the fourth.

we sure do love this country.
and fireworks.
cotton candy.
red white and blue!!!
and watching eleanor whisper “woooowwwww!” to herself
while pointing up at the sky every time a firework went off?
few things in life are cuter.
hope you had a happy 4th of july!
happy birthday, america.
  1. Shelbie

    The last picture is so adorable. You have a beautiful family!

  2. Ims

    Lovely. :)

  3. DF

    The last picture is too cute

  4. Lottie

    the last one–so cute!

    as is e's little hat.

  5. Your outfit is rockin!!

  6. someday… just someday i will be in DC for the 4th…. sounds like so much fun! i was happy to be able to watch the macy's fireworks on the hudson river in NYC this year though for the first time! i watched from hoboken, so the manhattan skyline was in the background. just, beautiful.

    cheers to the weekend :D

  7. zay

    Looks like you guys had alot of fun!
    BTW your body looks amazing after a few weeks of giving birth :)


  8. abby

    i always wonder why our parents took us out to see the fireworks late at night every years so that we could be tired and cranky littles the next day . . . but maybe they loved watching us ooo and ahh the same way you do eleanor. haha, now i get why it was worth it!

  9. Josh looks like such a natural as a dad. Adorable, as always!

  10. E continues to melt my heart. what a precious child.

  11. Deanna

    seriously how do you do all that you do? I have 2 kids under two and am green with jealousy at your put-together posts!

  12. Wonderful memories! I especially love the last picture!

  13. Kathy

    i love the last photo of e pointing towards the fireworks! and she looks so adorable wearing the white hat :)

  14. She whispered "wow"? How stinkin' cute is she! And that shot of her in the headband?

  15. Lotte

    Love the idea of "red, white and blue" and love the pics! Is flirting with the idea of moving with the family to the US, but now you sort of convinced me…

  16. nikki

    what a lovely famaily :)

  17. Lyndsay

    You should frame that last shot, so sweet!

  18. Lauren

    It must be incredible to be in DC for patriotic holidays! Eleanor sounds like such a sweet baby girl! My niece and nephews hate fireworks and cry instead. :(

    Lauren @ Cardigans and Cameras

  19. lovely photos – i'm glad you had a great holiday!

    the "wow" story about E was almost too cute to read. she is adorable!

  20. what a beautiful family! love your outfit too :)

  21. Anne

    Looks like you guys had a blast! Love that last photo of Josh and Eleanor- the flare is to die for.

  22. Laurie

    looks like you had a great fourth of july!

    i have been looking for a summer hat for so long, and i absolutely love your hat! where did you get it?


  23. Jessica

    Love, love, loved your pictures. Your family is just too darn cute.

  24. I cannot say enough things about your adorable family! How is it possible for you to look that good after only a month of giving birth? Please do tell all your secrets, I will one day have children and I want to be able to look that good in red pants!

  25. katie

    where's the baby?? sorry… second child syndrome coming out in me :)

    Also, ahem, the header…. no baby boy.

  26. what a super momma celebrating the holiday out and about with two littles! we got out miss day with little miss in dc, but couldn't swing the evening. maybe next year! :)

  27. Bri

    great photos, love your hat!

  28. It looks like such a great 4th! And that last photo, I think I pulled an Eleanor and said a little "wow"! haha It's adorable!!

  29. Priya

    LOVE the patriotic outfits, and eleanor is gettin' that watermelon! adorable! looks like a great 4th :)

    perfectly priya

  30. Adorable family! Baby Eleanor is beyond cuteness with in the jean shorts and striped top… cute! <3

  31. Looks like a wonderful 4th! I am loving that last picture of E!

  32. e whispering "wowwww" to the fireworks? i can hardly imagine a moment more precious.

  33. Love Eleanor's clothes in that day! So beautifull :)

  34. I like your hat and patriotic outfit!

  35. eleanor is one precious little girl! love her little outfits!

  36. Happy 4th from me in Norway.
    National day celebration is the best :) You know we celebrate big time in Norway, our National day is May 17th :)

  37. that picture of your husband & daughter makes me melt. so darling.

  38. Harmony

    Happy 4th!! I hope your celebration was wonderful (:
    I've always wondered what kind of show DC puts on (being the capital of the country) and me, living out in the hick town west. No worries though, we put on some wicked shows out here ;)

  39. Cammila

    Sweetness — I feel it in my bones. You, capturing daddy, capturing the little one — very familiar. Wonderful :)

  40. You guys outfits are ADORABLE! SO cute!

  41. Hannah

    aww sounds like you had a lovely time together


  42. Jenna

    So adorable!

  43. Meg

    Such a beautiful little girl. I sure hope you got a video of her saying "wow." That is priceless!

  44. Awww! Baby wows! So cute!!

  45. Alexis

    She is such a doll! I love seeing those red sandals every time! My son who's about 20 months loves the fireworks too and does the same thing she does:)

  46. I love your family! Looks like you had an amazing time :)

  47. Could you please tell me what SIZE Eleanor Saltwater Sandals are?!?!??!
    I want to buy online a pair for my daughter (she is younger but I want them for her at that age).

  48. Looks like so much fun!!! You look incredible for just having a baby ;)
    -Nurse Frugal

  49. Gorgeous pictures, happy (belated) fourth!

  50. Chanel

    świetny blog!
    obserwuję! zapraszam do mnie;)

  51. love every pic, happy 4th to u and your wonderful family!!!

  52. I like so much this blog keep on posting!

  53. I love that you rocked polka dots and Eleanor had the stars, it makes me curious what your husband and Samson wore!

    I hope you had a great Fourth and it definitely looks like you guys did.

    :) Ewa

  54. oh gosh, thinking of baby E saying "woooow" so herself sounds absolutely adorable! all such beautiful images! adore your life!
    xo TJ

  55. Eileen

    Hi Naomi! Where did you buy your hat pls? Thank you!

  56. Hannah!

  57. you guys are just the cutest family… maybe even ever :-)

  58. Ami

    Son unas fotos muy bonitas!! sobre todo las últimas. :)

  59. Ami

    Son unas fotos muy bonitas!! sobre todo las últimas. :)

  60. nancy

    so sweet! sounds like fun :)

  61. Love that hat on little Eleanor and her narrations during the fireworks. Priceless.



  62. You look so gorgeous and E looks so cute!! I love all the pics from a DC 4th of July.

    I love your hat, where did you get it from?

  63. Natasha

    This is just AAAWWWWWW =)))))

  64. beautiful pictures :)

  65. Wow, your photographs really illustrate your life in a way that is so beautiful! I can't help but smile and think to myself, "I want that for my life one day."


  66. eleanor has the cutest little mischievous look in her face. love it!