the last few weeks…

i can’t believe it’s already been two weeks since we brought samson home! it’s been an absolute joy getting to know our new little guy. it’s funny how complete everything felt a few months ago with just eleanor, yet having samson here reminds me everyday just how incomplete it really was… he is the perfect little addition to our family. i can’t imagine life without him now. i love him so much already.
this transition has been an interesting one. i’m slowly figuring this out — slowly– how to juggle two little ones at home by myself, how to tandem nurse a toddler and a newborn, how to get things done around the home (not really happening), how to get any sleep whatsoever (again, not happening), and the big one for me— how to ask for help when i need it.
i may have cried no less than 4 times last tuesday when josh was back at work and i had eleanor and samson all on my own. there was pouring rain that day plus a pediatrician appointment which means we were cold and wet with a clingy toddler who wanted to be held every time i was holding the baby and then how in the world do you get two little ones ready and into the car in less than an hour all by yourself? somebody please share how to do that!
but then there is my mother who came to help for a few days, and a dear friend from nyc for a few days after that. and josh’s mom who is here right now. there are meals brought in from kind friends from our church, and other friends checking in here and there. a sweet husband who also gets no sleep at the moment but somehow keeps it all together so we both don’t lose our heads. and that certainly helps. i’m grateful for all of it.
we celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday. and when i think about making a wish and blowing out all those candles, i really can’t think of much else i want right now… (of course there are always silly things i want…) but when i honestly think about it, having these two little ones here to snuggle and hold close and love and raise with my husband…samson’s newborn smell and sweet milk breath, eleanor’s tight hugs reserved just for mama…makes me cry happy tears to myself sometimes. because they are mine, and they are healthy and good, and i’m so thankful they are here with me and their papa.
  1. Gorgeous photos as always!! Happy Birthday :)

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    You are so brave, and doing very well.
    I am sure there will be plenty of help, whenever you need it.

  3. Jenny

    Your family is so beautiful! Little Eleanor has got to be one of the prettiest little toddlers I have ever seen. Congratulations to you and Josh :)

  4. Daphné

    Great post Naomi, your pictures are beautiful and we can feel all the love coming from them! What a beautiful family you have!

  5. Sheer

    Oh!1 You made my cry reading your beautiful words, so plenty of love and bliss.

    Motherhood is far from happening in my life, but I still can feel of hapy you are now.

    Greetings from Spain.

  6. i lovelovelove looking at pictures of your lovely family!

  7. Helen

    happy birthday! your cake looks delicious. I love how happy your family make you.

  8. Johanna

    Happy belayed birthday to you, Naomi! I hope, you had a great day! I love that first picture of Samson, he is such a cutie!

  9. Beautiful and cute pictures!

    Happy birthday!

  10. thobeka

    such a beautiful family!

  11. Joan

    Happy birthday!! I could think of a million cliched ways of saying, "it gets easier" or "hang in there" so I won't say any of those silly but true things.

    Oh, and I've heard it gets easier so just hang in there :)

  12. Anne

    Just delurking to say, beautiful pictures! Your children are adorable. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. So so cute!:)
    I'm glad you're getting help. Don't ever be afraid to ask for help if you need it. It's hard to have two babies.
    And you're 26? I'm gonna be 26 pretty soon and I feel like I have nothing. Not that my loving boyfriend who supports me(he literally supports me) is nothing. But where's my job? Where are my babies? Need to get my life back on track.
    Diana from

  14. Cate

    I had to smile when you wrote that you toddler always wants to be carried when ever your holding your newborn :) My little boy shoots his hands so I can pick him up whenever I stand up with his newborn sister! By the time my husband gets home my poor arms are jello! I kind of love that both of my children need me though! If you gleam any good advice on how to get two sweet babies ready please post about it :)

  15. I can't believe you are only 26 with two little ones! I love hearing how your family feels more complete! Never be afraid to ask for help!!! =) xoxo A-

  16. wow!! what a beautiful family you guys are!!

  17. This is such a sweet post. You can do it! I am no mother, but I am the oldest of six kids and so I learned a lot from my mom. She had so much trouble getting us into the car and getting to places on time, so she changed her clocks. She set them all ahead 5 or 10 minutes and acted like that was the real time. When she felt a little late, she was actually right on time.

    When we got a little older (most of us able to get dressed and walk on our own) She started a new tactic. About 5 or 10 minutes before she wanted to pull out of the garage, she would yell "Get in the car!!!" I can still hear that phrase followed by an echoing of us kids. She would finish up getting ready while it take us kids a little extra time to get in the car.

    It wasn't about rushing. It was about timing. That trick actually worked wonderfully and when I become a mom and have kids old enough for it, I will definitely start using it!

    Good luck! I know you will find your system :)

  18. Oh, P.S. I want to buy sunflowers and bottles for my apartment!

  19. I so remember that feeling of have two babies and trying to figure out how to do that. I have two little boys 2yrs. and 7 months. You will find a beautiful new normal.Enjoy your sweet babies!

  20. Ed Rod

    I would love to babysit E! Hang out at Lincoln Park..loved her video of her just laughing away.

  21. Ana

    you're doing an amazing job mama xoxo

  22. oh my goodness! congratulations! i'm sure you're doing just fine, you have two beautiful children and they'll grow up with an amazing momma! jacob x

  23. Meg

    I've loved the guest posts, but I love your heartfelt words even more. Happy belated birthday!!! It sounded perfect :)

  24. Alison

    happy birthday, you are so blessed

  25. jess

    I have a 2 yr old and a 2 month old and i am still adjusting to life with two!! Going anywhere is always an adventure.. I try and keep my diaper bag packed and in the car.. I also try and lay things out the night before so I am not running all over my (messy) house trying to find things! I try not to stress that my laundry doesn't get folded and put away or that my kitchen floor needs to be scrubbed desperately! I just take comfort in knowing that my girls are taken care of and getting all my love and attention and for right now that's most important!

  26. Erin

    This gave me chills. You have a beautiful family.

  27. Brenny

    I love this post. You're so honest! I cry sometimes and I only have one baby! Im not sure how you do it but it looks like you're doing a great job:) congrats to you and your family. Samson is beautiful!

  28. Congrats on your sweet little boy! He is so adorable. I have two little ones and I am pregnant with my third. I'm so scared! Everyone tells me three is tough because you only have two arms so it's easier to juggle two kids and it gets hard with three. This is going to be wild. It is a huge adjustment when that second child comes. So wonderful, but so different. I cried so many times thinking I had lost my special time with just my son, but now watching he and my daughter play together melts my heart. Our situation was hard because my son didn't take to my daughter when she was first born, whatsoever. It was and still is a challenge. But we take it day by day and little by little you start to figure things out. Give yourself time and it will all start to get easier. Now my baby girl is 15 months old and it seems like just yesterday she arrived. Trying to potty train a 3 year year old and nurse the baby at the same time was just enough to make me lose my mind some days. But we got through it. Keep your chin up snuggle them tight because time just flies by. My one small bit of advice, which you may already do, is to always have the bag packed and ready to go the night before you have to be somewhere the next morning. I lay out outfits and make sure the bag is completely ready and it helps us out just a bit. Best wishes!

  29. Mareen

    You have a beautiful family and Samson and Eleanor are just the cutest. I wish you and your family nothing but the best!

  30. Jessica


  31. Pamela

    It gets easier, Mama. I promise!
    You will find your groove, Eleanor will settle into the new shakeup of her young life.
    It won't always be *easy*, but it will be easier day to day than it is now.

    Many congrats and much love to your family!

    OH! I LOVE that you are tandem nursing! I didn't know that Eleanor was still nursing! My two girls nursed forever ;)

  32. Priya

    YOU'RE a rockstar with those two kids! happy belated birthday!!

  33. Rhianne

    Welcome back Naomi and happy birthday :) I'm so happy that you're happy and your babies are gorgeous. I love the photo of Josh and Samson, I'm expecting Josh's smile to just get bigger and bigger as Samson gets older :)

  34. Aleina

    Happy Birthday!! What a great thing to get to celebrate your birthday as a family of four now. I am 25 and have a 3 year old daughter and 10 month old son and boy was it an adjustment when my son was born! I actually had an emergency c-section with him so while I was recovering I had to encourage on my daughter to walk more instead of being held, and soon she became my little helper:) One thing that helps me get out the door is to bring the diaper bag in their room and pack it accordingly while they are playing and are occupied. But I think it is just a matter of time and constantly observing your children to see what works best for you. Just know that things will fall into place and hey, it still takes me about an hour to get out the door! I swear they always plan on having a poopy diaper right before we walk out the door!

  35. April

    Happy Birthday! It sounds like you are figuring it out as you go, and that's the best way. You can read all the how to books you want, but I think your natural instincts are doing just fine :)

  36. Morgan

    you're doing great!
    every time you don't agree you should eat a piece of cake :)

  37. SO precious! Baby boy is too cute. Happy birthday!!

  38. Leticia

    First off, Happy Belated Birthday! Second, You rock for tandem nursing! That's quite the undertaking!
    Thirdly, on the subject of getting kids out of the house.. This was 2 years ago, I would pack my baby bag complete with snacks, sippy's, nursing shawl etc, the night before. After feeding the baby first thing in the morning, I would get myself ready, then feed the boys and get them ready and have them play in their room or watch a movie, I would wake up baby by changing her diaper and clothes then nurse her just to top her off and out the door we go! You'll get it, it takes practice and tons of patience as I;m sure you're learning! :) Like most things in motherhood, you'll find what works for you. :) I'll be getting myself and four children ready and out the door in about 4 wks. Honestly, I'm a little nervous, but so excited to have another little one here too. Also, don't worry about being late, most people expect it when you have a newborn! :) Good luck! You look great by the way!

  39. Chelsea

    the only way i could ever get anything done with a needy toddler and a new born was to carry her a lot. i use my ergo almost everyday. it's easy access for breastfeeding my 10m old and i can still hang with my 3 year old. Congrats to you for nursing both babes! I just shot breastfeeding photos for the nevada breastfeeds calendar and there was a mom who was nursing a 3 year old and a 7 month old and it was the most touching thing in the world to see!

    As the months go on, you'll get the hang of it easier and it will become second nature. the first (5) months for me were hell. it was SO hard with both but now it's the best! Hang in there and don't give your self too high of expectations. Take each day by day and don't beat yourself up if laundry doesn't get done-just be with your babies and enjoy them!

    What adorable photos!!! ;)

  40. Dóri

    you are amazing, naomi! thank you for sharing all this with the world!
    reading your blog makes me really excited to become a mother as soon as possible :)


  41. d e e

    Sounds like you are doing great! I have 3 kids now, a 5 year old a 4 year old and a 7 month old. I agree with packing everything you need the night before, I shower the night before as well. I also realized after the second one was born, that I had to add 30 minutes (minimum) to the time it used to take to get out of the door. Some days right when we are about to leave the house I smell a poopy diaper or some such situation that sets us back another 10 minutes and I just have learned to go with the flow. My husband has learned that the house work sometimes has to wait if I am to take the best care of our children. Sometimes house work has to wait for a week if I have sick kids to take care of. When we had our third my husband surprised me by hiring a maid for the first 3 months. She only came once a week but it was amazing how much it helped me keep my sanity. I didn't get the blues at all with my 3rd. It has gotten so much easier as time goes on… The other two are sooo helpful, they get themselves dressed, they even help me clean, and they love their baby brother. Something to look forward to :D

  42. Claire

    Wow, so precious :) I'm only pregnant with my FIRST and I'm wondering how I'm going to get out the door on time when I have ONE other person to get ready besides myself so props to you. p.s. What is that delicious looking pasta dish?

  43. allie

    Just an FYI – I am SHOCKED you are 26! Not only do you carry yourself well, but you speak in a manner where EVERY age can relate, you are stunning & make anything look good, & you are mature, juggling two babies & a husband! I am impressed.

    (Not that I wasn't already..)

    X, Allie

  44. that is just beautiful. thanks for sharing. so often ppl focus on how tough two under two is. you make it sound real, but beautiful.

  45. you are a great mama! i fall apart with just one baby…your kids are lucky to have you!

  46. Meghan

    So happy you are tandem nursing! You are a great mama!!

    Love that sweet milk breath!

  47. Kari

    Thank you yet again for portraying the reality and beauty of motherhood. You ARE a rock star for tandem nursing! My little one is 13 months now and not showing any signs for weaning…I imagine I'll tandem nurse as well. I used to be so obsessed with sleep/lack of (still kinda am), but I've just accepted that I'm not going to sleep for probably the next 10ish years through the "mama"hood phase.

    p.s. I'll be 26 this year, too–Happy Birthday to you! :)

  48. Great Pictures! The second one ist awesome! <3

  49. this is all just too beautiful and perfect to be real. i can only imagine how difficult it must be to do all of these things now that josh is back at work, but so happy that you have loving family and friends to help you out. asking for help can always be hard, but it sounds quite rewarding for you :)
    xo TJ

  50. Faith

    I always appreciate your honesty, Naomi. I am glad to hear that you have helpers in your corner, providing meals and helping out with the kids! I hope that things get easier soon. (By the way, your photos are so beautiful!)

  51. Happy Birthday!!!!! And yay for tandem nursing, it takes a while to het the groove of it but you will do fantastic!( my boys are 14 months apart) As far as getting out the door…. a lot of planning and getting things ready the night before helps me, but even then I am lucky to make it out on time. So maybe somebody will be a little more helpful :) You have a beautiful family. Best wishes.

  52. Happy Birthday to you Mama! You are so blessed with such a Beautiful family, and I can defiantely relate to this post in so many ways, I too have had to take care of our four daughter's while husband has been working long tours overseas, and even though we have been doing this apart thing for almost 5 yrs now on and off, I can never get to use to being in this alone with the girls.. It does get so hard at times, and I wonder how I am going to make it, but it always works out, and there is nothing so special to me than our girls and it is worth all of the hard work! They grow up way too fast, and I have to just pray more and take deep breaths, and always looking foward to seeing my husband come back home to us! You will make it, I promise!!! So proud of you Beautiful Mama you are! Congrats and I love your pictures so much!!!!

  53. Corinne

    Being on time will get easier and easier. Sometimes you just need to give more time than you think (it will get better) with a newborn because of all the unexpected diaper changes and feedings and you have another little one who needs you too! When I had my fourth, I gave myself 3 hours to get ready for church– it sounds like a lot but then I wasn't so mentally stressed when something came up. Also, give yourself a break if its hard– it IS hard. I reduced my mental stress with my last baby by not expecting myself to be on time for everything, at least until he was a few months old. (I know thats hard with doc appointments)

  54. I know exactly what you mean. Though I have only one so far (one-week-old precious little boy), it has been a really challenging transition. I salute you and all moms out there who have to learn and master the juggling of works. We all know it's been one of the most priceless and honorable jobs in the world. And I wouldn't trade it for anything! So enjoy your precious ones. They are just so adorable and you are doing such a great job!!

    From one new mama

  55. Jamie

    Well, Happy Birthday and Anniversary! It's a wondrous and overwhelming time, juggling the new one with the older one (who is still a baby!) – I'm 10 months in with my two boys now and I can say IT GETS EASIER! You will sleep, they will play, learn, adjust and grow in ways you thought not possible. It's a joy everyday, even in my meltdowns I can find the joy in them.

    As for getting out of the house… I find getting us ALL dressed first thing in the morning after breakfast and packing the bags and having them ready to go the night before you need to go anywhere is the key. That way you're all dressed and the bag is packed. You just do diapers, feedings and go! Of course, it took me 7(+) months to figure all that out – haha! Good luck and enjoy them!

  56. So happy for you Naomi! I am just a year younger than you but feel like you are so much more mature and responsible!! I remember reading some of your early posts where you wondered about becoming an adult (cooking, cleaning, laundry-ing lol) and you seem to have it all figured out now! I think I'm still wondering… guess we all get there in our own time :) (i hope!)

  57. I know how you feel because I have been where you are. My son was a little older (2 years+2 months) than your Eleanor is when my daughter was born, but I certainly went through the balancing act of feeding, cuddling, bathing, playing and loving both my little people every day and still (some days) getting my self bathed and dressed and fed as well as keeping up with the never ending pile of laundry. Now I am coming up on the final weeks of my pregnancy with my third baby, my son is now 3 1/2 and my daughter is almost 17 months. I keep reminding myself that the most important thing I can do is show each member of my family how much I love them each day, take a little time for me and stick to a routine. We are never given more than we can handle (although it is certainly challenging to remember this some days!). Good luck with your beautiful new addition and congratulations!

  58. Maren

    i love these photos! and i love your family! :) ♥

  59. Erin

    PLEASE tell me how you look that amazing after just giving birth?! It's not fair :)

  60. Nikki

    Congratulations! He is so cute! I love that brown outfit of his! That is so cool that you are nursing Eleanor still. I plan to do that too. I wish you well. You can do it all!!

  61. A+C+E

    I love this post in particular. To be honest I got teary eyes. You are so right in everything you said. Even though it`s tough sometimes (many times), it`s all worth it. I loooove the little baby hugs my 2 girls give me. Could not imagine to be without them for one day!!!
    I wish you and your family all the best and enjoy this special time of all the first things little Samson does!

  62. You have the cutest little babies in the world!!! love your blog!!!!

  63. KENDRA

    i cannot wait to have kiddos. you make it look so heavenly.

  64. very touching pics…. Happy birthday Naomi and happy family too!!!

    you guys are sooo lucky! God bless you all.

  65. Camille

    I don't know how you do it (I can barely take care of my husband and pup) but you are a rockstar at this. I bet many soon-to-be mama's and veteran's look up to you.

    You inspire me to have a family like this one day. Lovely post.

  66. Hannah

    I just had to comment when I saw that you are tandem nursing your toddler and newborn. I plan on doing the same when my little one arrives any day now. My oldest is almost 2 and still nurses before bedtime. I love that you so matter of factly slipped it in there like hey, its no big deal! I get some interesting looks when people ask me if I plan to. Keep up the good work!!!

  67. Anna

    Get some Mommy friends in the neighborhood to hang out with and you will have a support system for yourself and your kids. Join the MoTH listserve and you can find a group of other stay at home moms who are doing the same thing as you. I have met and kept friends that I met from MoTH and it was a lifesaver when my girls were babies.

  68. Congratulations! I can relate to many of the emotions you're feeling–I'm up late feeding my six week old and got my first 5 hour stretch–yay! I have three kids under the age of 3 and I felt the transition from 1-2 was the toughest. I have found that the more I prep the night before ( ie.packing the diaper bag, getting our outfits out, coffee pot set up, cereal bowls/spoons out, etc) make the morning and getting out the door run muuuuuch smoother. We live in the Nirtheast and all of our family is down south so we've had to learn to juggle it but you'll get into a routine before you know it and are so fortunate to have family close to help!! :)

  69. Jenske

    Little question, I'm in oooo with what your little baby boy is wearing, could you tell me the brand?
    Happy 26th Birthday!!!

  70. Megan

    Naomi, I just love reading your posts about the things we go through as Moms. Your words make me feel better and inspire me. Thank you

  71. Ami

    Sin palabras…simplemente Precioso!

  72. Ami

    Sin palabras…simplemente Precioso!

  73. Hello,

    Could you tell me what brand Samson's outfit is? Thanks! Love to read your blog.

  74. Emma

    It's so surprising to hear that you're only 2 years older than me! Our lives couldn't be more different, but you are so lucky to have such a beautiful family to enjoy already. I hope one day I'm lucky enough to have one of my own. Happy (late) birthday!

  75. Kathryn

    lovely photos (especially eleanor playing in the water, too cute!)to go with an absolutely beautiful post.
    A belated happy birthday to you! :)

  76. I had a feeling you guys might get blind-sided when your second one came so close to the first. I wish I could figure it out too! It is impossible to hold two babies at once and wash dishes or prepare food. I just have to set someone down. Having two kids so close together is hard. I feel like at any given time at least one of them is crying. But I am hoping they will be best friends in a couple years. I am so envious that you are doing this in your twenties! Having kids in your thirties is so much harder. I feel like I am eighty years old sometimes!
    It sounds like you have figured a lot out already: Accept help, and eat out!