a few more photos from san francisco…

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going through these photos makes me want to go back. i already said it, but san francisco is my kind of city.
traveling for 10 days across the country with our little ones was absolutely exhausting (we all came back sick and somehow i’m still sick a week later), but i’d do it again tomorrow if we could. we rarely left the table of a restaurant without it looking like monkeys just passed through. it’s a little more challenging dealing with an explosive diaper when you aren’t at home… and our arms were always full of ‘child,’ even into the late hours of the evening when we just wanted to get into that hotel bed and sleeeeep…
but i love making these memories together as a family. thanks for letting us share them with you, too.
  1. that first picture of eleanor in her hoodie is to die for!

  2. Can i please have your wardrobe?! oh and your babies. Im glad you braved it and did it, sets a good example for other mommas

  3. Jillian

    We will be in San Francisco (also San Diego, LA & Sacramento) soon and your photos are making me even more excited about our little family vacation! I love it when families travel together. So many people get too freaked out to go for it, but its not too crazy to handle & you are so right about the memory making. perfection.

  4. I just love reading your blog and flicking through your pictures!


  5. Jay

    I love Eleanor's little, yellow Hunters!

    I never quite appreciated how much work goes into a family vacation/road trip when I was younger. As I get older, I'm so happy that my parents made the effort as they're some of my best memories!

  6. Luli

    The pizza looks so good that it's making me hungry. But I just brushed my teeth so I have to stray strong! The pictures are so pretty. I love reading about your family adventures.

  7. Amazing post and the first photo is absolutely gorgeous! You look so stunning there!

  8. Cheltz

    Yep, traveling with littles is exhausting! Some times I wonder if a trip will ever be relaxing again. But until then, we enjoy the wild ride we're on.

    Loved the photo of the bikes, since I've got a boy named Linus :).

  9. Great family travel memories! It is more challenging to get travel in with little one's, but so worth that extra effort.

    Feel better, Lilly

  10. Katie

    Your photos are always so beautiful! I especially love the pictures of E in her hoodie, and that last one, of Papa being a pigeon — Just. so. sweet. Thank you for sharing with us!

  11. Precious family! :)

  12. Ray

    LOVE E's striped hoodie. How sweet is she in it?!

  13. Jess

    I hope you'll always share these memories. I love seeing them :)

  14. Ah! These are beautiful!


  15. San Francisco looks just like my best friend describes!!! I can't wait to go myself one day. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!

  16. Gaby

    San Francisco's my favourite american city, but both times i've been have been during summer and it's been sooooo cold! I don't know how san franciscans deal without a summer?? Still, I'd love to go back…

  17. Sarah

    Nothing fabulous comes without a little work and oh boy do our children keep up working! These photos are lovely. My family is probably going to go to San Fran this Saturday so I"m very excited after seeing your photos!

    – Sarah

  18. Lauren

    Naomi, where did you get that beanie?? I must know! I love it! I tried emailing to ask, so if you would please let me know I would appreciate it! You are lovely.

  19. these are so lovely! we are moving to the bay area and your pictures get me so excited!

  20. You guys are absolutely amazing and it definitely looks like such a great time!

  21. what a blessing that you can take such a beautiful vacation with your family. :) love these pictures. hope you feel better soon!

  22. Alisha

    I LOVE the picture of the GG bridge. San Fran is my favorite city. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  23. I always in love to see all your wonderful photos. And yes I agree to sick feeling when you arm your baby going out somewhere. I remember those situations too but I don't want to pass the memories without that kind of experience. It's certainly the essence of being a parent and a MOTHER and the best memories so far being a family.:)

  24. Ahh, I remember when my daughter had those terrible blow out diapers! They are the worst but, some how I missed them (only because she was so tiny then.) Haha!

  25. Megs

    you always have the most beautiful pictures. You and your family are so cute!

  26. onlyme

    We just spent 2 months in the States with our 18 month old daughter, my mum said we were crazy, that she would never remember this holiday.
    I know that, but we will remember every moment, how she changed throughout the holiday, she was scared of the pool at the first hotel and loved it at the last one, and each and every day she had the time of her life.

  27. your photography is beautiful, I'm longing to visit San Francisco! x

  28. Gina

    I love this! Your pictures have perfectly captured this beautiful city. I love it – esp the golden gate bridge. From my building last year, I could see it (when it wasn't foggy) and it was quite a sight when it was sunset. BEAUTIFUL.


  29. Samson is adorable in that hat!

    You got some really great pics.x

  30. Amazing pictures.
    Could you please tell what you're wearing in picture 1? I would love to know where you bought that items.
    Thank you!

  31. Marie

    Samson looks 'like a boss' in that lion hat! Haha. E is soooo cute, as usual :)

    Travelling with small children is vr tiring, but its worth it cos they'll learn so much more about our world, and gain exposure to different cultures & lifestyle :)


  32. Hannah

    eleanors hoddie but also samsons hat (i already died for it when e was wearing it) are so cute on them!
    Love the way you dress your kids, not this typical babyblue and pink, like other parents do…
    Your kids gonna be real stylers…

    Love that you liked San Francisco, i was there once and i am totally missing it! Since America is a better adventure than Germany…

    And i have to tell you again, that i looooooooovvvvveee your family to death! have a great week!

  33. Demmy

    Eleanor is so adorable. You're so lucky to have beautiful kids. xoxo Demmy

  34. You, husband, E and S is a perfect match! love

  35. Miyan

    your photos are stunning, as is your family. never been to san fran myself, but i think it would be my kind of city as well :)

    im hosting my first ever giveaway, some goodies from israel, if you are interested…

    giveaway on fly far blog

  36. Kathy

    Samson is totally rocking that lion hat! and e looks so adorable with that bow clip! I love the first photo, she looks like she's ready to explore the world haha.And thank you for letting us see a glimpse of your life. When I start a family (in the distant future) I want it to be perfect as yours! :)

  37. You are an inspiration for me. I love traveling way too much and before Sofia I used to travel to little extreme destinations. Looking that you can do this with two small kids shows me we can do it with one. Plus our toddler loves to be outside and explore new things.

  38. ah…i love your photos and your gorgeous little family!i never wanted kids but sometimes when i see you and your lovely family i rethink things.. :D

  39. Can I ask about your skirt, where did you bought it?:)

  40. I don't have kids, so I have never traveled with them, but I have always hoped to take them along on fun trips. Even if they are little and it is challenging, like you said, it still builds such fun family memories.(also, is E's dress in the first picture from Eastern Market? I bought one for my niece there that looks just like it!)As always, your pictures are so beautiful! I want to go. :)

  41. Risse

    You guys! You are just too adorable!

  42. That is really sweet. Brings smile whenever I see these lovely photos. Sending good vibes from here. Got my eye on your blog now.

  43. Alison

    I'm sorry that you're still sick. Climate changes do that to me sometimes.

  44. You and your family are a little bit of sunshine in your reader's life.
    Seriously Naomi you can't imagine what kind of hapiness you bring into the world and not just the virtual one.

    So, thanks :)

  45. wow. looks amazing!! i'm 25 and in no position to be starting a family, but YOU, my dear, have got. it. together! i love your fam :D

  46. OMG, Im in love with your doughter :) She is such a sweety, the cutes little girl ever!
    I love your photos! Looks like you had great time

  47. Faith

    My hubby and I recently visited the Golden Gate in San Francisco! You captured the city well. We loved the colorful homes and the steep hills by the bay. I can totally see you and your sweet family living in such an upbeat, fashionable city!

  48. I shouldnt have read this before breakfast- Im starved! The food looks fantastic- especially that plate o' mexican food!

  49. These photos are so lovely, Naomi! Your family looks like they were made for SF. And I love that the lion hat has resurfaced! :) xo Sara

  50. where can i find a baby hoodie like that?! My bebe needs one asap!

  51. great pictures! we need to visit this city one day!!

  52. Ana

    I hope you all feel better soon :( lovely pictures

  53. So glad you could enjoy your trip as much as you did. I'm so impressed with your little travelers too!

  54. First of all. your family is adorable. our first daughter, edison, is samsons age (almost to the day!) and I LOVE seeing your pictures with Eleanor and I can't wait until she gets older and we add more to our brood! I'm slightly obsessed with you (promise, not in a creepy way) how you are just so…cool.
    We used to live in san fran and pretty sure the dumbest thing we ever did was move away. Dumbest. thing. ever.

    I have to know what is your essential mom gear! I see samson in a carrier and I want to know what you guys cant live without, especially for doing stuff with the little ones and being mobile and out of the house, etc. pleeeease write a post!

    Thanks!!!! God bless your beautiful family and thanks for sharing your life!


  55. Cara

    San Fran is my most favorite city in the country…it's where my husband and I honeymooned so it has a lot of significance to us.
    I would love to know what your suggestion are for resturants to eat at and places to stay there. We want to go back this year for our anniversary and any tips would be appreciated!

  56. Please enter eleanor into baby gap & gap kids commercials. She is so stunning.

  57. Your pictures are always so beautiful! So glad you had a great trip, vacations are always exhausting but so worth it.

  58. Lerosso

    These memories are precious. And still forever.


  59. Jen

    i love your outfit in the top photograph. your skirt, oversized shirt and beanie mmmm, it looks so cozy yet chic. little E's jean jacket is to die for as well.

    we just got back from our Honeymoon to SF and would give just about anything (excluded my new husband) to go back.

    i'm happy to see you all enjoyed.


  60. I'm really in love with that sweet train conductor hat your guy is sporting. : )



  61. So cute! I love that you've documented all these moments so beautifully :) Gonna be so great for E and S when they grow up.

  62. Sophie

    I love your (and Eleanor's) outfit in the first picture – awesome!!

  63. I love all of these pictures but most especially the arcade ones. My hubby and I wandered in that arcade last summer and I absolutely loved it. The games were so strange and so unique. I wan't wait to visit again when we move out there temporarily for my husbands job.

  64. Loulou

    Baby girl in her little jean-jacket is such a smiley little cutie! Great pictures. I have heard so many times that San Fransisco is a wonderful place to go. It's very high on my wish list, for sure! More so after seeing and hearing about your trip.

  65. okay, honestly, i don't think that first picture could be any more perfect! completely in love with your style, and your little family. you make every little adventure, no matter how small, seem so fabulous! can't wait to see and read more about all of your little adventures!
    xo TJ

  66. Marisa

    I love E's little rubber boots!


  67. that hat that josh is wearing … is great!

  68. Amelia

    that last photo! makes my heart happy. E looks so miniature.

  69. Bethany

    Oh my, little Samson is just so darling! Great photos!

  70. Mary Jo

    this first picture i love, we go to that park EVERY single time we are in the city, something i just have to do :)

  71. Gwen

    Where did you eat? I used to live in San Francisco and miss it everyday! The plate of enchilada's looks incredible, it looks like a restaurant I have to visit!

  72. After all is said and done, it's PRETTY DARN AWESOME of you guys to live life on "the edge" and travel with your little ones. I commend you both! What a great way to make memories. =)

  73. Vickie

    you have such a beautiful family! I love all of the photos! Looks like an awesome trip! : )

  74. Audrey

    All your CA trip pics were amazing! SF is one of my favorite places too! I was lucky enough to have spent a week in Carmel with my 2 year old, later joined by my husband. Definitely missing the cooler weather!

    A blog for stylish moms despite all the spilled milk!

  75. Bridget

    What a lovely, happy family you have. You all seem to be having so much fun. I love that your little boy is now wearing that hat! And E looks like she is just having the most wonderful time!



  76. Such great pics, your little girl has the cutest smile :-)

  77. these pictures make me miss home so much!

  78. these pictures make me miss home so much!