sometimes i feel like kingsley doesn’t get as much attention as he once did now that we have two littles running around our home. and it makes me sad. but then again, the way eleanor caters to his every move, i think he may be getting more love in many ways (and a whole lot more meals, too. she sneaks him all of her food. it’s a constant battle.)
so thankful he’s been such a gentle and kind pup towards her. i don’t doubt that her desire to pet and kiss every dog she sees comes from her experience with him. she sure loves her “keen-see.”
  1. Erin


  2. eden

    that is adorable! and i'm loving her overalls… so cute!

  3. Crystal

    great photos, she is such a stunner! I can almost imagine her saying "keen-see" : ) You should post a little video of her talking! I would love to hear her cute voice : )

  4. unfortunately, our bailey dog is in the same boat. beautiful photos!

  5. Sana10

    Cute!! i really love her cute overalls!

  6. bonnie

    :) as a dog lover and someday mother, this warms my heart! hope my kids will be the same way!

  7. So cute – he looks like a gentle pup :)

  8. So glad to see Mr. "Keen-see" amd Miss E. they're both darling.

    Brooke Elyse

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  10. How cute! Glad to see someone being not only a good parent, but a responsible pet owner!
    Love your little family

  11. Sarah

    Aww sweet kingsley. Same thing here in our house. My pup doesn't get as much attention from me, but she gets a whole lotta love from my little one.

    – Sarah

  12. Eleanor looks so adorable in those overalls – they look like they're best buds.

  13. I feel the same way about our cat- guilty that we don't focus as much attention but she lets us know when she is angry by waking us up at 4am meowing like crazy for breakfast! :) They are such a cute pair.

    xox Lilly

  14. leyla.

    it looks like she can handle kingsley pretty well. they are a good team :)


  15. Hilary

    So sweet! I hope that when we have kids our husky will be as sweet and patient with them. E's overalls are precious!

  16. Ashton

    They are adorable together! Kingsley looks like such a laid back pup! :)

  17. Brooke

    makes my heart melt! so adorable.

  18. so cute! love her red sandals!

  19. Awe that's just way too CUTE, those to are adorable!

    XO, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  20. Aww you can almost hear her trying to yell his name in that last picture! So precious :)
    Drey – highdollarhippie.blogspot.com

  21. BunBun

    Keen-see!!! That is just the most precious thing =) I'm sure it's even more adorable when E says it. Got a real smile out of this one!

  22. adorable E & keen see

  23. Amelia

    They sure are a cute pair! :)

  24. Coryann

    Oh my goodness! Just picturing Eleanor saying that just melts my heart : ]

  25. Awh, that is so sweet! There is nothing like a bond with your dog. :)

  26. haley

    She is too precious! It is great that she is growing up with a dog :)

  27. So so sweet. They are both the cutest. Xo

  28. They are precious! Really enjoying your blog!

  29. i know all too well what you mean. when we had our son our cat was 16yrs old & very jealous of the baby. i felt so bad that i could not give much attention, but we tried. she did tolerate our son pulling & lovin' on her though :)

  30. colleen

    I love that second picture so much. I grew up with a dog – my parents have a great picture of me, just home from Georgetown hospital, wrapped in my blanket and my dog checking me out for the first time. for all the times I may have tugged on her ear or followed her around, we grew into amazing friends. and even if my parents didn't pay her as much attention, there are other forms it comes in. e is going to be so lucky to grow up with Kingsley, and these pictures are only the beginning of that story.

  31. This is so adorable! Kingsley is looking as handsome as ever, and E is looking as cute as ever!

  32. Elenaor is so cute with Kingsley! I do wish Mr. Kingsley would come back and update us on his doggy life every now and then ;) :P

  33. I miss to have a doggie in the house. We lost our 9 years old maltese two years ago. We love her dearly and we're quite traumatize when we lost her.

    Sometimes when I saw my my toddler cuddling her dog stuffed toy and making sweet gestures to the dogs at the park I'm thinking it's time to have one.

    Your Eleanor is such a cute and very charming little girl. My daughter is always with me reading your post. She always looking at your cute sweet gurl Eleanor. It's nice that she has all the time to bond with Kingsley.It will be a great childhood memory.

  34. Lovely photos of them both. You will just have to be careful that she isn't TOO friendly with other dogs, because not all are used to children.

  35. Ann

    They are so cute together.

  36. Very adorable… E is a GOOD PEOPLE!!!! :) Respect! ;)

  37. Lainey

    These pictures are the best. It's beautiful to see such love.

  38. Gaby

    this post makes me both want to run out and buy a puppy AND fall pregnant, yes. i love how she's walking him :)

  39. Do you guys have to take him out first thing each morning? How do you handle his needs with the two others'?

  40. Great photos!! Love all the emotion! It's so great watching little ones with dogs! Enjoy!!

  41. She's soo cute!
    Would you show us a video of your family, i'd love to hear eleanor speak!

  42. Laura

    oh my, how adorable! x

  43. Jessica

    very cute! ♥
    so lovely!!

  44. They are going to be bestest pals when E is a little bit older. It's so cute seeing these pictures.

    I loved being brought up around dogs when I was little. I think they make a home.

    Don't be hard on yourself that you don't have as much time for Kingsley at the moment. You're doing your best :)


  45. Chrissy

    The last picture is just soo cute! Eleanor's facial expression is totally funny and sweet! You're really lucky!!

  46. Sooooo cute! X

  47. Loulou

    Too cute for words! Especially those little pants <3


  48. 2busy

    Her trying to walk him is so darn cute, because it could probably easily be the other way around.

  49. Bridget

    Bulldogs have great demeanors and make great pets for all ages :)

  50. So precious. I worry about this kind of thing; my boston terrier is currently my only baby and I think about times when I'll have to re focus my attention not on him. Hopefully he will be a good big brother, like Kingsly.

  51. So cute. Only just discovered your blog, such a beautiful family you have.

  52. Alyssa

    this is just too precious :)

  53. gladley

    Funnily enough I was having this conversation with my husband this morning about our bulldog – she'd definitely get jealous if we had kids. I think one of us would have to be on kid duty and the other on bulldog duty.

  54. Kendall

    I feel the same way – after my husband and I had our son Wyatt – our cats got neglected big time. Now, they love being around Wyatt and enjoy watching him! It's amazing how a family can mold to fit a new member. Your dog is too adorable! My mom has two english bulldogs and they have the best personalities- I feel like they are one of the best breeds for children! xo.

  55. Jenna

    These are the cutest sets of photos. I love the overalls. Thanks for sharing.

  56. super super sweet! We have three "fury babies" and we're expecting our first little bundle of joy in November. my biggest concern is that we all figure out a nice balance with the new little one in the house.

  57. jumos

    very, very cute <33

  58. Alexis

    I'm pretty sure this is the cutest thing ever! I love her overalls with no shirt and picture one where one side has fallen off:)

  59. So adorable! I hope my children have a love for animals just as much as she does for "keen-see".

  60. oh gosh, what a cute pair. they are just too adorable. what a dream family you have, really!
    xo TJ

  61. it looks like they are bestfriends :)

  62. So so so cute! Makes me want a little pup so bad and hate my apartment complex because it won't allow us to have one :(

  63. awww!! they are so cute!!!!!!! I love to see how much she loves him!

  64. Alexa

    How adorable is this? They're both so cute!!

  65. what a fun weekend! i'm dying to wear my hunter boots again but the weather is just too hot out in California to even consider it.

    i also love both of those documentaries and i was fortunate enough to see Mumford and Sons live last summer :)

  66. Celeste

    This is my number one worry about having babies…my pup is my world right now, and I can't imagine ever giving her less attention, but I know it will happen. I hope she can adjust and that my babies love her like me and the hubs do!

  67. Ana

    He is E's first ever bestie. That's the most priceless gift.

  68. I love that E and Keen See get along so well. I'm terrified of dogs (even super cute ones) and have been since her age. I wish I had been fearless like E when I was little:)

  69. Daphné

    She is such a cutie! I love her face on the last picture!

  70. So cute watching her with kingsley, he is so beautiful too

  71. there really is no other way to grow up than to grow up with a dog :) my dog was my first word ("yucky" rather than "lucky") and love for sure.

  72. Thanks for posting this, I sent it to a friend who has an English bulldog (and a recently-adopted Frenchie). They have been trying to get pregnant for a while and are finally due at the end of this year. I know she will be so excited and inspired to see how your little ones interact with your 'other' little one.

  73. maybe its the pregnancy hormones, but this post made me tear up a bit. we have two pups that mean the world to us. i know they will soon take the back burner to our wee one when he gets here. but i see our oldest pup, mailey, in these photos, with mister pulling on her ears and trying to ride her. that image makes my heart smile :)

  74. Lauren

    I love that even at such a young age, Eleanor already has some best friends. Watching babies love on dogs is honestly one of the best things!

  75. ART

    ok, you have inspired me. I need a fedora and messy hair.

  76. so cute!!!