samson rex, at 1 month.

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yesterday, my little samson boy turned 1 month old. it went by so fast, this first month of his life here with us. i knew it would, it happened that way with eleanor, too. but somehow, it was extra fast this time. and it always leaves this lump in the back of my throat knowing that he’s a day older, a few ounces bigger… if i could hit pause, well by golly i’d be hitting that button all day long. there is something about that newborn smell, that tiny newborn stretch that they do as they are waking, the quivering chin after a good little cry, their constant need of wanting to be held and cradled close, always. it just ends too fast… fortunately, i’ve seen what the next little phase is like, and a few after that, because there is eleanor. and fortunately, those next little phases are wonderful too.
in fact, it’s true what they say, it just keeps getting better and better. but still, i wish the first month wouldn’t fly by so quickly.
samson boy, i knew i would love you before you arrived, but i wasn’t prepared for you to steal my heart the way you have. i hope you grow to be a “mama’s boy,” because i cannot get enough of you. i love you so much already, it hurts. xoxo- mama.
  1. He's such an amazingly cute little boy! And you're a stunning mama! Where did you get that dress?

  2. Amanda

    you look absolutely wonderful mama! so happy for your family :)

    xo, amanda

  3. Kristen

    brought tears to my eyes. I'm so thankful for your little ones that they have a momma who loves them so much. they are blessed to have you and your hubby.

  4. Kirsty

    You described the way I feel about the newborn phase so amazingly well. It gets more intense with each baby you have (I had my fifth and last a year or so ago and it was particularly poignant). It is an incredible, beautiful stage and it is lovely that you are soaking in every second of it. You look beautiful and radiant and your little boy (and girl) is perfection. I love the way he is "bugged up" (my expression for how newborns lie like little ladybugs) against you, perfectly fitting into the curve of your body. Congratulations.

  5. What a beautiful little boy you have Naomi. Congratulations.
    Talking about hitting pause – My daughter is almost 16 – time travels fast – The newborn smell… 16 year later, I still remember it like it was yesterday :)
    Xx E

  6. Maria

    He is so beautiful

  7. he's so sweet, and you're such a beautiful mama- outside and in.

  8. He is so gorgeous and you look beyond amazing!

  9. You are so skinny! You are most likely skinnier than me a month after birth and I've never even had a kid! He is gorgeous and I love your dress.

  10. Bri

    such sweet words! I can't wait to hold my baby boy in my arms, and feel what you are feeling :)

  11. it's really wonderful to hear you talk of your little one that way. Really really wonderful!

  12. So adorable! You have such a cute family!

  13. Beautiful post, I can't wait for the day I can experience this for myself. You are a beautiful mother!

  14. Ethaney

    i definitely started crying.

    i love when you do posts like these. so sweet.

  15. so, so sweet…

    i'm having a baby boy this fall and i'm just dying to know where you get all your adorable baby boy clothes! please share!!

  16. so, so sweet…

    i'm having a baby boy this fall and i'm just dying to know where you get all your adorable baby boy clothes! please share!!

  17. Britney

    Oh girl you said it! I miss the newborn stage SO much (I remember breaking down at 2 months, telling my husband that Jude was growing up too fast). But I agree that each stage is so exciting–you have so much joy ahead of you!

  18. Aww happy birthday to a king among babies. Your children are so blessed to have such wonderful parents.

    Also, you're rocking peplum a month after giving birth?? Dang! You look amazing baby mama.

    I hope Eleanor is loving every moment of having a baby brother.

    :) Ewa

  19. Lyndsay

    He is so sweet! This is such a beautiful post.

  20. gosh you are such a gorgeous mama! and samson rex is as sweet as can be :)

  21. Taylor

    He is precious. Beautiful post, you are such a great and beautiful mama! Your family is adorable! :)

  22. What a sweet photo! You look amazing, of course. Oh that first month, and now the first year. It's gone so fast.

  23. You must be a very proud mother :) this is such a precious photo, you look amazing and Samson looks adorable. x

    Kate {Modette}

  24. luv this post to bits.
    parent's love is so grande it really does hurt.
    you are so right!

  25. naomi you look amazing!!

  26. he is so handsome! happy one month, samson!

    also, the peplum top looks great on you!

  27. Hilary

    Cute! You look great!

  28. This is an adorable post and he's such a cutie! I can't believe it's been a month either!

  29. What a cute little guy!

    Is your dress from Shabby Apple? I am pretty sure I have the same one if it is! :)

  30. Angelyn

    Please, where is your dress from? I love it! Beautiful picture.

  31. Alexis

    He is handsome and you are beautiful! The fact that you can look like that after a month of having Samson! Oh I'm way jealous! Such a wonderful picture of the two of you and I hope there are many many more!

  32. Sarah

    I just had my baby on Wed. Looking at your picture here…Please please PLEASE share your lovely figure secret. It's only been 4 days but I'm dying to get back down to pre-baby body! =)

    – Sarah

  33. Meghan

    He seems like such a sweet baby from the pictures here and on Instagram. Congrats again! You are a wonderful mama.

  34. Erin

    Oh he got to be such a big boy so quickly! He's beautiful :) Cherish every moment!


  35. Kathy

    such a beautiful post! and Samson is just so precious.And wow you look lovely, especially since you just had samson a month ago.. how do you do it?!

  36. 2busy

    Those sweet newborn smells and cuddles definitely make up for sleepless nights. You look amazing already!

  37. Kait

    So happy for you, Naomi! He is such a beautiful little boy.

    You look fabulous too!


  38. You are soo sweet that I read and cried.

  39. Martha

    I so, so, so enjoy your blog and your insty photos! He is an absolute rockstar with that hawk :)And, the booties?!!

  40. oh girl, rest assured that the boys really love their mamas.

  41. I absolutely agree! I feel like I'm finally able to truly enjoy every stage with my #3–now that I actually realize that they grow up so fast (such an overly-used phrase, but so absolutely true). You look great; so jealous you're back in pre-pregnancy clothes already!

  42. Kathryn

    beautiful photo. such a sweet post, too. :)

  43. beautiful post.
    already one month, this little boy…time really files.
    you are the luckiest girl!

  44. Rhianne

    beautiful photo and beautiful post :)

  45. ooohh he's so sweet!

  46. Your writing on motherhood is lovely, and that is certainly one way to pause time. I'm sure you're going to love reading these blog posts when the kids are all grown up:)

  47. how cute! I love this picture & tell how beautiful is this little boy?

    Much love

  48. Oh I so remember that newborn phase and also how much quicker it went by the second time around. You are so lucky to be documenting this time in Samson and Eleanor's lives in such a beautiuful way, the photographs on your blog are stunning! Best wishes :)

  49. Lottie

    this brought a lump to my throat. i can't wait to experience this love.

  50. Just beautiful.

    Your little boy is adorable!

  51. Bridget

    beautiful post, naomi. so true.

  52. Kristin

    I can not wait to feel this love..Im 4months pregnant and so excited to have this little baby…

  53. A month already?? He's such a beautiful boy. I remember when I was pregnant with my second baby and was worried that I wasn't going to possibly be able to love another baby as much as my first one. As soon as I saw that head of red hair it was love at first sight!! The same for numbers three and four!! Minus the red hair. : ) I was In D.C. last week. We came home the day before the huge storms it. I'm glad to see you're all okay.

    ~ Wendy

  54. absolutely gorgeous picture. he is adorable and you look amazing!! xx

  55. Dania

    you make me want to be a mom as soon as possible! your little boy looks exactly like your precious little girl. happy 1 month birthday samson!

  56. You looking stunning and he is too cute for words! Look at that little pout!

  57. Erin

    I think it's so cute that Eleanor was born on the 1st of the month & Samson on the last day of the month. There's just something poetic about that, I think. Have a happy 4th!

  58. Isn't the quivering chin just the best?
    Blessings from Windy Ridge:)

  59. Alyssa

    You look great, such a lovely dress! And Samson is just so darling.

  60. So heart warming, and this photo is so amazing. I am so happy for you having a supportive loving husband and two amazingly beautiful children. You are blessed. xx

  61. Priya

    What a sweet baby! Can't say I've felt the way you do, yet, but I'm looking forward to it!

    Also, you're rocking the peplum!

  62. he is so very cute! you look wonderful too! it's hard to believe you just had him a month ago! :)

  63. Mariela

    Lovely post, beautiful picture! and yes time can go very fast!, enjoy your day with your beautiful family : )

  64. Love, Y

    what a charmer ;) and I love your peplum top!


  65. Laurie

    wow! you look absolutely amazing! it is hard to believe that you just had a baby a few weeks ago. what is your secret?

  66. Very sweet! Also, you look amazing!

  67. KimK

    Samson is so sweet! I am expecting my first little boy any day now. He is now two days over due, but reading this post just reminds me that every ache and pain is worth it!! Your family is so beautiful, I love your blog.

  68. such a lovely & sweet foto!
    happy month-day to your little boy!

  69. Ami

    Es un bebé precioso!!

  70. I'm sure this has been said a million times before, but needs to be said again. You look stunning and that dress is sooo sexy and chic!

  71. Mateja

    Amazingly cute little boy! And you're a beautiful mama!

  72. what a sweet little boy he already is!

    and im LOVE that navy dress! where is it from??

  73. Mateja

    Amazingly cute little boy! And you're a beautifoul mama!

  74. Aya

    I'm going to repeat what everyone's been saying:
    1. You look gorgeous. Nice bum!
    2. Lovely photo.
    3. What a sweet baby.
    4. My ovaries are aching. I hope to one day have this same love.

  75. I felt the same way when I had my son 18 mos ago. After having my daughter, I never thought I would have a boy but I have been striving to make him a total mama's boy ever since. Congrats!

  76. fawn

    This is achingly sweet & you look amazing! :)

  77. He's adorable, right down to his little booties!

  78. beautiful post! peplum looks amazing on you! have a great trip in NY!

  79. awe so precious. congratulations on being 1 month today.

  80. Tin

    this picture is so beautiful. samson is such a perfect little baby and you are a gorgeous mama – such a great post-baby figure! you're a lucky lady and he's a very lucky boy :)

  81. what a beautiful, little note! i can't wait to be a mother someday. xo.

  82. this makes my heart beam. you are such a good mama.

  83. So precious…happy 1-month bday, little man! xoxo

  84. what a precious post. he is getting so big. enjoy every second. and enjoy the times to come. i know he will be a mama's boy. yay!!!!
    xo TJ

  85. Such a sweet post. You look AMAZING by the way… whats your secret to getting your stomach SO DANG FLAT right after giving birth??? Do share!

  86. Asia

    I can't believe how pretty kids you have!It is amazing!Have you ever thought about an au pair?