that day in may when my baby sister tied the knot…

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last month i shared a few iphone photos from my little sister’s wedding, but i wanted to share a few of the real photos as well because i think they are just too good not to share. i don’t share as much these days when it comes to my family on this blog because i want to respect their privacy, but we made an exception here. ;)
rachel and nelson had the talented amelia johnson photograph their special day. amelia shoots everything on film, and my family and i had so much fun with her throughout the day. i love love love the way these beautiful photos turned out!
i mentioned this in my post last month, but the wedding took place at the washington dc lds temple. holly chapple is the genius behind all those pretty flowers. josh and i both agreed on the drive home that they were the prettiest arrangements we’d ever seen. for her wedding invitations, rachel designed a stamp with the help of emma from our paper shop which had all the wedding details and information on it and then hand-stamped the invitations. our sister rebekah (rachel’s twin), is the wonder woman behind rachel’s dress. and my sisters and i made the wedding cake and the hair piece rachel is wearing.
it was so wonderful having the family here in dc for the weekend. i’m really close with my entire family and it can be hard when we all live in different places. so it’s always fun when there is an excuse to get everyone together… especially for something like witnessing our little sister marry her best friend. those two are pretty cute together. and thank you, dear samson baby, for staying put in mama’s belly until the week after this wedding happened…despite all those fun contractions you gave me during it. ;)

congratulations, baby sister! love you…
all photos by amelia johnson.
  1. M.M.

    Great photos! you all look amazing, a big happy family!

  2. beautiful photos, and such a family resemblance! x

  3. Gorgeous photos! Y'all have such a pretty family! Congrats to your sister!

  4. AMAZING photographs. and E looks so much like the twins. there's something so beautiful about the glow that comes with a temple wedding :)

  5. Alissa

    I'm a first time poster but long time reader. Where did you get your bridesmaid dress? I'm in a wedding where we need to wear blush colored long dresses, and I'll be about 6 months pregnant. I love your dress — it looks like it fits all the requirements!

  6. Erin

    beautiful pictures!

  7. Emmy

    Beautiful pictures! And congrats to your sister. Definitely a wonderful reason to all be together. My parents were sealed in the DC Temple.

  8. Sarah

    Beautiful photos and a beautiful wedding! I was wondering – where did you get the dress you're wearing? I have a wedding to go to when I'm 8.5 months pregnant, and finding a dress appropriate for the occasion is more difficult than I thought! Love yours though – it's exactly what I've been trying to find!

  9. Stella

    Beautiful pictures! I love that she went with a short dress–absolutely stunning. Plus you can't go wrong with the DC temple as a backdrop!!

  10. Justine

    Just beautiful!

  11. @alissa and @sarah, i got my dress at ASOS (maternity section). i think i saw it still online the other day but in different colors. oh, but i added sleeves to it (used some of the belt/sash material) since it was sleeveless and i don't wear sleeveless things.


  12. Beautiful photos! Beautiful family! And beautiful sister! I especially love that last photo.

  13. Alissa

    thank you!

  14. Bri

    beautiful photos, big happy family

  15. zay

    those flowers are really lovely, you look so cute with baby samson in the belly

  16. You and your awesome sis with the bangs look so much alike. What order does everyone go in (I assume you are the eldest sibling, but I could be wrong)?

  17. So gorgeous – those flowers are beyond beautiful!

  18. What a beautiful day! You and your sisters look so much alike! So lovely!

    xo Kayla

  19. Lou

    These photos are just so beautiful! You all looked gorgeous and looked like you had an amazing time!!

  20. These are the prettiest wedding pictures ever. I love her photographer.

  21. Ashton

    These photos are just so lovely! AND I love the photo of you in that dress. So pretty! :)

  22. I love your sister with the tattoo's style. You're all beautiful but I haven't seen her before!

  23. i'd love to know where you got your dress!! i need a maternity dress in the exact same color for my sister's wedding!

  24. Andrea

    Where did you get the bridesmaid dresses?? I'm in a wedding next april, and i'm hoping to be pregnant by then, as well as needing it to be modest! Your dress is awesome! Help me out??


  25. Chelsea

    WOW! Those are so beautiful! she looked stunning in her dress and her blue shoes! I love that sleeved dresses are coming back. I love that it's a romantic pretty lace. I love when a sleeved dress can be sexy and pretty at the same time (it's not very often you see it, but she pulled it off!)

    Gorgeous shot of you also with your beautiful bump!

    what a fantastic job of the photographer and what a gorgeous wedding!

    congrats to her!

  26. film! Wow! These are fantastic!

  27. Alison

    Gee golly, what beautiful pictures. I especially love her shoes.

  28. Katie

    I love that you all helped and did something for your sister. I think that would make it so much more personal and memorable. Rachel's dress is fantastic. Everything is. It looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

  29. gorgeous photos! you all look so beautiful!

  30. Anna

    Beautiful pictures. You looked gorgeous! I especially love the picture of you where you are holding the camera.

  31. beautiful! i too loved that you all had a piece in the making of the wedding day. You and your sisters look gorgeous! love the dresses. congrats to your sister and I'm glad you shared!

  32. Luna

    such a sweet wedding :)

  33. Amazing photos, the wedding looks like it was fantastic. :)

    I miss visiting DC all the time since I moved to RVA!

  34. wow! what a great wedding! the photos are amazing and I love the color scheme!

  35. Congratulations to the mcnaugtons!!! My husband Tyler and I both attended SVU. I had a class with Nelson and my husband and him always played racquetball together! So happy for them! You have a beautiful family!! Love the dresses, and all the photos. Xoxo


  36. aww, such a special day :-) congrats to your baby sister, looks like you guys did a great job putting it all together!!

  37. Lea

    Unlike many weddings with a priority list agenda, it seems that Rachel and Nelson's wedding is purely motivated by love and sharing that love with family. That is really special. Congratulations to the newlyweds! P.S. With what kind of camera were you shooting? Looks to be of interest…

  38. beautiful!…very inspiring for a mani lookbook im shooting this weekend! congrats to your baby sis!! <3

  39. Morgan

    these pictures are absoluetly gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing!

  40. these photos are stunning. they capture the true essence of the day!

  41. Seriously! Your parents made the most beautiful children! You girls are beautiful! Each and every one! How lucky you are to have such a big family…cherish each and every moment… And gorgeous photos!

  42. miriam

    is it silly I'm jealous of that last picture in front of the temple? that is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. My husband was baptized the October after we were married, and we were sealed in the Seattle temple the following November. we didn't have a chance to have beautiful sunny pictures :) so happy for your sister and new brother-in-law!

  43. those flowers are seriously the most perfect arrangements i've ever seen.

    also i'm kind of obsessed with your sister's tattoos.

  44. These photo's are beautiful!

  45. Hi, just found your blog. Beautiful pictures; I love her dress!

    I love the D.C. Temple…my husband and I were there in 2003. :)



    Best wishes :)

  47. what a beautiful celebration! the photos turned out lovely and the cake looks so cute!

  48. The picture showing off your sister's tattoos is amazing! Classic AND edgy! COngratulations to a beautiful family- it really is the most important thing! xoxo

  49. Alexis

    The D.C. temple is georgeous! And you weren't kidding, those flowers were AMAZING! Your lil sister is also a fasionista as well! I love the pictures!

  50. Robmary

    Gorgeous :) your sister should start a blog now haha it would be funny to see the difference how newlywed life for her compares to yours (longtime reader)

  51. Amelia

    so incredibly beautiful- what a day. and what a good looking family! ridiculous genes. @taza how in the world did you keep eleanor from smashing her bouquet and wreath? she looks darling.

  52. what a gorgeous, happy family! i can't believe your sister made that wedding dress – it is perfect! congrats!

  53. holy cow, so pretty. congratulations to her!

  54. Niec

    These pictures are beautiful, thanks for sharing! Awesome cake too! You should do a DIY on the cake and hair piece for all of us DIYers planning a shin dig in the future ;)

  55. oh my goodness those photos are so dreamy & your family is beautiful! thank you for sharing :)

  56. Suz

    These pictures are so pretty! And I've always wondered what type of chapel that was driving back on 495! It's so pretty!!!

  57. these are beautiful!
    I think your sister's wedding outfit is one of my all-time favourites. Amazing!

  58. Where oh where did Rebekah find her dress? What a perfect spring/summer frock!

  59. Andrea

    i love your family! you really are all so amazing! congrats to Rachel on her fairy tale wedding! it is breathtaking!

    ps- that temple is beautiful. i need to go to that one at some point. my parents were married there.

  60. jade

    Gorgeous! Curious, do your sisters have blogs?!

  61. jade

    Gorgeous! Curious, do your sisters have blogs?!

  62. Amanda

    those are STUNNING! your family is gorgeous! love those dresses. love that temple. love the pictures!

  63. Leslie

    Thank you so much for posting these pictures! I was really really hoping you would, once I saw how gorgeous even your iPhone photos turned out. My favorite is the picture where she is holding her new husbands face. I hope she looks at him that way forever :) Thanks for sharing, Naomi!

  64. jae

    these pictures are gorgeous. you have some beautiful people in your life =)

  65. I love the bridesmaid dresses!
    Where did you find them?!

  66. Emily

    Beautiful pictures and family!!!

  67. These photos are so beautiful! What a gorgeous temple, too!

  68. Oh my word these are BREATHTAKING! mazel tov to your sister!!


  69. So beautiful! The bridesmaid dresses are pretty special.

  70. I must say you look absolutely stunning with child! What a talented family, creating a wedding dress, cake, and hair piece. Such a beautiful day, thanks for sharing!

  71. film is so beautiful. thanks for sharing!

  72. tifsong

    what gorgeous photographs!! hannah is STUNNING in the one that is solo of her. holy crap!! these are beautiful. :)

  73. gorgeous photos. I wish them nothing but happiness.

    E looked adorable, by the way!

  74. Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! The whole wedding looks amazing, and you my dear are a beautiful mother to be in these pictures.

  75. Cate

    You are so blessed with your beautiful family, Naomi!
    The pictures are wonderful – thank you for sharing this special day with us!

  76. maria

    beautiful pictures!!!, a gorgeous family!!! by he way…, which lip stick were you wearing? It's realy wonderful! thanks in advance!!!

  77. Wonderful pictures!!! :) And a happy family. Adorable! <3 :)

  78. Lotte

    Very beautiful pictures. Amelia is good!! You have good genes running in your family – especially the smile…

  79. Jessica

    I think your sisters dress is stunning. Is it true that mormons have to wear wedding dresses with sleeves? I only ask because all the mormon blogs I read often show pictures of the brides with sleeves only. I also noticed that you said you don't wear things with sleeves. Is that something religious? Just curious:)
    I think this is one of the prettiest weddings, i love her shoes and dress! just stunning!

  80. Mateja

    They are so sweet couple! You and your sisters look so much alike!

  81. Such a beautiful day. It was an honor to capture the day!

  82. What a beautiful day, congratulations to your sister and her new husband!

  83. DF

    These photos are beautiful

  84. Maddy

    Oh wow!
    You all have exactly the same smile! – I means the sisters! :))

  85. Jenna

    Can't get over how beautiful these are. Your sister did a lovely job.

  86. Sarah

    Gorgeous! Perfect details, and what a beautiful family:-)