 2 years which says a lot for the quality since I used to go through a few pairs of black flats every season. I justify the cost with the fact I don't have to replace them as often.


  53. Teresa

    Hahahahaha love that I'm not the only one that won't do tennis shoes nor will I buy them for my little Ellie ;) love this blog

  54. I don't see what the fuss is about with Bumbos- I can't believe anyone would put their baby on a high up surface in them anyway and leave them unattended- my daughter loved hers!

    Anyway I love baby feet- and I am so jealous of Eleanor having a pair of Hunters. I am 28 and still don't own a pair! ;)


  55. Jenna

    Love her little legs in those shorts. So beautiful!

  56. Coryann

    Eleanor and those rain boots are inseparable! Which is perfectly fine because they're so darn stinkin' cute ; )

  57. Oh how sweet!! I had a pair of pink rain boots and I wore them in Seattle (super rainy) with NO socks. My brother took them and threw them on the roof because they smelled SO bad. I never saw them again.

  58. I have rain boots just like Eleanor's… If only I looked as cute wearing them! And if only I had cute little toes like Samson! You are one lucky Mama!

  59. rachael

    oh so cute! nothing better than baby feet…and cheeks…and noses. oh man!

  60. my brother was the same way with cowboy boots…your kids are too cute

  61. baby feet are my favorite. too cute.

  62. KateK

    Baby toes are one of the best things in this world! I completely agree about the no tennis shoes rule. I walk to class every day and I still won't wear them. :)

  63. Samantha

    I simply adore baby feet. I actually just put my little ones footprints in a garden cement stone, now I have his 17 month old tootsies immortalized forever!!

  64. Marie

    Baby feet and hands are the cutest! Very chubby and small :) i should buy rain boots for my child soon. His favourite shoes are his crocs :/

  65. Baby feet and toes are just the CUTEST!!
    I also love our Bumbo (as long as you aren't silly with it!) x

  66. georgi

    Gorgeous little toes :-) I call Chloe's her 'peas' as they are so scrummy and round! There is only a week or so between our littles, I love seeing how alert he is, and hearing about his milestones, as Chloe soon follows! I so want her to stay tiny forever but then seeing how cute E is makes me look forward to what is to come as well! Xx

  67. Seeing those baby toes and those adorbs little Hunters, makes me think it's time for us to start our little family.

  68. rtkce

    You are all fabulous! Such cute kids!

    Love little Samson's feet!!

  69. Honestly, I do not understand the need to constantly exploit your children over the internet!? I just do not "get" it? I guess it gets you more followers? But what about thier privacy?!

  70. Johanna

    How cute are these feet!
    I'm also in love with baby feet and I can't wait to play with the tiny little toes of my baby girl when she finally arrives in November!

  71. My Toms are my favorite flat to wear- comfortable and cute. I have a lace pair and always get a ton of compliments on them. Plus its for a good cause!

  72. Fran

    Such sweet photos! Gosh, your post brings back memories circa 1992 of my then-1 1/2-year old daughter and her insistence on wearing her fuschia Sam & Libby ballet flats 24 hours a day. Yes, I let her wear them to bed! On another note, one of my girls' favorite books from way back when was "Big Sarah's Little Boots"…..about a girl who outgrows her favorite boots. Could come in handy when Eleanor outgrows hers!

  73. Baby feet are the cutest and all little shoes look amazing! hope your feet get better soon and hooray for toned legs.

  74. Priya

    Amen sister, cute flats are worth the blisters so you don't have to wear tennis shoes with everything (or anything!) love those sweet baby feet and I've said before, her little rainboots are the cutest ever! I actually have the same ones in big girl form!

    perfectly priya

  75. I STILL have shoes I love so much I refuse to take them off!

  76. Sara:)

    @ JOdy Justice I have always thought that Naomi is very tasteful and respectful about the content and the nature of the things she shares, especially about her children. I appreciate the honesty she displays and the fact that she has allowed us all to learn, grow, and laugh along with her family! Way to go Naomi! What a great memory for your kids to look back on someday! I'm sure they will feel very loved by the fact that their mom recorded everything and was so proud of them that she shared it with the world! :)

  77. Naomi, I just can't believe how many idiots are out there… Please, do not feel in any shape or form you need to explain anything, this is YOUR life , your blog and if they are not happy, they can just detour to hell, for ll that matters.


  78. ezrazoe

    oh it's so nice to have you back! Please check out some fun things to do with the kids in ALL the boroughs:
    We'd love to have a playdate!

  79. HayleyR

    Aww baby toes are beyond adorable! I too giggled at the footnote ;). Xx

  80. HayleyR

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  81. HayleyR

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  82. Lilith

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  83. Ha! Love the footnote. I noticed all the "concerned" comments on instagram. :)

  84. Ha! Love the footnote. I noticed all the "concerned" comments on instagram. :)

  85. Eleanor is a cutie after my own heart. When I was younger I was obsessed with my red rain boots and my wonder woman underoos and wore them around the house all the time. My mother has a picture of me passed out in my boots and roos on the living room floor. You can't get between a girl and her shoes, for sure. Samson's feet made me melt. So cute.

  86. Jennifer

    your babies are so cute. :D