got my bags all packed for sunny california…

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over the weekend, we started talking about possibly taking a trip out to california before the summer ends and then last night we found ourselves actually booking flights for thursday!*
so we’re heading out to LA and San Francisco for a bit and we couldn’t be more excited. i’ve never been!
eleanor obviously has no idea what is going on exactly, but papa ordered her this cute little backpack the other day and she has been carrying it around so proudly. maybe we’ll put her in charge of carrying her own diapers through the airport or something. after all, those things are so very heavy. ;)

see you soon, california!
*we also spent maybe an hour trying to decide if it’s easier to fly with two babies on a direct flight, break the trip up with a connecting flight, or do a red eye. maybe i’ll regret this later, but a red eye with two littles is the best idea ever, right? if they’re good night sleepers already, won’t they just snooze the entire flight? even though it’s exhausting on our bodies, it sounds kind of dreamy verses chasing eleanor up and down the plane aisle for 8 hours straight…am i right or am i right? (or entirely wrong? yikes. what has worked for you with multiple babies and planes?)
  1. Amanda

    Isn't it crazy how far Cali is from DC?? I guess it isn't, haha but I just never realized the distance until I looked at tickets!

    She is so cute, I love that color! And yay, PANDA! You're going to LOVE San Fran! I can totally see myself living there someday.

  2. E looks great! Happy travels!

  3. bonnie

    good luck on your trip! i hope traveling with the kiddos goes well, yikes :) i miss southern california with all my heart, as i recently moved away, and i'm sure you'll love it like i do :)

  4. Red flight works for me (more for me really) and my 18 month old daughter. We live in California and we've traveled quite a bit since she was born – Boston, Hawaii, Paris, London, Cambodia, Malaysia… Before a big trip I take her to the playground, or Gymboree or the park and I let her get all that energy out. Always works! She sleeps like the angel she is throughout. Hope this helps!

  5. Damara

    Sweeeeeeeet backpack! All the coolest kids here in Sweden have Fjällräven :)

  6. Mrs.

    luckily you are still nursing….that puts any little one to sleep!!

    good luck!

  7. Good luck with the flight and have an awesome time in California! :)

  8. Abby

    Adorable! I love Eleanor's little backpack. Good luck with the little ones and the flights.

  9. Red eye flight, good choice! As a mom and one time nanny that traveled with kids, this was always the flight we chose!

    Have fun!

    I live in the bay area…bring warm clothes…it hasn't been very warm and the nights and mornings are a bit cloudy/foggy!

    Go to Tartine bakery in the Mission! You'll love it. You'll love the shops on Valencia (also in the Mission). One of my favorite stores in that neighborhood is Gravel & Gold. Check 'em out!

  10. So exciting!!! When visiting San Francisco, you have to stop at Mama's. They have the best breakfast food ever and my favorite is the Monte Cristo! Just be sure to get there very early because we waited in an hour-long-line. It was worth it but that would be very difficult with two little children! Have fun!!!
    -Nurse Frugal

  11. Sladja

    E is such a sweetheart! :)
    good luck with trip.


  12. Emily

    I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am just so excited to hear that you and your family will be venturing out here. There is plenty to do… and hopefully the weather works out for you guys while in the city.

    You should try and head to Oakland (it isn't a far trip if you're renting a car…or taking public transportation). The Oakland Temple is simply beautiful!

    Hope your family enjoys the trip =)

  13. Heather

    You're brave. I am sure it depends on the child, but when I traveled with my son when he was 8/9 months he had his moments! Luckily most of the other passengers were kind and took pitty on me! :0)

  14. RB

    In LA, get the cobb salad at Milk and some french macaron ice cream sandwiches…Buns at Papa Rich in Pasadena as well as more french macarons at Europan in Pasadena…a sandwich at Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica…there is so much more. Good luck with that flight. Shorter has always worked better for our tinytiny.

  15. awee coming over to LA!! maybe we'll spot you guys around here somewhere! would love to meet your little E! have tons and tons of fun!

  16. jill

    SF mom of three weighing in with some suggestions:

    Do the Chrissy Field walk — beautiful beachfront perfect for the "family in front of the GG bridge shot!" You can also rent bikes with Birleys to ride it with the kids

    Go see the Jean Paul Gaultier retrospective at the de Young Museum in GG Park. Take Eleanor across the music plaza to the Cal Academy of Sciences to see the underwater reef and fish exhibits

    There's a wonderful farmers market on Saturdays at the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero. Lots of street performers and beautiful food. The Ferry Building is fun any day — artisanal purveyors of all types of food and drink.

    If the kids can tolerate it — go to a Giants game. The stadium is beautiful and oh the garlic fries!!

    Lots of great playgrounds for kids Eleanor's age: Moscone park in the Marina, Julius Kahn Park in the Presidio, the new playground in Dolores Park (close to Bi-Rite Ice Cream as others have mentioned)

    Feel free to email me off line if you need more suggestions. Have a wonderful time and bring warm clothes — it's been in the high 50s-mid 60s in the City.

  17. Lea Wan

    Your babies are too cute =) I'm a first time follower of any blog, etc., but I've came across your blog from your instagram pictures, and I have to say I love your blog! I have 2 babies 18 months apart in the Bay Area, Ca., and from experience, this is what I've found: road-trips by car is definitely best at night. During the day, don't even try it, especially in traffic (when you get to LA, there's always traffic btw). But if you're traveling by plane, it's going to be hit or miss. For 8 hours, I think red-eye is still going to be your best bet. However, as a heads up, mine woke up while getting off the plane, went back to sleep while we got our bags, woke up again when we got our rental car (putting her in the car), fell asleep on the way to the hotel, then woke up again at the hotel… and by that time, they were very unhappy to say the least. yikes right? Oh, another tip, on the take off as well as landing, have your kids chew on something/drink something/nurse. The swallowing should help with their ears popping. =) Hope this helps!

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  19. Dear E, you are by far the most adorable little girl. Enjoy your time in LA. I'm sure, you'll love the sunny California.
    I used to live in DC and even though I'm a little DC-sick from time to time, nothing beats the sunshine and ocean breeze. Have an amazing time!

  20. Diola

    Sweet! <3

  21. vanessa

    YAY I'm so excited your coming my home state! You've never been!? well, my dear your going to lovee it :)

  22. I'll keep my eye out for you in San Francisco (non-creepily).

  23. Oh my hometown!!! I hope you love it . There is so much to do. I hope your trip there and back go smoothly with your two adorable babies. Have fun.

  24. KaileeC

    So FUN! E is adorable with panda and her backpack!

  25. E is just too sweet^^

  26. tara

    I hope that your trip to California was wonderful. You have a beautiful little family. I really have a question – in this post, Eleanore is wearing a pink romper – can you tell me where you purchased this? I have a little girl as well (Liv) and this romper looks lite and comfy. Thanks so much.

  27. Marie

    My husband & i also brought colouring books & pencils for our 2yo toddler during the flight. It kept him entertained for 15mins, which is better than nothing. It was very important to keep our toddler entertained throughout the flight, such as telling him about the outside weather etc. There is no perfect method, just try to enjoy the flight as much as u can :D