got my bags all packed for sunny california…

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over the weekend, we started talking about possibly taking a trip out to california before the summer ends and then last night we found ourselves actually booking flights for thursday!*
so we’re heading out to LA and San Francisco for a bit and we couldn’t be more excited. i’ve never been!
eleanor obviously has no idea what is going on exactly, but papa ordered her this cute little backpack the other day and she has been carrying it around so proudly. maybe we’ll put her in charge of carrying her own diapers through the airport or something. after all, those things are so very heavy. ;)

see you soon, california!
*we also spent maybe an hour trying to decide if it’s easier to fly with two babies on a direct flight, break the trip up with a connecting flight, or do a red eye. maybe i’ll regret this later, but a red eye with two littles is the best idea ever, right? if they’re good night sleepers already, won’t they just snooze the entire flight? even though it’s exhausting on our bodies, it sounds kind of dreamy verses chasing eleanor up and down the plane aisle for 8 hours straight…am i right or am i right? (or entirely wrong? yikes. what has worked for you with multiple babies and planes?)
  1. B.e

    Eleanor is so cute with this backpack! have a good trip :)

  2. thobeka

    so cute!

  3. Emily M

    Oh my goodness. She is adorable. I would love to have her as my travel buddy any day. Enjoy LA!! I live in LA. Make sure you spend time in Newport and Laguna! You'd love it. And Old town pasadena.

  4. Saskia

    Adorable! I have the yellow one on my baby girls pinterest wish list – for later!


  5. Rachel

    What a little sparkle in her eye, that Eleanor :)

  6. Lucie

    The shorter the flight, absolutely the better! Especially if it coincides with normal sleep time. You'll get on juuuust fine ;) Have an AMAZING time with your adorable family :) Xx

  7. Amazing! I have also never been to California and we are planning a trip soon too!!

    Admire your courage flying with those babies…
    When I was an au pair in Norway, lots of ex-pats would fly international with children this age and were always trying different times/methods…I think all have their pros/cons…Good luck!


  8. oh that's so exciting…I've always wanted to go to San Fran, I can't wait to read about your trip.
    E looks so cute in her back pack.(panda too!)
    We have just been on holiday with our two girls, we had a day flight out and an night flight home….the night flight was so much easier! We were exhusted but the munchkins sleep the whole way home.

    Have a fantasic time Naomi. x

  9. Jenny

    Little E makes me smile, she really does. I think that flying with babies (though I have none) is never a particularly settled experience, especially if their ears hurt. You'll just have to see I guess :

  10. How exciting! I'm going to California (and New York) in September and I really can't wait. Eleanor looks absolutely adorable with her bag ready!!

  11. i've done redeyes to california with our little and it turned out great. not the most comfortable for you but the chances of them sleeping through the entire thing is pretty high. have a great trip!

  12. Steph

    I only have one right now (but only for a few more weeks!). we're living abroad right now and have made several trips back and forth from Utah to Brazil. We've made the trip when our daughter was 4 months, 13 months and 15 months. Obviously each trip includes an overnight leg and it's always been easier than the daytime stretches. Though I may not have been the most comfortable, she has always slept really well at every age. And if it's a nightmare, it's only for one night, right? Have fun!!

  13. I adore Eleanor's backpack! She looks so proud of it. Hope you have a wonderful time.

  14. I think the red eye option sounds like a good one. You'll have to let us know how it goes.

    As for the diapers, go to, and order the diapers to be shipped to the place you are staying. It cuts down on the weight and bulkiness of traveling with them.

  15. Tiffany

    Red eyes have never worked for us, but maybe they will for y'all. Also traveling with a baby 1 to 2 years has always been the hardest time to fly with little people (they don't need their own seat, but they do want to be free) for us.

    We bring lots of food and busy bags. We don't do tv, but lots of my friends bring along movies on their devices and swear by them.

    Good luck! I hope your babies sleep!

  16. Nazca

    Funy this little poupette*

  17. I don't have multiples, but since I have one very active two year old and traveling with an infant is a bit simpler (in my opinion) I'd say you're right! We did St Lucia in May (5 hours) and we did early morning… She did wonderfully!! So I'm sure a red eye would be even better. Have loads of fun!!

  18. how fun! I've never been to Cali either, but I'm going to SF for the first time in October, I'll have to see if you have any recommendations!

    p.s. E is the cutest :)

  19. Hi there! New to your blog and loving it (I'm sure you hear that often…sorry!). We flew with our then-seven-month-old from CT to FL last month. At first, I was horrified by having a layover, but she did better with the layover than the direct flight back. That being said, I would have preferred an overnight flight, since I think she would have slept better. There was just too much going on around her and the sun was being all shiny and stuff (rude), so she didn't want to sleep.

    Have a great trip! I'm JEALOUS! I've never been to CA!

  20. onlyme

    Red eye all the way!
    You MUST take E to the playground in Golden Gate Park, it's awesome and conveniently located next to Haight Ashbury, which I'm sure you'll love,

  21. 2busy

    How fun! Enjoy sunny Cali.

  22. Sarah

    the younghouselove blog mentioned that a red eye actually worked opposite of what they thought it would. their two year old was up the entire night. when flying from west coast back to east coast. every kid is different so i'm wishing you the best!

  23. Mariela

    I love California , we live in San Diego and Ventura and we love it, we can't wait to live in San Diego again ; ).

    Your daughter is adorable!, have a safe trip : )

  24. Megan

    The redeye is probably the best option, but I highly recommend downloading the free white noise app for your phones– even night flights can get noisy, and having the white noise to block out sudden sound can prevent frequent sleep disturbances that make babies fussy. If they are both deep sleepers, then use the app for yourselves. It's the singe best thing to help sleep on a flight or train trip.

  25. Emily

    My sister and I traveled 2 years ago with her 2 kids. My niece was then 2 and my nephew a newborn! We also decided that the red eye made perfect and total sense, right? Wrong!! Lydia was normally such a good sleeper but being somewhere unfamiliar was just not happening for her so she was awake the WHOLE time. I'm not sure if it was the plane or my nephew just wasnt comfortable but he was fussy the whole time as well!

    But with that said my cousin will ONLY travel on red eyes because her children do wonderfully. I would say it all just depends on the specific person! Best wishes that you will all have a wonderful trip!!

  26. mooK

    I am also flying to LA on Friday, but from Philly. As a native Los Angeleno who flies red eye and regular hours, it has been my experience that regular hours are best. This is to avoid the possibility that the children will not sleep through the flight. Passengers will show passive aggressiveness to you or will be outright rude, so to avoid all this, people are much more understanding when flying regular hours. :) Safe travels!

  27. oh, have fun! you'll just love LA and San Fran. Great cities. As for the flying….we have gone with the "just do it" attitude. In the end, you always make it work. And, you'll be together, which is good. I've actually never flown with my husband and the kids. I always fly solo with the kids. Which is hard, espcially when you are juggling those car seats ;) Enjoy your family get away!

  28. San Francisco is my favorite city in the world! Chinatown is amazing, all the little shops have great souvenirs. Make sure to go down Lombard street, it's the twistyiest one in the world and I'm sure Eleanor will love it! It's only six hours to CA, not eight, but still make sure to pack things for her to do because it gets a little weary at the end. But if she sleeps, then your all set. I can't wait to see the pictures. Have an amazing time!!! XOXOX

  29. Yay! How exciting!
    Besides New York, San Francisco is my favorite city…probably because I live so close. The weather is nice and cool right now and there are tons of wonderful things to see. Enjoy your trip:)

  30. Faith

    How funny; my hubby and I are also headed there on Friday evening! It would be surreal to spot your sweet family in SF. :)

  31. Meggie

    Red eye was the right choice! My family flew to Hawaii from NYC in May with three babies two and under. The flight home was a red eye and infinitely easier than the flights there. Good luck!

  32. she is so adorable! i think it's gonna be a whole lot of challenge especially with a toddler and infant in an airplane but with your guts and mother instincts..i believe everything will be fine. :)

  33. Kate

    Keep an eye on Panda!

  34. LA

    Papa just knows what's hip. All the cool kids in Sweden have those backpacks; Eleanor could totally hang.

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  36. Well… Ours was a BIT different cause we (as in my sister and I) were flying 10 hours total with a 5 yr old a 3 yr old and twin 8 month olds. We had two flights…. One was in the day/evening time and then our next one was a night flight… Like we got in to salt lake at 12:00 am…. And the night flight was HEAVEN compared to the daytime one. Cause they did sleep. All 4 of them. And it was bliss. So yes…. I think a red eye is perfect.

  37. Anne

    Good luck with the littles on the plane! I can't wait to see your california adventures!

  38. Cheryl

    I'm so excited that you're coming to Cali! On your way up to San Fran you should stop into Capitola. It's the cutest beach town and very family-friendly:)

    The Santa Cruz boardwalk is fun, too! ;)

    Safe travels!

  39. Eeny

    oh my, i just melted. so adorable.
    could anyone be more proud of her little backpack.
    enjoy your get away to the west coast. i wish i could go too. san fran is one of my favorite cities in the entire world.

  40. Ashlee

    E looks SO ADORABLE with her backpack! Booking trips on the fly is always really exhilarating! I hope you enjoy yourself and share with us all (since I may or may not wanna live vicariously through your trip)! Haha.

  41. oh my gosh! how exciting! e will love crissy fields and the beach over there. SO many dogs for her to love on :)

  42. oh my gosh! how exciting! e will love crissy fields and the beach over there. SO many dogs for her to love on :)

  43. Daisy

    Hoe fun! You're coming to my hometown LA. It's beautiful here, perfect time to visit. There are so many things to do, you're going to have a blast. If you want any hot spot locations let me know ;)

  44. I loved our trip to SF. You should check out Zazie (an amazing brunch place in the Haight district) and Bi-Rite Creamery (I'm not sure of their exact location, found it on accident) – they have the best ice cream I have ever tasted. My favorite flavor had to be the brown butter pecan.

  45. SF weather can be very windy so pack a jacket! You should visit the Palace of Fine Arts. It's beautiful! Can't wait to read about trip!

  46. Be sure to stop in Santa Barbara on your way up the coast (if you're driving from one end to the other that is). It's beautiful here! You may never want to leave!

  47. Ashley

    Yay California! I'm from SF and now live in LA — and I love them both. I hope you have a fabulous trip, and can't wait to hear about it!

  48. That little backpack is so cute on her! She is adorable!

  49. I'm not sure if you purchased seats for your little one, but on our last two trips we brought the car seat on the plane – it was a dream! I will never travel without it again. My daughter slept, colored, etc. When we traveled without the car seat in the past, she wouldn't sit still.

  50. Alyssa

    So excited for you! I love California. I used to live there for a few years, but now I live in the DMV area. You'll definitely enjoy it! :)

  51. Yay for a visit to SF! I'm glad people are recommending the Mission -good shopping and good eats. I'm sure you have tons of recommendations, but my two cents are… Dolores Park has an amazing playground for kids (free SF symphony performance this Sunday too). Come hungry because we have mouth watering food in the Bay! (P.S. Even though its on all the tourist to-do lists, I'd skip the wharf unless you have plenty of time to do it all.)

  52. Well, I have no flying tips for you. I have no babies, and I've never been on a flight… ha. Sorry!! But I hope it all goes smoothly and that you guys have a great trip!!

  53. When they are that little…red eyes are the best decision ever.

  54. Alison

    i think that's a smart idea. we always feel asleep in the car and what is a plane but a giant flying car filled with strangers? :)

  55. C-kah

    Can wait to hear what you and your clan Do here. :)

  56. Elise

    Hey, that's a Swedish backpack, yay!

  57. Aya

    I love that little twinkle in her eye. She's so chuffed with her new backpack. She might be the prettiest baby there's ever been.

  58. fun! you're coming to my town! i obviously have a very long list of favorites from both areas having lived in both cities but i'm looking forward to seeing where you decide to go :)

  59. fun! you're coming to my town! i obviously have a very long list of favorites from both areas having lived in both cities but i'm looking forward to seeing where you decide to go :)

  60. Whenever I take a red eye flight, it's full of sleeping babies. I'd say that's a good choice if they're good sleepers and don't have troubles with their ears.

  61. The red eye is wonderful! My family is in California and I'm in North Carolina and we try to take the red eye as often as possible. The cabinet lights are dimmed the entire time which will help the kids sleep and the flight crew doesn't talk over the intercom or walk up and down the aisles nearly as much which always helps us sleep better. Most of the times they provide blankets and pillows too!

    Good luck

  62. If you haven't already, you should check out Oh Joy's blog. She's based in LA and always posts reviews of restaurants and places to grab sweet treats.

    Here's the link:

  63. Oh, you're going to have such a great time! I'm a southern California native (I live in Orange County) and I've spent tons of time in San Francisco. You'll fall in love with that city, by the way! If you want suggestions for places or things to do and see, I'd love to share!


  64. beth

    Hip hip hooray for San Francisco and for E being insanely cute with a backpack on. Bring a few warm things, it's been around 60 recently and the wind is chilly!

    Hope you guys have an awesome time! And just to throw this out there, if you and Josh would like a babysitter for a date night/date lunch/museum date out in the city, I'm a babysitter extraordinaire : ) tosailthesea (at) gmail (dot) com!

  65. hayley

    yay you're coming to my home :) if you need any recommendations, i know alot of great places! by the way, elenor is just the cutest! she's going to have a blast in california

  66. Oh you'll love it here. If you head down to the Hermosa Beach/Manhattan Beach area, let me know. I have some wonderful places for you guys to eat. Hope all 4 of you have a blast!

  67. she's got the most beautiful eyes and smile, good luck on your trip.

  68. Amanda

    i have a NON-sleeper (she only sleeps in her bed. nowhere else!)… so we avoid any travel over her naptime (she won't sleep in her carseat either), so the one time we flew at night, she screamed the entire time! i say try whatever works best for YOUR babies!! :)

  69. oh she is such a sweetheart! have a fantastic time in california!

  70. Gina

    ah!!! You're visiting my hometown LA and where I'm living right now. I hope you have an AMAZING trip. San Francisco is a beauty!

    Visit Crown & Crumpet, Ike's, and Zachary's!

  71. Emily

    Funny you should post this. I JUST closed my other tab on my browser from buying tickets for my first flight with my infant son that will take place in September. Boy am I nervous. I think you know your babes and you are trying what you think is best! You will figure it out if it doesn't, and change what you do next time if it doesn't go the way you'd hoped this time around. But I bet it will be great! Thanks for your blog!

  72. Good luck! Flying with little ones always stresses me out. We fly with our daughters all the time now 4 and 2, many times internatioanlly. What works best for us…evening flights. That way they get an hour or two to be awake on the plane- so exciting for them to eat dinner on a plane, and then we do a little bedtime routine and put them to sleep.

  73. Arianna

    So excited for you and your family! Hope you guys have a blast!

    P.S. That little backpack is so adorable.

  74. Eleanor is so precious!

  75. olya.sf

    When we were flying 12 hours with a 17 month old, the best thing was to have seats in the beginning of the section where they could attach a bassinet. My daughter is tall so she barely fit, but she slept nonetheless even during the day. If your seats are in the middle maybe someone will be willing to switch.
    I live in SF and my girl is 18 months now. Please email if you'd like a tour guide or a play date! It's foggy and chilly in the mornings now, so bring a jacket:)
    [email protected]

  76. It'd be sooo awesome to run into you guys while you're here haha!

  77. Kristal

    She is just the most adorable thing EVER. You must think that every second because she is your but I'll have you know – she is beautiful!

    You will love Cali. It is so laid back and you will feel it when you get there.

    As for travel times, I don't have little ones but I personally always choose red eyes because when you wake up, you're there! I agree with your reasoning completely. :)

  78. joolee

    non-stop redeyes are SO much better! (even though the kids have never slept as much as we thought they would…) we've traveled from the NW to the east coast (my fam's in NY + VA) many times and with our 3 kids, making connections for different flights was NOT fun. (think dragging a 3 yr. old down the jetway to get on our THIRD plane of the day, screaming "NOT ANOTHER ONE!!! NOT ANOTHER ONE!!" and that was before we even took off…)

    oh boy…i can't even tell you how much it's worth it to just get non-stop flights, even if you've got to pay more! good luck! just expect the worst, and it will probably be better than you think. that little angle E couldn't can't THAT much trouble, can she? ;)

  79. Alisha

    I love your blog and moved from
    utah down to San Diego, you'll love it here in Cali, its living in paradise.

  80. We have done a red eye across the country with a 6-month-old. It was great for him, and ok for me. Have you heard of a FlyeBaby? My baby is too old for it now, but it looks awesome!

    Have a great trip! Hope it is sunny for you! (we live in LA. :)

  81. yep, she is one proud owner of a lovely backpack. absolutely adorable!!!
    xo TJ

  82. have a great trip! eleanor sure looks ready for the trip, so adorable! i've never been, but i'd love to visit california one day :)
    xo, cheyenne

  83. Oh Eleanor is so cute with her backpack! Definitely give her the diapers! Have so much fun in California! Last minute plans are always the best!

  84. Robin

    If you are looking for a good place to eat try Porto's Bakery in Burbank, it is so yummy! and just around the corner in a store called it's a wrap, they sell clothes that were used in movie and you can always find something good there. Santa Monica is a must as well, the pair is awesome and vince beach is just a short bike ride away. Enjoy California!

  85. Brandi

    When we still only had one, we did the red eye too, hoping for that to work. My girl didn't sleep at first, she was too excited, but I nursed her as we took off, trying to get her to sleep. That helped for the takeoff, and then she sat up, babbling and looking around for a while. She did fall asleep after a bit though, and it went perfectly. Hope it's the same for you!

  86. amyhaus

    We currently live in Hawaii with three little boys, 8, 5 and 1 and I think red eye is the only way to go when flying back to the mainland. Not going to lie, it is brutal for mom and dad, though. :)

  87. She's adorable (as always!) and is it just me or is she really starting to look like Daddy?

  88. Bri

    How exciting! You'll be on my side of the country. I have a feeling you'll loveeee San Fran. If you get the chance Bakers Beach would be fun for the littles, especially E! It has an amazing view of the golden gate :)

  89. How exciting a trip for all of you! Make sure to bring layers for San Francisco, it's a lot cooler than anyone thinks. We do have our warm pockets all throughout the city though!

  90. Viki

    We had exact the same dilema recently deciding on what time to fly to australia for with our two. We took art satchels with pens and crayons and sticker books. they seemed to keep them amused for a while. When all else fails, there's the tv… and treats. good luck!