in LA…

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we are in LA right now
enjoying beautiful sunshine,
time with good friends,
and some of the tastiest tacos of our lives.
be back soon!
  1. Kathryn

    adorable family portrait! hope you guys are enjoying your trip. :)


  3. l.c.s.

    you guys are PRECIOUS. i hope I look as good as you after I have 2 babies! you are missing a semi cool (i just mean that it is not awful) week in DC!


  4. Barbara

    you look sooooooo happy!!! love that :)

  5. Sarah

    p.s. that last comment (the one above with the links) was from me, not my husband.


    Sarah Papworth

  6. Saar

    Oh I like your outfit!!
    Enjoy your stay!! :D



  8. Lindsey

    You all look so happy!!! What a great family shot!

  9. biggest hipster family ever. why bother posting your life on the internet? for 15 minutes of fame?

  10. Loving the sun and sand!! Enjoy enjoy and then enjoy some more :)

  11. Erin

    You four are the cutest little family ever! Have fun on your mini vacay!


  12. you guys look phenomenal! Enjoy LA! Wish we could bump into you guys!

  13. Carmen

    Have a good time!!! :D

  14. pretty picture!! You guys look great! have a great time in LA!

  15. what an incredibly cute photo!! you are one lucky family!!
    xox alison

  16. hope the earthquake didn't shake up the babies too much.

  17. Danaea

    Was wondering if you would ever do a "baby essentials" or "must register for" blog! Having a babe in a few months as well and would love your take on things you "need" !!!

  18. i love e's jean jacket. so very too cool for school.

  19. beautiful picture!
    I'm sure it says somewhere on the posts below.. but adore your baby wrap. What kind is it? And is it easy to put on by yourself? Looking for something new for baby #4 and that looks like it might be the ticket!

  20. Izzy

    How in the heck do you walk in those shoes? More power to you mama

  21. Unknown

    What an adorable family! I'm so happy I found your blog! I'm assuming that baby wrap is The Wrap by Solly Baby one of your sponsors. I just love the color and you both look so comfortable. I wonder if it's difficult to put on?
    A blog for stylish moms despite all the spilled milk!

  22. Ims

    Haha your Saltwater Sandals tan on your feet! Cute! :) Love your blog.

  23. Lindsay

    Cute! Just stumbled on this site.

    I made a wrap like this for my baby out of a gauze, breathable fabric. You can also find them from a company called aden and anais.

  24. Ami

    Formais una familia muy bonita! :)

  25. delaney

    i am dying over your shoes!! also, what a beautiful family

  26. Raquel

    adorable family photo!

  27. Pinky

    Very nice family photo!

  28. My goodness what a beautiful family! How tall are you and Josh? You're wearing some seriously tall shoes and he still towers over you!

  29. You look stunning as ever! Beautiful family and photo!

  30. Jenna E

    Gorgeous fam photo! xo

  31. Those jeans look like the ones from Madewell? Maybe? At any rate, they're cute!!

  32. Motte

    You have the cutest little girl I have ever(!) seen in my life! She's so beautiful and gorgeous, just like her mother! <3

    Greetings from Germany!

  33. I love your blog, and your family !
    It's always a great time to learn you !

    Enjoy your trip,
    and sorry for my approximate english !

    The french blogger Cloé

  34. Ebbony

    I am in LOVE with your shoes! You dress so classy and I am totally envious of that. Your blog is one of my favorites :)

  35. Nicole

    love everything about this photo!

  36. oh please tell us where your jeans are from!?