LA part II

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probably my favorite thing about LA was this stack of oreo pancakes (they call it the black magic on the menu) we enjoyed at the griddle. why had i never thought about that combo before? so dangerous. and so so delicious.
more photos from LA here.
  1. Such beautiful photos. makes me want a vacation with lots of yummy food and beautiful views asap. thanks for sharing.

    you had to be there

  2. Dianna

    how lovely!

    OH MY, those oreo pancakes look to die for!

  3. These pictures are beautiful Naomi ! Thanks for sharing them. Eleanor looks like such a little lady with her hat and soft serve.

  4. Beautiful photos!!! and all the food looks amazing. Those pancakes…wow! ♥ Lindsay

  5. e's such a little doll. i might need pancakes very very soon!

  6. OREO pancakes!? I am going to have to make those ASAP!

  7. Omg at this food porn! Newest follower :)

  8. Priya

    Really gorgeous photos. I love that picture taken looking down at the table from above. Pancakes, of any kind, YUM but those Oreo ones look especially fantastic! Is that an Oreo pie as well? Cheers for anything Oreo!

    perfectly priya

  9. That picture of E with her ice-cream and her hat is angelic! You should definitely hang that up at home. I suggest making a canvas of it. It's perfection!

  10. The pizza looks sooooo delicious, well, everything looks amazing really. Great photos, as usually!

  11. The food look so delicious! :)
    Glad you had a great time!

  12. Eeny

    beautiful pictures.
    now i know what i want to do with that package of chocolate covered oreos sitting in my pantry and calling eat me constantly. i am pretty sure that i'll cut them up and throw them into some pancake batter sooner than later.

  13. Amanda

    YUM!!! those pictures make me long for california & food!! :)

  14. I love the baby carrier/wrap thing you've been using! Did you make that yourself, or where can I buy one? :)

  15. what kind of camera u use? the photo is so pretty !

  16. Rosie

    I'm sure it's my imagination, but ever since your little Samson was born it seems that Eleanor looks all that more grown up (quite the little lady, in fact, and beautiful with it!) I hope you've had a wonderful break together!

  17. Jess

    ah how fun! love the pics!

  18. I hope you plan on making a trip to the Getty Center. By far my favorite part of LA!

  19. I always love the pictures of Josh and E, she sure does love her papa. Looks like you had a great trip, with lots of delicious food.

  20. I think you guys should move out here to LA!! I loooove The Griddle!

  21. Lucy

    Beautiful photos again, looks like you've had a wonderful time…those pancakes look lush! Eleanor is such a little cutie :)

  22. it looks like you had a lovely trip! makes me want to plan a road trip for a few weeks to explore LA again.

  23. what fabulous photos! it looks like you guys are having a great time!…and eating some great food ;)

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  24. yum! i NEED to try those pancakes!!

  25. Such pretty pictures, it looks like everyone had such a fun time! The one thing I miss the most about LA is the food! And all of these food pictures are making me hungry!

    Love & Whimsy

  26. Kathy

    I love the photos, they look so pretty! makes me want to promptly go on a vacation! aw I love the photo of e sharing her ice cream, and she looks so adorable with that hat! :) and that oreo pancakes looks so scrumptious!

  27. Great photos! Looks like a blasty blast!!! And those tacos/burritos are making me super hungry.

  28. AMAZING! What a wonderful vacation :)


  29. whooooa black magic sounds….dangerous!

  30. Such a cute little family of four, you are!! So glad you all had agreat time!

  31. Dani

    Everything looks so delicious! Those tacos look like Las Golondrinas. YUM!

  32. I love the second photo. melancholic and full of life at the same time.

  33. That's so beautiful. And OMG that picture of Eleanor in the dress and hat! Please tell me you are framing that and putting up somewhere in the house! It's so perfect. She could be a little model. Your family is like a group of models, though, haha.

  34. Erin

    Those pancakes sound delicious! And your little girl is such a precious thing. I love that little smile of hers :) If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  35. Alison

    Yum! Although the sorbet that Eleanor is so helpfully feeding to her daddy looks the best too.

  36. de magnifiques photos ! merci

  37. Ana

    after seeing your pics I am now (a) starving and (b)craving a trip to LA :)

  38. Ashlee

    Love E's hat! Adorable! Also, Oreo Pancakes?! YUMMMM

  39. oh gosh, looks like you've been doing a lot of eating on your vacation, and i absolutely love it!! LA is incredible, and you are making me plan my trip now. how fabulous! and oreo pancakes?? dangerously delicious for sure
    xo TJ

  40. eloise

    Hi Naomi!

    Can you please tell us where your baby sling/carrier is from? I'm looking for one just like it.


  41. ahhh love it! so jealous!

    And to anybody else reading this comment, check out my blog please, its new!

  42. Amy

    What fun! We live here in LA, and keep finding more adventures and places to explore.

    Hope you're still in town this week to enjoy more of this gorgeous weather! Cheers.

  43. looks like you are having a wonderful trip! enjoyed this post!

  44. Camille

    I just found your lovely blog! I am so happy I did. I am originally from the suburbs of DC…miss it everyday.

    I would love to speak more with you about you possibly being featured as a mod mama on life in mod. Let me know!

    I loooveee CA. Now I am craving In N' Out. YIKES.


  45. So lovely pictures, you enjoy lovely time with your family!

    Kisses from Czech Republic

  46. Oh my, oreo pancakes! Yum! Beautiful photos as usual. It looks like you're having an amazing time. xx

    Kate {Modette}

  47. 21 Choices! You were in my neighborhood :). Hope Pasadena did itself justice compared to all of the other spots you visited in LA. Great photos! And I'm an LA native and have never been to the griddle…but those oreo pancakes are warranting a visit very soon!

  48. Anything from the Griddle is dangerously good.

  49. Kelle

    it's so funny to see l.a. through the eyes of someone who had never been here. i've lived here all my life and i think sometimes i take it for granted and get too wrapped up in wishing i could be somewhere on the east coast for a change. especially all your tweets about the lack of humidity – one other thing i take for granted! :)

  50. Mariela

    Beautiful California, love it!

  51. Kalani

    Do you take these picts with your phone? amazing! fun times! Where did you get your baby sling I need one asap!

  52. haley

    Wonderful photos as always! Looks like a great trip :) Eleanor is too precious!

  53. Only you could make takeout look so beautiful! Glad to see it looks like you guys are enjoying your time!

  54. Rach

    How do you stay so slim? Very lucky!

  55. Hannah

    gorgeous photos, looks like you're having a fab time


  56. When on your vacations do you get stopped a lot by followers of your blog/instagram? I'm sure with your 78k followers it has to happen right?! Are you used to it? Does it freak your husband out? And does it bother you when people recognize Eleanor on the street?
    Always wondered what the "famous bloggers" think about their fans.


  57. izznit

    Will be trying those pancakes for the first time this week thanks to you, so excited! Embarrassed to say as I'm an LA native but your IG feed introduced me to a few new places!

  58. Meghan

    Your vacation looks like my kind of vacation…it's all about the food :) Everything look delish!

  59. orea pancakes, that sounds delicious!
    and these pictures are absolutely beautiful (:
    xo, cheyenne

  60. looks like a fun trip! the food looks delicious and eleanor is the cutest!

  61. Kathryn

    this post is making me hungry and I've already had dinner! so much good looking food. :)

  62. These pictures are beautiful as usually!

  63. Oreo pancakes? Um, yes please.

  64. I just love looking at your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  65. I just love looking at your beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing :)

  66. the picture of eleanor feeding josh is just about the CUTEST thing i have EVER seen. what a little lady. :)

  67. Steph

    Love the photos! All of the food looks super tasty, especially the pancakes!

  68. hold the PHONE! oreo pancakes?! divine. and i loveeee e's dress!

  69. WOW those pancakes <3 X