a little kingsley update…

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kingsley is staying with josh’s brother and sister-in-law in virginia for a little while. they are huge animal lovers, but their dog just passed away in the spring. without another dog to dote on and since their children are grown and no longer live at home, kingsley will be getting extra love and constant attention. kingsley gets his own big yard, his own dog run, plus his own bedroom! and they live right by the beach! we all know how kingsley loves his ocean waves. ;)

kingsley was my first little baby, before eleanor and samson ever arrived. and we love him so much. this has been a very sensitive and emotional topic at our home (something we’ve cried over), and we’re all very sad to not have him with us right now. while we know we’ll get to see him often, this decision was not easy. but we are just trying to focus on what is the best home for kingsley right now as we transition to josh’s new job and our new home in new york city with our two little ones.

i have turned off comments on this post because we are sensitive to criticism on this topic. this was a very difficult and personal decision, and it’s hard for me to talk about. but mister king, we’ll see you soon!! enjoy your beach waves… we love you.

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