a big closet sale for a good cause!

in preparation to meet my new non-existent closet in nyc, i have been going through a lot of my clothing today and just put a bunch of it up for sale HERE. there are also a few other things for sale, like shoes and bedding and a baby mobile.

all of the proceeds from this clothing sale will go to so others might eat, a local charity here in washington dc. they describe their mission as “a comprehensive, holistic approach to caring for the homeless and extremely poor citizens of our city.” josh and i are drawn to this type of cause because we feel these types of services and support are especially needed in the communities where we live and hope that an organization like this can make an impact. HERE is a link to see some of their recent accomplishments and if you’d like to make a donation directly, HERE is the link to do so.

the shop will be up just for a couple of days. everything will be in the mail to you before we move to new york city. so take a look HERE if you’re interested.

*and so sorry, but i am only able to ship to US addresses this time. thanks!

**UPDATE! 8/16: thanks to all who purchased! your items were shipped out today…

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