sprinkles ice cream in LA.

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at the top of my to-do list for our week in LA was to check our sprinkles new ice cream shop in beverly hills. sprinkles cupcakes are pretty much my favorite so i was really curious about their new ice cream. i met up with emily, one of my oldest blogging friends from way back in the day for the experience. i tried the salted caramel ice cream in-between two dark chocolate cupcake tops and it was delicious (but i mean, really. you can’t go wrong when you’re pairing ice cream with a dark chocolate cupcake top. you know?)

kind of hoping sprinkles has plans to open another on the east coast sometime soon. that would be fun for my hips. ;) thanks for a fun afternoon, emily!
  1. That looks delicious! Oh my gosh!

  2. Rachel

    OMG!Had no idea they opened an ice cream shop!Yummy!

  3. sarah

    that looks so good! :)

  4. Alexa

    ohhhh my, i had no idea sprinkles is doing this! *crosses fingers for one in nyc*

  5. Ashton

    That looks absolutely delicious! I love how you are both wearing polka-dots. So cute! :)

  6. You rock….I love Cupcakes and Cashmere not to mention the daybook…you have an awesome set of blogger friends!! You are one cool lady. Ahhh come on we already knew that – that's why we read your blog. Kudos to you!!!

  7. Loulou

    Ice cream between cupcake tops!! Different and amazing sounding. Cool to see you with Emily … I love her blog.


  8. Amanda

    It's a polka dot party! Looks amazing girl!

  9. Cynthia

    OMG you guys are so cute. I love emily's blog too. Taza can you please tell me what kind of carseat do you use for E? TIA

  10. OMG! Does that look DELICIOUS or what!

    Xo, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  11. OMG! Does that look DELICIOUS or what!

    Xo, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  12. Dianna

    ahhh!! sounds yumm!

  13. Dianna

    ahhh!! sounds yumm!

  14. Love you both! An inspiration of family, fashion and food.:) Your bracelet is just.. gorgeous!

  15. Great shots and great blog!

  16. Kate

    you are the cutest mama bird!


  17. love it! you both look gorgeous!

  18. abby

    my husband just read this over my shoulder and said, "that's everything you want it to be and more." oh, he is so right! i wish a trip to LA was in my near future. have a great time on your trip!

  19. Love the double polka dots!

  20. I am so happy to hear that! I have had a sprinkles cupcake before, best think that has ever been made, and now ice cream?? I cannot wait to go and have a ice cream cone (or several ;)) Thanks for sharing!

  21. that look soooo, so good!
    that ice cream alone is probably worth the trip to la!
    xo, cheyenne

  22. haley

    THAT SOUNDS TOO GOOD. I am a bit glad that they don't have one near me :)

  23. Jess


  24. Gaby

    isn't it so great when you meet blogging friends in person? and over an ice cream well thats kinda perfect :)

  25. I love their cupcakes, so I would totally try their ice cream, too!

  26. lovely photos! they are really making me crave some ice cream right now!

  27. My two favorite bloggers! :D glad you're enjoying la!

  28. Georgia

    oh yuuum!


  29. It looks and sounds so delicious! I will have to go when I'm in LA some time! That photo of you and Emily is gorgeous, you both look so pretty. xx

    Kate {Modette}

  30. Lori

    ah! i'm an angeleno and i'm yet to try it! looks so yummy! and how awesome is that – that you're friends w/ emily! makes perfect sense that i love both your blogs! glad you loved sunny la :)


  31. SH

    I love Emily's blog too!!! Not such a small world after all!?

  32. A cupcake and icecream sounds almost too delicious!

  33. Saar

    Ice cream sandwich. I want it! Haha that looks so delicious!!!
    love, Saar!

  34. Daphné

    My 2 favorite bloggers in one post ?! AWESOME! That ice cream sure looks delicious!
    Cheers from Paris :-)

  35. Rhianne

    I love that you met up, yours and Emily's blog were two of the first blogs I ever read :)

    your ice cream looks amazing!

  36. M

    you two are dotty-coordinated! :)

  37. Anuszka

    Next year we're going to NY!!!! So exciting! We want to visit other amazing places in US. Maby we'll stay forever? :D

  38. ADORE your polka dot top!

  39. Rebecca


    You can't even tell you've recently had a baby!

  40. Barbara

    i LOVE both of your blogs…. thanks you for sharing your lives with us :)

  41. Oh my goodness! Two of my favorite bloggers in one photo. You both look beautiful! Looks like you're having a great time; enjoy and safe travels.


  42. what coordinated outfits! does this mean polka dots are definitely in this year? :)

  43. Nicole

    yum-o!! i <3 your polka dots!!

  44. @Naomi Your blog is great! I have a fellow blogging question– can you tell me how you manage to post such large pictures on your site? I find that blogger resizes all of my images and makes them kind of small.

    Thanks so much!

  45. Laure

    So glad to see two of my favorites bloggers hanging out together! :D
    You're both so delicate, successful, gorgeous and inspiring women!
    I send you all my best wishes and congratulations (by the way…) for your adorable baby boy Naomi, and for your beautiful wedding Emily.
    Keep on making us (regular girls) dreaming! ;)

    (Kisses from France!!)

  46. Y

    oooo sprinkles ice cream? sounds delish! There's a newish sprinkles shop in the city, I should definitely check it out and see what the rave is about! yay!


  47. Katness

    Awesome! I hope they also serve dairy-free ice creams. Nice shot of you two awesome blogger buddies! Happy Tuesday!

  48. Kristal

    You can not go wrong with ice cream added to their already delicious cupcakes! I can't wait to try it! I follow both of you bloggers and didn't even know you were old friends, how fun!!!


  49. I love your blog so much! I always check to see when there are new posts! What kind of camera do you use? The crisp and simple clarity of your images always make me smile

  50. aw, you both are absolutely adorable! and this place looks scrumptious!! next time i'm in LA i'll have to check this place out for sure!
    xo TJ

  51. Ana

    I have a major icecream addiction and my hips are totally loving it :D

  52. Alex

    OMG!! I read both of your blogs religiously! How funny that y'all are friends. :) No wonder…

  53. Lindsay

    Sounds delish! Love the coordinating polka dots! ;)

  54. I discovered your blog not long ago and I love it. Hope you're having a great time in California. Best,

  55. I discovered your blog not long ago and I love it. Hope you're having a great time in California. Best,

  56. Holly

    2 of my favourite ladies together!

  57. Joan

    You met up with Emily? Blog worlds collide! Looks like you all had a great time :)

  58. Alison

    Salted Caramel anything is delicious. And I love that Sprinkles does some cupcakes gluten free!

  59. That icecream cone is mega! Yum x

  60. I can't believe you and Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere are friends! Holy cow, my worlds are colliding.

  61. byelyse

    My two favorite bloggers, and both in polka dots! Love the picture….and intrigued by sprinkles ice cream…

  62. Ms. Dee

    This is so funny, we did an LA trip in June and we went to most of the same places and even took similar pictures, hehe. I liked the Sprinkles ice cream, but I thought the red velvet cone was kind of crumbly, which made the ice cream experience a bit messier than usual.

  63. I love the matching polka dots! I feel like I've become increasingly obsessed with polka dots as I've followed your blog :)

  64. looks delicious!! LOVE your outfits in the last pic, you girls are darling!

  65. teeny

    i'm not sure anything could look more delis than that first picture. oh. my. word. i am envious, i am!


  66. p

    Did you two coordinate your polka dots? You are absolutely darling!

  67. Holy cow. I would BE a cow if I had anything like that in my general vicinity! But I'm glad you got to try it for those of us that are not blessed with that dancer's body! Ha!



  68. oh my gosh it makes me so happy that you and emily are friends because you are my two favorite bloggers! I also like her blonde hair and black polka dot shirt and your brown hair and white polka dot shirt – did you guys plan that!? ;)

  69. how come i live in southern california and i didn't know about sprinkles ice cream?! can't wait to try it. cupcakes & ice cream are definitely 2 of my favorite treats!!!!!!

  70. S

    love the contrasting polka dot outfits and love both these blogs.

  71. Gorgeous pics – can't go wrong with ice cream and cupcakes! :-)

  72. Why oh why did I have to read this right when I was trying to fight the urge to have sweets after dinner?

  73. Totally makes sense you all would be blogger buddies! You both write my two favorite blogs! Enjoy LA!

  74. Chelsea

    Hi Naomi… I'm selling a ton of kids clothes (all brands that I know you love), over on http://www.dolliesthree.blogspot.com. I just wanted to let you know:) Girl stuff size 3-4, and LOTS of boys winter sweaters, size 6 mo.

  75. Katie

    Two of my favorite bloggers, together in one place! The fashion is overwhelming … ;) Looks like you enjoyed a tasty visit!

  76. Diana

    I really could use some Sprinkles right about now. Mmmm….

  77. Mra

    Taza! You look amazing, it's unbelievable that a woman might look so good just few weeks after having baby. I just simply adore you, ah!

  78. where are these shirts from? contrasting dots, oh my, i'm always in love with a good dot printed shirt. :)

  79. Nice ;-)

  80. Izzy

    Mama you have to share how you get your body back so fast after baby? Any tricks or is it because you're a trained dancer?