got my bags all packed for sunny california…

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over the weekend, we started talking about possibly taking a trip out to california before the summer ends and then last night we found ourselves actually booking flights for thursday!* so we’re heading out to LA and San Francisco for a bit and we couldn’t be more excited. i’ve never been! eleanor obviously has no idea what is going on exactly, but papa ordered her this cute little backpack the other day and she has been carrying it around so proudly.... Read more

over the weekend…

this weekend we enjoyed trying to dodge mosquitos on family walks, homemade muffins and dinner at taylor gourmet, a breakfast and games at the park with our church group, lots of rain, lots of messes around our house (who wants to come over and help me clean?!), and lots of the most adorable smiles from samson boy.... Read more


sometimes i feel like kingsley doesn’t get as much attention as he once did now that we have two littles running around our home. and it makes me sad. but then again, the way eleanor caters to his every move, i think he may be getting more love in many ways (and a whole lot more meals, too.... Read more

that moment…

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five minutes before this photo, there’s that moment when you could pull your hair out because both are wanting your undivided attention and they’re making it known with those blessedly loud vocal cords. and you still don’t really have that tandem nursing thing figured out completely, so you rock one while you nurse the other to sleep in your bed.... Read more