that moment…

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five minutes before this photo, there’s that moment when you could pull your hair out because both are wanting your undivided attention and they’re making it known with those blessedly loud vocal cords. and you still don’t really have that tandem nursing thing figured out completely, so you rock one while you nurse the other to sleep in your bed. but it’s…not….working. and your mind drifts to everything you need to get done…the sink full of dishes and that inbox with too many starred emails…and a sweet pup downstairs who is scratching at the front door because he would really like to be let out into the front yard to potty.
please tell me you know this moment i am talking about.
and then… by some stroke of good luck that must feel better than winning the lottery, they both fall asleep. right there, in your lap, on your bed.
then there is the moment that follows where you aren’t sure what to do first. and you kind of just want to curl up beside them and stare at them while giving them lots of kisses on those big perfectly round cheeks. because they look so peaceful and beautiful when they’re sleeping. and when they look like that, that frantic exhausting moment 5 minutes before feels kind of worth it. (it does?! no really…. it does.)
oh bless them. and that sweet patient doggy downstairs, too.
ps. this photo kept giving me deja vu and i finally placed it. e in our bed last july… my oh my how she has grown and things have changed. time moves too quickly. :)
  1. amyhaus

    Love, love, love this picture. And I love those moments and the peace that follows.

  2. Amanda

    I am in awe of you with the tandem nursing. You are one caring and devoted mama!

  3. Kari

    I love your blog. Look forward to reading each post. You look like a wonderful mother. Such an inspiration!

  4. Brenny

    i love this because its so real. i commend you for nursing two babies at the same time and for being such an amazing mama <3

  5. Wow~ I don't know how you even deal with sorting through 103 comments so far!! Buuuuut, it bears scrolling all the way down to say what a BEAUTIFUL moment/picture you captured! And even more so… yes, yes, yes – as a mama of two, too, I hear YOU!!
    Love your sweet crew!
    Mel ;o)

  6. tavmac

    Amazing photo!

  7. Kendra

    Oh, what I have to look forward to in 9 weeks :)

  8. erica

    I gave up and now I carry the baby in a sling and push the toddler while they nap. I rarely get to stop moving! The baby has a huge freak out before falling asleep. It's exhausting but when they finally close their eyes and their little muscles relax—it's like i had been holding my breath until that moment. My favorite thing is to bring the baby into bed at 6:30 am and spend 30 minutes just being with him while my husband plays with our toddler.

  9. I remember going through this a time or two with my littles when they were…well….littler. Of course there will always be dirty dishes but your sweet ones won't always be little. Cherish those sweet moments that you can't get back. The dishes can always wait.

  10. Oh, I am sorry! I have read your blog for sometime, and Love the stories! I had twins in November, and it always bugged me when you shared people told you it was hard. It is hard but so amazing! Keep your head up, I don't know what it is like with a toddler and a newborn, but I have two 8 month olds now, and all i can say is it does get easier!

  11. Oh yes I have been there! Look at Eleanor's cute little tan line from her sandals! Such adorable babies.

  12. Vickie

    absolutely beautiful and priceless. what a great photo and beautiful children. : )

  13. The quality of your photographs are amazing! What kind of camera do you use?

  14. Autumn

    your babies are so precious!

  15. Oh yes so many of those times when I've felt like I was going out of my mind and then the children collapse and sleep and all is quiet and calm and they look adorable. Time to take a deep breath and gather thoughts and do some jobs. But actually it would have been better to lay down with them and sleep!!!

  16. Jules

    please frame that. perfection. good on ya, mama!

  17. this photograph is the epitome of cuteness. though it may be hard to be calm at all times, you can assure yourself that you are a great mother! E and S are very lucky to have such a great example.

  18. Ohh, I have been right where you are so many times with my children. I can agree with everything you said here, but it is such a special feeling to look at our babies in those finally quiet moments, and realize that they are worth every moment of the stresses that can be brought on by having babies, and time will go by way too fast to not just soak it all in while we can!!! You are doing such a great job with your Beautiful babies, stay strong!!!!! Absolutely Beautiful Picture!!!!

  19. this is too lovely

  20. Nataly

    I cannot stand so much cuteness!!

  21. Sarah

    Those moments are rough. Allow yourself to sleep with them. Allow yourself to not get dressed at all. Focus on what matters only. Try, try, try to feel the moment you are in because it will pass so quickly. Forgive yourself! And when the time comes to wean your oldest, remember that she will forever have your arms to hold and love her.

  22. Hilary

    I know that moment!

  23. jae

    this is so precious.

  24. FANTASTIC!!! How adorable sleeping Babies… :)

    xo: Csilla

  25. So adorable…know that moment well…and even though my kids are older and I have 3 – we still have moments like this – just fast forward the clock a few years..and you are trying to put one to bed with a story, the other wants your help with picking out clothes for the next day, or wanting to show you something that they did – of course in the other room. It's always a juggle but love them so much!

  26. Am TOTALLY sharing these moments with you RIGHT now – we have a new 7 week old baby and a 2.5 year old, sometimes I think I will end up in a mental institution but then you get a day that goes well and it all seems so much brighter!!

  27. Oh can relate so much!! I have four kids and the youngest is a toddler who's turning 3 yrs old this year.I have that peaceful moment too when I can relax for sometime and have a cup of coffee when my littleIya falls to sleep too. -and yes! time flies so fast that the next time you see them they're already grown up. It's kind of "physically tired" but the happiness is endless.:)

  28. it's so sweet!!!

  29. soooo cute! <3

  30. Lottie

    Sounds like perfection to me and they look so cute.

    i can't believe how much e has grown up–bless her :)

  31. barbara

    thank you for sharing these moments! sometimes a mum just need to know that she's not the only one who feels exhausted with a crying baby!! and when they smile or fall asleep like yours in the picture you can just being thankful and happy for your little angels and for having them in your life!

  32. Amanda

    That is a precious photo. It's one of those moments that reminds you why you love being a mother and how much you love them.

  33. Mrs.

    Way to go! You are a champ for sticking to the nursing! These are hard and oh-so-beautiful times.

  34. Janice

    TOTALLY know what you mean. I am a new mom of two and am right there with you … the question is do you lay there with them and leave the dishes in the sink or do you sneak away, because you have a moment to go to the bathroom by yourself and throw a load of laundry on to wash! LOL the joys of motherhood. Your family is beautiful!

  35. Oh goodness, I hear you loud and clear – that scenario you played out has happened in my house many a time. But once you do get that calm after the storm, I actually get chill bumps when I see my precious little one fast asleep and my heart skips a beat- literally.
    Congrats on your expanding family, y'all sure are cute!

  36. so sweet. i love how 'real' you are on your blog.

  37. zezee

    what a great babıes…..(:

  38. Vanessa

    Yes! I totally get it. (Mine are 3 and 11 months old) Except I never have the ability to get them to both sleep at the same time. I usually spend more time deciding how to spend my stolen moments of free time than actually using them well.

  39. Alina

    I'm always showing my friends your fantastic photos & tell them "This is THE perfect family"…
    Because of your children I decided to have one as well…one day… & I hope to have such a cute girl or boy as you have…
    They are really perfect, so you & your husband as well…

  40. Loulou

    The beauty takes your breath away. You are truly blessed. And what a good doggy Kingsley is!


  41. This is so adorable! I know this feeling well and I give you kudos for all the joy you share with them!

    kristine h of austin, tx

  42. that is really beautiful! :)

  43. love this one, so sweet and yes, I'm definite it makes it all worth it ;-)

  44. What a wonderful capture of a moment that all Mum's can relate to. How many of us have wished we had several arms like an octopus? I don't blame you just wanting to soak that moment up forever.

  45. Having brothers and share moments like this are a privilege and a true gift. I have no children and I speak as a sister, but imagine how it must be gratifying to see by the eyes of a mother :) I am just thinking now… what are they dreaming? :p

  46. How sweet babies! I'm looking forward my little one in November and I'm sure I will remember this picture when I'll be able to do this

  47. NJ

    every single word of yours is full of motherhood and love. I share all you thoughts and understand how difficult it can be and also wonderful at the same time.

  48. you seem to say exactly how i feel sometimes, but so much more eloquently.

  49. Mateja

    Oh, gorgeous photo!

  50. j

    How do you keep your sheets so white?!

  51. I totally get it and I only have one baby and one dog. There are times where you question your own intelligence because there is no way the situation you are in could be as hard as it is. The dog wants to go out, the baby is screaming and won't allow you to put him down, the workout DVD you thought you would try is still paused 5 minutes in, and of course you haven't showered, eaten, or cleaned anything….u totally have been there on a daily basis

  52. Jo

    We moms live for these moments. Everything before doesn't matter when these moments happen. :) I look at my little boy when he sleeps at night and fall in love with him again. Every night. Totally can relate. :)

  53. Yes Taxza. I feel like I just wrote that article. I knew exactly what you were going to say next. Just went through all that an hr ago. Baby is sleeping now but he's slowly waking so we can start this cycle all over agin lol

  54. Yes… We have had many a similar moment…tandem nursing and all! Mass chaos and then heavenly peaceful moments….ahhh…such is motherhood!

  55. So adorable! X

  56. Aarika

    I have that moment a couple hundred times a day myself… having a toddler AND a baby is so, so hard!

  57. Sana10

    adorable precious picture ever!! :)

  58. Carrie

    Beautiful picture! But this post makes me sooo glad that I don't have kids.

  59. Marie

    I'm experiencing that right now. My husband and I announce that moment as "two babies". If he isn't home, I will often text him "two babies" just to share the moment.

  60. teeny

    how in the world do you get your sheets to stay so white (yes this is a serious question). :)


  61. Anne

    This is too precious for words! Such a sweet photo to keep a memory like that forever

  62. Alison

    Love your blog, and the muslin? swaddle blanket on Samson. What brand is it?

  63. @teeny, lots and lots of bleach! :)

    @alison, the swaddle blankets were a gift from a friend for E so i'm not sure where they were purchased but inside the tag it says GOBBLE.

  64. Kessler

    That is the sweetest picture. You have such a beautiful family!

  65. hello! I`m from El Salvador, I have two little girls and i know what this moment you're talking about ufff :S…kisses, you're family is amazing

  66. Precious! Adorable! Rewarding! And Peaceful :)

  67. OMG! This is adorable! I think it's the sweetest picture I have ever seen!
    Just discovered your blog, totally love it! :)

  68. lily22

    I spot a cute little sandal tan, from those sweet little red sandals :)

  69. lily22

    I spot a cute little sandal tan, from those sweet little red sandals :)

  70. SaRaH

    Where is that cute swaddle blanket from? I love ittt!!!

  71. This is adorable! Look at her tinly little feet who have taned in her tiny red sandals <3

  72. Corrie

    love this pic! I have 5 under 7 and my youngest 2 are 21 months and 7 weeks! when they both are overtired it's exhausting!!!

    this is so cute