happy feet.

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not really of importance to anyone but me, but i can’t get enough of my little samson’s baby toes. or the way he is always clenching them so tightly. i also have a little girl who would wear her rain boots to bed if i let her and i find it sort of adorable. you never know when that next big rain storm will hit! ;) just yesterday i had to quietly slip them off of her feet after she’d fallen asleep at nap time. you just don’t get between eleanor and her rain boots. you just don’t.

and while we’re kind of sort of on the topic of feet, i’d like to use this opportunity to tell you just how much mine hurt. but i guess that’s new york city’s way of officially welcoming me back to the city… that, and a few blessed blisters on my heels. but if the upside of this situation is semi-toned legs come october, then i’ll take it! who needs a gym pass in manhattan? you just need really comfy flats with wonderful arch support (because i won’t do tennis shoes. i just won’t. i can’t. ever.)
footnote: samson is sitting in the bumbo chair in the photo above. i am aware bumbo did a voluntary re-call last week. we have ordered the repair kit (safety strap) and always use our bumbo chair on the floor while sitting or playing right beside our baby. // i found eleanor’s rain boots pictured above on GILT a few months ago. // and for those who inquired about where we purchased E’s wooden toy camera in this post, i got it from this etsy shop last year.
  1. I love reading your blog!

  2. adbwgooc

    Wow Naomi.. Great pics, you need to do a wish list for fall for you, E, and baby! You always have great ideas and I need a new coat.. Any ideas? I missed out on the Lauren Moffatt coat and am still stalking in on ebay!

  3. Rachel

    I feel like it's kinda ridiculous that you have to explain the use of a bumbo in your home. I guess it just comes with the package huh?! I think you're a wonderful mom and I look to you every week for inspiration and a positive influence as a young mother of young children. Thanks for helping me to love my children more and see the brighter side of things :)

  4. i love the candid little shot of e in her boots…she loves those things & will treasure all these photos so much.

  5. Ashley

    Love Eleanor's boots and I'm impressed by the dresser you guys decorated. You guys have great taste.