the july salad.

we had a lot of fun making {and eating, yay!} our sponsor sweetgreen’s special july salad over the weekend. it’s a caprese salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, mozzarella, quinoa, basil with balsamic vinaigrette and let me tell you, it’s gooooood. we made a little video with sweetgreen to show you how it’s done in case you don’t have a sweetgreen near you and would still like to try the recipe. enjoy!
  1. ELEANOR IS SO CUTE! this is the best. salads forever!

  2. Tania

    You guys really are the cutest.

  3. Heehee! Way too cute. Love Eleanor.

  4. sadly the video doesn't work here in germany out of copyright reasons.
    anyway – i love your blog over here! :)

  5. You guys are adorable! That July salad looks delicious. Can you convince Sweetgreen to open some locations in northern Baltimore county/York county, PA? :)

  6. AYSG

    So cute love this!

  7. oh my. that was deliciously cute.

  8. chrissy

    Just checked, no sweetgreen here in Seattle. Oh well, I'll just have to follow this cute video and make it on my own. Thanks for the recipe!


  9. Candice


  10. zay

    oh my godness look at eleanor! you guys are adorable and the salad looks yummi, I must try this

  11. It's so great your family has this video for your memories! And that Cults album is amazing, I've been playing it around my house all summer! xo

  12. That salad looks SO YUMMY. I loved the bits with Eleanor! What a cutie!

  13. Bridget

    now I know you guys have like NEVER been told this before, but you guys are cute.

    and that salad! yum.

  14. Luna

    So sad I can't watch the video here in Germany :(

  15. this is extremely cute!

  16. Anke

    Aw, this made me laugh. So fun! Wish we had a bit more of a summer here in the UK! All I'm craving at the minute is comfort food, because it's been raining for weeks!

  17. Justine

    could your family be any cuter?! everyone is beautiful.

  18. omg eleanor kills me, that was so cute!

  19. Ms. Dee

    That was so great! I loved the bit at the end with Eleanor walking off, hehe. The salad sounds duper delicious.

  20. I love how you look at Josh in the beginning and of course Eleanor!


  21. anna

    Wooow!!! I looove this video!!! And I love the song too!!!

  22. Sara

    This is incredibly cute! And the salad sounds delicious!

  23. Oh my word, what an adorable video! Eleanor is such a sweetie, you should post more videos of her :)

    Plus – that salad looks amaaazing.

  24. Haley K

    Yummy salad and a cute family :) And Eleanor did a great job at holding the signs, what a sweetheart.

  25. Really SWEET ! ,
    Maedlein ♥

  26. Really SWEET ! ,
    Maedlein ♥

  27. Kiki

    You two make a great cooking team! And Eleanor tops it all off as the cutest sign holder, ever!

  28. I love how at the end you and Mr. Davis watch E walk away.

  29. Nao

    how lovely :)
    i always enjoy your pictures but the video is just as cute!

  30. Ginger

    Ha ha. Eleanor is so cooperative. Love the video. I'm not really a salad person. but I'd eat that. I'd even make it.

  31. Loulou

    So cute! And I love the song … it's by Cults, who I just had the pleasure of seeing live a little while ago!


  32. you have the cutest little family!

  33. Crystal

    Eleanor holding up those little signs puts some sunshine in my soul : ) My little boy is 15 months old and after him….your girl is the cutest babe around ; ) I'm guessing it will be a while before sweet green is in NZ, so I might have to try the home made version ; )

  34. Pamela

    okay, that was adorable! Had to watch it twice. :)

  35. nikki

    there is cute
    and then adorable
    and then the awesome level you are at.

  36. Alivia

    The end is most definitely my favorite :) Love that little girl of yours.

  37. Dee

    the video is SO adorable!

  38. oh my goodness, you guys are too cute.

  39. E is such a cute little helper!

  40. F.

    oh, I can't watch this in Germany because of the music.

    best wishes

  41. F.

    oh, I can't watch this in Germany because of the music.

    best wishes

  42. Lotte

    Hahahaha…it is great. Love that E goes off at the end…

  43. Haha! So much FUN! What is the name of that lovely song?

  44. Anna

    You guys are so cuuuuute! The cutest couple I think ;)

  45. Silvi

    Oh i can't see it because of the music you put inside…it's a really odd german law! What a pity!

  46. I wish I could see it, but the Video is not available in Germany :( … maybe you can send it by mail? smile Wiebke

  47. Saara

    sooooooo adorable!!!!! too cute to be true :) :) :)

  48. so sad that i can't watch the video here in germany :( i would love to see it!

  49. Nice cameo by Samson ;D

  50. roza

    i'm totally sure that eleanor is the cutest girl in the whole world! seriously. i watched that giggle video like thousand times . she is hilarious. and she makes me smile every time. :) naomi, josh you're lucky. and because of you share your little world to us, i'm lucky too. :)

  51. Rhianne

    so fun, what a great idea, I love Eleanor at the end running off and how happy you and Josh look too :)

  52. Amazing video!! I wish I knew how you two have the time/ stamina to do these things? Did you edit the video yourselves? What a gorgeous couple and beautiful family.

  53. Hannah

    Oh my. That video was so…well…sweet! You guys are so adorable!

  54. Laura

    Cutest video ever! Awwww! xo

  55. Hello, it was good! :) Please, make another videos like this. And with Eleanor, of course! :)

  56. Alyssa

    This is the most adorable video I've ever seen. Little Eleanor is too sweet! xo

  57. I was so happy to look at the video after my long university day…
    but now I'm really sad because it doesn't work in Germany :(
    I would have loved to watch it.
    Love your blog!!!

  58. Aaaw! What an adorable and inspiring video!

  59. And how much did they pay you to pimp out your kid for a hipster salad?!

  60. Can't watch it here in Germany cause of the music :-(

  61. you are the cutest mom ever! God bless you all.

  62. Lucie

    I love this! Oh Eleanor… you have no idea how precious you are :)

  63. love the recipe, i'm gonna do it tomorrow at lunch!
    I can't tell how much I am a fan of you, josh and E!!!!!…. and of course of Samson!!!!!!

  64. What do you put in the quinoa to make it spicy?

  65. Erica

    May I ask what song was playing in the video?

  66. Chelsea

    very cute!

  67. Carmen

    oh im love it!!! You are so sweet!!! :D

  68. Crystal

    Haha the end was adorable!

  69. tRiSh

    This looks so yummy! You two are too adorable! And I'm not talking about E's debut: AMAZING! =)

  70. Rebecca

    Oh, my goodness, that is the sweetest video! I knew I was going to have to scroll a long time to get to the Post a Comment button!

  71. this is too cute! Eleanor is a doll! haha i loved her little sign holding!

  72. This is too cute. I love how E just runs off at the end!

  73. Lauren

    Eleanor looked so excited to be helping her mom and dad! That is so precious!

  74. Anna

    now you guys are like movie stars. :)
    so cute!!

  75. Featured this post on my friday favorites yesterday because I just love it that much.

    <3 Leney

  76. Marie

    Sounds good & healthy ♥