happy feet.

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not really of importance to anyone but me, but i can’t get enough of my little samson’s baby toes. or the way he is always clenching them so tightly. i also have a little girl who would wear her rain boots to bed if i let her and i find it sort of adorable. you never know when that next big rain storm will hit!... Read more

my little photographer.

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around the time eleanor turned 1, we noticed she took to imitating everything we did. it was kind of cute when she’d try to talk on the phone or cover her nose when she sneezed. and we would laugh with her (and we still do) when she’d do these sorts of things. but it’s almost scary how much she observes and picks up from us… nothing keeps you more in check than your little shadow who mimics your every move.... Read more

week one.

well, we’ve been back in NYC for about a week and while there have been moments where i didn’t think we’d survive week 1, here we are!  


our house still looks like this….


but we’ve been eating a lot of this to help ourselves feel better about it….  

sister hannah is in town helping us with the littles while we unpack and get situated.... Read more

the worst haircut ever…

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still unpacking over here… but we laughed until we cried last night listening to this piece and i knew i had to share. i can’t even choose which part is my favorite… pretty much every sentence that comes out of those little mouths is just priceless. thanks to marissa for sharing this with me. xo ... Read more