back to new york city we go!

in the next couple of weeks, we are moving our family back to new york city! we haven’t really figured out yet if we are just kindofsortof idiots or absolutecomplete idiots for deciding to go back when we now have two little ones, a dog, a car, and a whole lotta stuff (like a piano which i refuse to give up.)
but regardless, we are thrilled! josh was offered a wonderful new opportunity with work that we just couldn’t pass up. i’m really proud of him and how hard he works each day. and we’re excited for what’s next.
DC has been so good to us. we’re going to miss calling it home. in the 3 and a half years we lived here so much happened in our lives… most importantly, our family grew 3 times (kingsley included.) everyone keeps asking us what we’ll miss most about DC… without a doubt, we will miss the people. we have made some of the greatest friendships here. i can’t believe there isn’t a rule that your best friends are required to live within a 5 mile radius from you…and move when you move…. i mean, really.
we spent the weekend up in NYC trying to find an apartment. and we didn’t have much success. so we’re heading back to the city and hoping to find something within the next few days. please, wish us luck.
and if you know of anything open or opening soon or you know an awesome broker or friend or friend of a friend or anyone who could help us find something, please let us know! we’re kinda sorta desperate and in a major time crunch.
hey new york, see you soon!
  1. I am so incredibly happy to hear this news! I know how much you love new york….and not to mention I go to school in the city! Waiting for the day when I bump into you and your cute little family ;)

  2. I feel you Naomi! Our family just found out that our lease actually ends on September 1st! So now our family is frantically needing to find a place in a couple of weeks. And our good friends are in the exact same boat as you all are in. So it's definitely crunch time around these parts. So I'll be praying that God will provide your family with thee perfect place : ]

  3. oh i'm over the moon that you're moving back to my favorite city!!!

  4. Unknown

    Yay! So excited! My building has a 3 bedroom open and its a BEAUTIFUL building and apartment. Contact me for details if your interested [email protected] :)

  5. Emily

    Well that is super cool! I'm definitely coming to visit this time, by golly! :) xo

  6. I also recommend Brooklyn for raising a family. We live in Carroll Gardens with our 2 year old and love it! It has lots of beautiful brownstones, great restaurants and playgrounds for the kids. You should contact my husband. He works for Corcoran in the Soho office, but does real esate in all over Manhattan and Brooklyn.
    [email protected]
    P (212) 941-5766

  7. Rachel

    BROOKLYN is the place for you. I live in Cobble Hill and it couldn't be more charming or full of little ones and dogs. 35 min commute to midtown. Plus the apts are usually in old brownstones with huge windows and high ceilings. We used to find our place.

    Good luck!

  8. Jersey City would be a great fit for you guys (especially if your husband is working south of 35thish, or on the upper west side). Stick to properties listed as "downtown". And, if you use Craigslist, use the terms "Van Vorst" or "Hamilton Park" in the search. There are some great 2+ bedroom apartments available in those VERY family friendly neighorhoods that border those parks. The parks are lovely, I think you'd really like them. The subway (called Path) into NYC is blocks from these parks. The Grove stop is only 7 minutes to the World Trade center, and only 10-20 for stops along 6th Ave from 9th to 33rd). Worth a look!

  9. Going back to NYC doesn't sound like a bad gig!!! I'm sure it will present challenges with small children, but you can overcome any of those challenges with a carefree attitude and a smile! Congrats to your hubby for his new work opportunity – I'm sure you're proud. What does he do btw? Don't think I've seen that on the blog!

  10. Shiloh

    Awesome! I miss NYC. We just moved to Seattle from Brooklyn. Check out Park Slope. It is a really great family friendly place to live. In fact, they are called the Park Slope Breeders. Really close to the city. Really great restaurants. Great little parks for the kids to play. The Park Slope Ward in the Brooklyn Stake is the BEST!!!!! So many wonderful people there. They drop anything to help serve each other.

  11. I have a couple of German friends (they speak proper English ;-) ) in New York, I'll see what I can do.

  12. Care

    Try — that's how we have found out apartments. We now live in Brooklyn and absolutely LOVE it… if that's an option for you. Our neighborhood, in Williamsburg has TONSSSSSSSSSSS of kids and mommy and me activities! Worth a shot! And, you can jump on the ferry to get to work. LOVE! Congrats!

  13. Hannah

    Congratulations! :)

  14. Alex

    Oh my gosh, how exciting!!!

  15. Jill

    Carroll Gardens! We lived in Manhattan for 4 yrs and loved it, but with 2 little ones myself if I moved back I could go for that charming neighborhood with a short city commute. My cousin lives there and I loved going down to see here. Good luck and congrats! This family photo booth picture is preparation for the smaller NYC spaces. :)

  16. Wow how exciting!! My family relocated from Australia to Seattle about six months ago, with our toddler who is the same age as your E. It CAN be done and you'll be surprised at how everything just falls in to place.

    Will his company help with your relocation? Most companies these days will assign you a staff member to help source apartments, cars, furniture and whatnot.

    Good luck! Wish I could do something to help. Just take it one step at a time and know that everything will sort itself out. Treat it as the fun adventure it will be! X.

  17. Abby

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading about your new adventures in your old city. Good luck with the move–I'm dealing with a longer-than-necessary move right now and it's painful.

  18. Stella

    Wow congrats!!! Your whole experience will be completely different now that you have two littles and Kingsley. What an awesome opportunity. Good luck with the move!

  19. Micaela

    Congratulations on the big move! New York will be lucky to have you. I just moved into a great, family-friendly building on the Upper East Side. It's a great neighborhood and definitely child-friendly. I'd be happy to give you my contact at the management company if you're looking in the neighborhood!

    Best of luck,

  20. Lindsey

    How exciting! Moving back to NYC! I wish you all the best of luck in finding a new place!

  21. Congratulations on the big move! So exciting! You are such a precious family and I can't wait to see your NY adventures!

  22. Elo

    oh dear, I wish I could say we are moving back to NYC next week….

    If you are considering moving to Brooklyn, you should have a look at, or even emailing them !

  23. Alexis

    I can't wait to follow your family on the adventures to come! If you are still looking for options, even though you've been given lots of help, you can try searching on I look there all the time for houses for rent or to own and there are always tons of places. SUPER DUPER GOOD LUCK!

  24. Emily

    Excited to hear of your NYC adventures!

  25. How exciting! New York City is happy to see you back! While I don't have any recommendations, I do hope you are able to find something relatively quick and have a safe and smooth move. :)

  26. I think your little ones will have such an amazing time being raised there. It will make them stronger and you'll have so much fun :) I wish you well in your new (old) home!

  27. I used Cooper & Cooper and they were great, after many failed attempts with other sketchy brokers. I recommend Sarah. Tell her Alisha from East Village sent you!

  28. Angie

    So excited for you guys that you're coming back! good luck finding a place… Wish I had a referral for ya. :(

  29. Angie

    Also my friend has two littles in the city and she is always so active and finds so many fun kid-friendly activities! Check her out at, she's the best.

  30. Linda

    OMG, I will be so excited to read these posts! I started reading your blog earlier this year and started from the beginning with your new marriage and living in Harlem.

    Will you be on the search for the perfect hamburger – part II?

  31. How exciting and brave! New York will be lucky to have you back.

  32. Meg

    oh man! D.C will miss you guys!

  33. Elle

    so cute! I can't wait to see how you all adjust, I'm sure it will be Amazing for you.

  34. yay! i feel like i just got to a really good part of a great book! can't wait to read about your NY adventures!

  35. You should look in Ditmas Park in Brooklyn.
    Tree lined streets filled with beautiful old Victorian houses and mansions. Great restaurants and close to prospect park. Good schools too.
    You can rent a whole floor from one of those old Victorian houses

  36. Beth

    We just found a great 2br in fort Greene Brooklyn with a great broker named Cricket! Here's her info [email protected]. Brooklyn is great for kids and pups!!! Welcome back to NYC and good luck in your search!

  37. congrats! I just left New York, it's been my home my whole life and i'm doing the midwest for a bit while my boyfriend is in grad school.

    are you thinking on the island or are you checking out brooklyn as well? i know some pretty awesome kids in brooklyn who absolutely love it!

  38. Yay! I feel so happy to read this news! My little family lives on the UWS (but I'm from the DC area originally, actually) and it will be fun to have you back and read about your city adventures :) We moved back to the city last summer (after being away a year in Boston) when I was 32 weeks pregnant, and it was a pretty stressful trying to find a place, but it all worked out in the end. We worked with a great broker who I always tell my friends about now b/c he seemed so genuine and honest. He specializes in the UWS if that's where you happen to be looking: Mike Mishkin
    Good luck!

  39. kristin

    Ohmigosh! Congrats! So fabulous!

    If you are looking for someone to take over your DC place — I know a girl who is on your exact timeline (with a dog, even!). You'd not have to do a thing to the place and I know she'd welcome the opportunity.

    From Tank the French Bulldog on East Capitol Street — he will miss Kingsley.

    Our best!

  40. OH MY GOODNESSS!!! Congrats to your husband. This is great news. Good luck on the house hunting. I may shoot you an e-mail with a bunch of listings, because I bloody love researching anything and everything on the internet. Bonne chance!

  41. Molly

    This put a smile on my face at the start of a stressful day today, because I'm in the process of doing the exact same thing! About a week ago we decided to move up to NYC for a job and now the scramble is in full swing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for us both!

    xx Molly

  42. Melody

    Wishing you all the best and an easy transition to your new home.

  43. How exciting! Good luck!! xo

  44. Myself! great brokers.

  45. Kayla

    So excited for you guys! My prayers are with you and your family! Best of luck this weekend! :)

  46. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures in NYC


  47. barbara

    WOW!! NYC again! i love your blog and i love New York so i'm looking forward to see and read your new adventures! i live in italy but ny is the only place in the world where i feel like home (my brother in law lives there so i come once a year. i hope that next time, walking on the street with a coffee on one hand and my little one on the other, i'll see you… i will be fun meeting you and your family!!

  48. Sorry my bad ingles.Adoro the blog and all the energy it contains. In Portugal, I follow your adventure with enthusiasm. Glad we move to NY, should be a wonderful city. Out of curiosity I went to see the suggestions for agencies and was frightened by the values ​​in Lisbon such a nice apartment is around € 700 in the historic center despite being more expensive. I live within a region called Alentejo and I'm a small town but very nice. so I share a little of this rural area of the field to inspire you in moving to this great city. Congratulations!
    big kiss from PORTUGAL

  49. Priya

    Congrats on the exciting change! Those photo booth pictures of y'all have got to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen. Best of luck with all your moving stuff. Soon it'll all be settled and it's gonna be great!!

    perfectly priya

  50. aw, hope you can find a place in the city. you will have so much fun moving back to your old stomping grounds where it all started with josh. many congratulations to josh and his new job opportunity and for this new adventure with your family :)
    xo TJ

  51. Jackie

    brooklyn brooklyn brooklyn. when they shoot dc on film, they do it in brooklyn heights. and the new (huge) brooklyn bridge park cant be beat. we have 4 dog parks in the neighborhood.

  52. As someone who spent the last two and a half months looking for a place, I feel for you! Good luck!

  53. It's funny I keep thinking about your move to NY with two little ones & then think, you sure are one brave lady! :D You will find the prefect place, no worries & good luck!

  54. beck

    you should consider Washington Heights (upper manhattan) lots of parks, big, charming, old apartments with high ceilings, details and room for a piano.. not to mention lower prices for all that. i have a broker i can recommend!

  55. Come to Forest Hills! The neighborhood is great, with cute little shops and good places to eat and you're near many trains (F,E,M,R). Good luck on your move!


  56. Rachel

    Drew Jackson at Dwell Brooklyn is wonderful, and could definitely help you find a sweet new home.

  57. Good luck with the move! I added your blog to my RSS feed when you first moved to DC– I live in Capitol Hill as well and love seeing your pictures of it. As an aspiring photographer they've been very inspirational! But now that your photos feature mostly babies and you won't be here anymore I think I'll stop reading. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  58. Anke

    So exciting! I'm a tiny bit jealous, but hopefully I'll get to live in NYC one day as well. Good luck with the house hunt!!

  59. Phoebe

    Yay! NYC bound!

    I have an AWESOME broker who is super nice, very helpful and found us an amazingly beautiful (and reasonable) apartment. He will give you tons of options too if you choose to work with him. His name is Rashaad Middleton and his email is [email protected].

    Hope this helps!! I hope that one day, I run into you and your cute family on the subway :)

  60. Amanda

    Ah, DC will be sad to see you go, though I might be leaving soon, too! It's too bad I never ran into you while you were living here!

    About NYC, a friend of mine FINALLY found a studio there after searching every weekend for over a month! Gah, it was a terrible process and I felt so bad for her. She is SO relieved to finally have a place now though.

    I can ask her for some tips or advice on finding a place. That city has to be one of the most challenging places to move to. And with two babies, a dog, and a car? I can't imagine. Everything has a way of working itself out though! Good luck!


  61. Best of luck apt shopping in NYC! I know you'll miss DC, but NYC is unlike anywhere else!

  62. Wow it sounds like a new adventure:)i would love to visit New York,I hope your apartment hunting goes well:)

  63. If you are looking to move to Williamsburg there is an apartment open in our building. I am not sure it would be enough room for you, but the neighborhood is great, the school system is awesome and the building is rent stabilized, which is key when living here i feel like. There is also a really nice pediatrician, called Tribeca Pediatricas that is not far. We have lived her for 7 years, have a 10 month old and a dog. The view on the roof is breath taking. At any rate the property managers are Marolda and the space is at 750 Grand Street Apt 4i. Good Luck!!

  64. AaReAn

    oooooh that is very exciting! COngrats, congrats!!!! p.s. I emailed you a question just in case it got sent to your junk I thought I'd let ya know!!! Thanks Naomi! xoxo

  65. You have the most adorable family! I look up to you and strive to have such a cute and fun family like yours!!!

  66. Aly

    Yay! I'n Hoboken and I love it- perfect area for kids and a dog!

  67. Hi Naomi- My boyfriend and I just moved to Park Slope in Brooklyn last summer and we absolutely adore it. I am not sure if you guys are interested in living in Brooklyn, but Park Slope is really so beautiful and has everything to offer to your sweet family. My boyfriend and I used Betancourt Realtors and Mimi was our broker. She did a great job of finding us an adorable and AFFORDABLE apartment here in Park Slope. Best of luck to you all and best wishes!

  68. so happy for you! I've always pictured your little family ending back up in the city and now it's happening – I can't wait to read all your new adventures! You really give me something to hope for :o)

  69. After all, there's no place like home. There's just something for everyone here! Welcome back! :)
    RSVP restaurant

  70. Alka =]

    and good luck! it's amazing that you come back to NY :)

  71. Nicole

    So exciting!! I love New York!

  72. Naomi, Josh and little ones,

    Have the best time in NYC! I hope you always get a cab when you need one, only run in to the friendly New Yorkers on the street and become inspired by the amazing people in that crazy city!


  73. Faith

    so exciting! congrats!!

  74. Mrs.Dr.

    Absolutely love you guys! You're my inspiration. Good luck on your move back to NY!

  75. Oh, New York City? How jealous am I?! I hope that you have a fabulous time!

  76. i am SO happy! i've maybe been secretly hoping this would happen for some time. your little family was made for the big city — in my humble, humble opinion. : )

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