a quick hello from our new home…

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we packed up the last of our belongings on friday before the sun came up and found ourselves back in new york city by the end of the day. there is an embarrassing amount of boxes currently taking over our new little space.

it feels good to be back! the temperatures have been on the cooler side the past few days and i always fall hard for this city with weather like this (october, i cannot wait to see you here.)

i have to admit, driving away from DC on friday gave me the biggest lump in my throat. i kept saying, “oh my gosh. we’re leaving? are we sure?” DC will always have a special place in my heart. it was home to one of the most beautiful chapters of my life… and i loved living there.

but it’s nice to see you again, new york! and i’m excited for what is in store. wish us luck with all the unpacking and organizing! yay.
  1. good luck with the new home! what an exciting time in your lives! also, my prayers are with you and kingsley. you are so courageous to do what's best for that little critter.

  2. Kristal

    What a great little snap shot of your new life!

  3. Unknown

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  4. Calimi

    Good luck & all the best!!!
    Can't wait to read about your new adventure in NYC.

  5. I love the white space! That's what I want. I'm jealous you are living in nyc :)

  6. Love it! New York will be good to you guys once more. Just keep looking forward!



  7. How does the room manage to look so gosh darn adorable even when it's in complete disarray?

  8. haley

    Such an exciting time! Best of luck to all of you. I know the transition must be tough, but it looks like y'all are doing well. Enjoy this big change! I'm sure that it will bring great things :)

  9. Mrs.Dr.

    Welcome back to NY! I'm looking forward to reading. You and your family are great role models to me and I appreciate you sharing your life with us/me. :)


  10. I will miss your last home.. even when it was messy your photos were divine! wish my house looked as good… the house had such good bones and you such good decorating.. that it looked good no matter what condition!but I'm sure you'll do the same in NY

    now I know you didnt want comments from your last post BUT I was really interested in that your husband's brothers kids were all grown!! we seem to know a bit about your family but I havent seen much on the other side.. anyway I was so intrigued !!! there must be either a lot of kids in his family or a wide age gap

  11. kristin

    While I can't relate to living in the Big Apple, I am an upstate New Yorker and can't imagine living as happily anywhere else. On occasion, I dream about finding a cozy seaside cottage or a perfectly imperfect urban apartment but usually I come back down to earth and realize that our little home and my little family that resides within it are all I really need along my journey. May your new abode envelop you with love and warmth and be a haven to you on your new journey:)

  12. yay yay yay! congrats on being back in NYC! good luck with all of that unpacking :)

  13. congrats and good luck!

  14. Marie

    The soft toys look so cute! Your house still looks beautiful, even though its slightly messy :D

  15. Congrats! Your house looks awesome, so full of light! I'll love to see more photos of it.

    The best of luck! ;D


  16. Hello,

    i wish you good luck and the best for your new life.
    you look soooo nice together.


  17. It seems to be beautiful, hope you will share more photos soon.

  18. Welcome back to NYC! Good luck with the unpacking and organizing. YOu'll get the boxes deat with, it's always a little daunting at first when you move apartments (or house into apartment, omg we did that witout kids a few years ago and it was crazy!) take it one box at a time and get out to have some fun too!

  19. Sending a lot of love your way. I'm so happy that everything is going smoothly for you guys. Making the right decision is hard, but the results are fantastic for everyone. Takes time to adjust but “everything will be alright”. God bless.

  20. Audrey

    I find the hardest part after packing up and moving is the unpacking. I'm usually so tired I don't want to face it. Good luck in NY!

  21. Megan

    Naomi, I'm so excited for you and you're family. Can't wait to watch your journey! Xoxo


  22. How scary and exciting. We left our family home 4 years ago where 3 of our 4 children took their first steps. I still wonder sometimes if I should continue to rent it out or just sell it. I've never been to DC or NY. I would someday like to visit both.


  23. New lover of you blog :) you are so lucky to be back in New York I am french and have been dreaming to move there since I was 10 but visas are impossible to get so Im looking forward to see you new life in the city just to make me dream … or make me a bit more sad lol
    Good luck :)

  24. You will have a busy time ahead of you! Sending lots of superpower and strength for the transition.
    I am excited for you.

  25. I am so excited for y'all! Your family is so precious… Brought a smile to my face reading this!

  26. congrats on finding your new home! that space looks lovely.

  27. Flourish

    so much excitement happening for you! your kingsley post brought tears to my eyes, but i realize that circumstances are different for everyone. all will be well and i am so excited to read about your new adventures!!

  28. So. Exicintg! I love the feeling of a new home

  29. Saskia

    Looks already cosy <3

  30. Best wishes to your family as you begin your new adventure. I also had to decide to find a better home for my dog/i.e first baby after my 2nd child was born and I loved your post about it. I could completely relate and you said it all beautifully. xo

  31. wow, that's a beautiful mess:) best of luck with the unpacking process!! i'm jealous of your weather up in nyc- it's blazin hot and steamy here in GA!

  32. Kissyk

    I love reading your posts from accross the pond!! Your family is just gorgeous!! We visited new York last year and just loved it :-) You lucky lady xx

  33. jls2422

    Whoa, New York City with two little ones, very intense! If you are looking for an in with babysitters, I'd recommend contacting the Barnard Babysitting agency at Barnard College. I went to school there and babysat/nannied/au paired my way through college and loved all the kids I had the good fortune to care for.

  34. Faith

    I'm so excited to follow along in this fabulous journey. Love the windows and all the light coming through. Beautiful!

  35. I’m sure New York is just as happy to have you back! And I’m sure your kids will love it! I can’t wait to see what your new home looks like all fixed up. The moving and the setting up can be tedious, but that feeling of finally being settled in is unlike anything else.

    Carmen Monrovia