1. love the polka dot suit! so cute.

  2. Lyndall

    Samson is growing into such a handsome young man :) I'm a little bit in love with his baby Mohawk!

  3. bonnie

    ahh that last binky shot! how cute are your two?! :)

  4. Koda

    I love her suit and his hair!! And the last picture? So adorable!

  5. kate d.

    iPhone pictures are the most honest little peek at life, and yours is becoming so beautiful with Samson showing up! Love Eleanor cradling him in the last one; it's true love.

  6. So sweet, as always! And Samson is amazing!


  7. beina

    Congratulationi per la tua famiglia, che è davvero bellissima!!!!
    E buoon viaggio!

  8. So cute!! Your daughter looks like she enjoys being a big sister!! Love the red shoes and polish!! So Fun!

  9. Britney

    I love following you on Instagram. the pics of your little ones just make me melt. and i've been dying to do a chalkboard wall for my little Jude too!

  10. adorable pictures :)
    xo, cheyenne

  11. Ericka

    Such a blessed family <3

  12. Mateja

    love it <3

  13. Beautiful pictures! :)

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  16. Well thank you the iPhone of Naomi and Josh! =) You really brightened my dull work day.

  17. Sarah

    I just love E's chalkboard wall. The bunting drawing is cute. I saw on twitter you are in the LA area. You are going to have so much fun! Go to the downtown LA library. It's amazing =)

    – Sarah

  18. ok, seriously. you two make some adorable little people. c:

  19. you have the cutest little family!

  20. Carmen

    omg, what a cute photos! Samson from day to day more sweeter :P Those eyes!!! I love they are! :D U are really fortune with ur amazing childs! :)

  21. NJ

    It is so nice to see snapshots of the everyday life of another family with small kids. It is interesting to imagine how the family life in a different continent is. Samson is a beautiful little baby-boy! Wish you a relaxing weekend!

  22. Kathy

    aww eleanor is going to be such a sweet sister to Samson! i love the last photo of her holding him :)

  23. Rosie

    Your little boy is plumping up beautifully! And E looks to be making the loveliest big sister. Savour every minute, Naomi!

  24. So sweet! Which stroller is that ? It's seems to be really big!

  25. lovely fotos!

    cute green dotty swimsuit for little e
    & i love your red shoes :)

  26. Tereza

    you are such a beautiful family!
    i love to read your blog, your photos have very special and loving atmosphere!

    you seem like a perfect family! :))

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  28. The kiddos are adorable – love visiting your blog to find a new enrty – I'm totally hooked! Love & blessings, ash & lola x

  29. Dianna

    you have the cutest instagram!

  30. Dianna

    you have the cutest instagram!

  31. Dianna

    you have the cutest instagram!

  32. Dianna

    you have the cutest instagram!

  33. Dianna

    you have the cutest instagram!

  34. Dianna

    you have the cutest instagram!

  35. Jill

    Panda in the fountain with Miss E- too cute!

  36. Love the photo of E and Kingsley!!

  37. zay

    You have a wonderful family! look at those cute chubby faces :)

  38. so precious! love the b/w of the two bebes and, of course, the last one. you are one lucky mama!

  39. Love the last one of her helping put Samson's paci in, so cute!

  40. Love the last one of her helping put Samson's paci in, so cute!

  41. Ashlee

    Every single one of these pictures are adorable! Ahhh! <3

  42. Lola

    Eleanor looks so cute as a big sister. They are both just adorable.

  43. Tricia

    Hi Taza, I found your website this week and your family is incredibly adorable. I can feel your love and light for them coming through your photos and words. It makes me happy to share in a small piece of your rockstar world. Cheers!

  44. So many cute pictures! Hope you guys are having a blast in California.

  45. Tish

    The picture of her reading as he sleeps is precious ♥

  46. Erin

    I've said it many times before but I'll say it again… your kids are THE CUTEST!!

  47. Anne

    The interactions between the two of them are just so sweet!

  48. You two should have as many babies as you can handle, you create such adorable little ones!!

  49. Ok, so I'm not a "baby" baby person. I don't want to hold everyone else's kids or make cooing noises in their direction. But the eyes on that boy of yours would make any heart melt! So much expression for one so young. Just too sweet.



  50. Ju

    Seus pequenos são realmente lindos! Muito fofos! *-*
    Que Deus continue abençoando você e sua família linda! :D

  51. Ami

    Qué bonito está el bebé, y cómo cuida su hermana de él…unas imagenes muy bonitas!!

  52. Alexis

    I LOVE ALL of these pictures! The one with E pushing the stroller, the one where she is reading while Samson is sleeping, the one where she's cradling her little brother and is (I'm assuming helping him) hold his binky:) You can definetely tell they are siblings because they are both georgeous!

  53. Lyndsay

    Your littles are SO cute. E looks like she really enjoys being a big sister!

  54. Y

    what a beautiful familyyyyyy


  55. Oh, baby mohawk! LOVE! I think he's starting to look so much like you, Taza! Your kids are gorgeous. Cheers.

  56. That very last picture on the right is too precious! You have a gorgeous family!

    Love, Jazmyn

  57. Rachel

    Gosh, that little Eleanor is just SO IN CHARGE isn't she?! You can see her energy and go get 'em in every one of those pictures :)

  58. Love the pictures of your babies! Makes me remember when mine were just born and 18 months old, so precious. Now they are (almost) three and four and a half and best friends. Found your blog recently and really enjoy it!

  59. Sophie

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  60. Ashley

    can't wait to see my two little boys interacting like e and samson. i have a 2 year old already and another due to arrive next saturday! i get all warm and fuzzy when i see your photos of the two of them together.


  61. eva

    where do you buy leggings for E? i love the burgundy ones and the striped ones–i'd love to get them for my kiddo.
    tops are also swell. maybe you could do a post about that?
    please share!

  62. eva


  63. Those babies are just so precious. Eleanor has an old fashioned Gerber baby quality about her. She reminds me so much of a baby Shirley Temple.


  64. Hello! Eleanor is beautiful! I always love your photos! I've been trying to contact you about sponsoring! I've tried emailing you twice & tweeting you. No replies! I'd love for a spot on your blog! Please contact me: [email protected]


    Thanks! XoXo

  65. Celia

    Hi Naomi, is there an email where I could send you some important questions? Or I must do it only with comments? Please and thank you.
    PS: sorry about my english, but I'm from Spain =)

  66. oh gosh, i just love looking at all of your instagram shots. they are always so beautiful. and what perfect children :)
    xo TJ

  67. I recently found your blog and love it. I, too, have an Eleanor. Love the pics!

  68. Such a lovely little family!

  69. liclife

    Hello Taza, I'm Ellice from Indonesia, your new blog reader :)
    Your blog is full of happiness and both of your children are adorable :)

  70. Taza,husband,Eleanore and Samson
    You have the cutest family I have ever seen in my life! :) u have inspired me in your amazing style thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family on your blot. You are so blessed
    again thanks
    sierralynn :)