that day in may when my baby sister tied the knot…

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last month i shared a few iphone photos from my little sister’s wedding, but i wanted to share a few of the real photos as well because i think they are just too good not to share. i don’t share as much these days when it comes to my family on this blog because i want to respect their privacy, but we made an exception here. ;)
rachel and nelson had the talented amelia johnson photograph their special day. amelia shoots everything on film, and my family and i had so much fun with her throughout the day. i love love love the way these beautiful photos turned out!
i mentioned this in my post last month, but the wedding took place at the washington dc lds temple. holly chapple is the genius behind all those pretty flowers. josh and i both agreed on the drive home that they were the prettiest arrangements we’d ever seen. for her wedding invitations, rachel designed a stamp with the help of emma from our paper shop which had all the wedding details and information on it and then hand-stamped the invitations. our sister rebekah (rachel’s twin), is the wonder woman behind rachel’s dress. and my sisters and i made the wedding cake and the hair piece rachel is wearing.
it was so wonderful having the family here in dc for the weekend. i’m really close with my entire family and it can be hard when we all live in different places. so it’s always fun when there is an excuse to get everyone together… especially for something like witnessing our little sister marry her best friend. those two are pretty cute together. and thank you, dear samson baby, for staying put in mama’s belly until the week after this wedding happened…despite all those fun contractions you gave me during it. ;)

congratulations, baby sister! love you…
all photos by amelia johnson.
  1. those really are the prettiest flowers ever! Congrats again to your sister!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous bunch you lot are!! The pictures are stunning and it looks like the perfect day! :)

  3. What kind of camera are you using? It looks so cool!

  4. Barbara

    love the pics!!! so you are 5 children all together??

    great! i love big familys :)

  5. Gisela

    Dear Naomi,

    I love all of Amelia's photos! Thanks for sharing them with us! I was especially happy to see that you obviously also "proudly" carry around your big Fuji Instax Camera! Well, me as well! People always look weird when I appear with this big black thing on a party, at the beach or in the city…But Polaroids are just so much fun! Say hello to your baby sister – She just looks gorgeous!!


  6. Svenja

    It's unbelieveable how beautiful these photos are. amazing!
    you all look so great and happy…i'm in love with your stunning family :D

  7. holy moly I'm in love with your sister's tattoos! I'm wanting a visible one right now…

  8. So lovely! What is the lipstick color you are wearing? I love it!!

  9. beautiful and lovely, talented family.

  10. GORGEOUS photos.

  11. Leah

    Beautiful photos. and wow I can't believe how much all of you look alike!

  12. Laurie

    absolutely beautiful photos! it is amazing that your sister made that dress! wow!

  13. Meg

    Wow, the most amazing everything! Photos, dress, accessories, flowers! I found it so moving how you all contributed something.

  14. Wow, sisters much? You're all stunningly beautiful! Beautiful flowers, beautiful temple, beautiful baby bump, beautiful everything!

  15. Lottie

    rachel looks so happy–isn't that what weddings are all about :)

    and eleanor makes such an adorable flower girl.

  16. Church looks like a wedding cake :)
    Lovely pictures!

  17. This wedding was perfect and beautiful! Look at how happy your sister is! She made a beautiful bride!


  18. You and your sisters all have THE most BEAUTIFUL smiles!!

  19. How I wish I'm going to tie the knot too?lol well congrats! you have a simple but very lovely wedding. Everyone seems so happy. Daphne Sy.

  20. Becs

    Beautiful! I love your sister's wedding dress.

  21. Carey

    You all have the same smiles. :)

  22. Amie

    Sooo sweet, thank you for sharing. Your sister looked absolutely beautiful! Wishing her and hew new husband all the best!

  23. I think you are one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen. Looks like a truly special day.

  24. Beautiful photos! Everyone looks so happy!

  25. Priya

    You have such a beautiful family! I am so impressed by the way you all came together to create nearly everything! That dress, and the headpiece, wow!!

  26. RJF

    I love your sister's shoes, they are so refreshing :)

  27. ha you were right, too good not to share. sending love to you all, m x

  28. laura

    I love the colors! So soft and pretty. She's a beautiful bride too! Congrats, sister!

  29. Domino

    Really really amazing photos! It had to be beautiful moment for all your family :)
    You and your sisters have just so similar smiles! Adorable! :)
    Big kiss for your cute little Eleanor – she's the best!

  30. Kuleigh

    So beautiful! They radiate happiness! Your sister's dress is perfection.

  31. Rhianne

    Absolutely beautiful, my lickle sister got married in May too :)

    I love that these are all film photos!

  32. Aya

    The resemblance is uncanny. What a gorgeous family you have!

  33. Sarah

    Hey Naomi, great pics! This is lovely. Do you have any thoughts on great places in SLC to buy Mother of the Bride dresses?

  34. Kathryn

    seriously beautiful photos, so glad you made an exception and shared them. :)

  35. What a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing.

  36. oh my, all of these images are just so beautiful! it makes me want to get married all over again. and it's true, definitely the prettiest flower arrangements ever! so much fun! and they look so in love. i love that everything was so family oriented, even down to what all everyone did. yay!
    xo TJ

  37. what wonderful photos! wishing she and nelson a lifetime of happiness. :)

  38. wow! so crazy- i was just looking at these pictures on facebook! i am friends with your new brother in law's sister mckenzie! way fun to make a connection to you! what a beautiful wedding!

  39. Jenny

    Everyone looks so gorgeous! What a beautiful wedding!!

  40. Tish

    You all have such straight teeth!

  41. Gem

    BeautifulBeautifulBeautiful. Good genes.

  42. Lovely photos! Everyone in your family have that same wonderful smile! And what a gorgeous wedding:)

  43. wow wow wow~ each picture is just breathtaking. you have such a happy little family and that picture of eleanor in the air is priceless!

  44. Vee

    WOW! so lovely and inspiring! Thank you for sharing :)

  45. Beautiful pictures! Where are your sister's sandals from?

  46. Carly

    That photo of you from the side is stunning — pregnancy looks good on you! Beautiful dresses, beautiful family.

  47. wow, she has SUCH a talent. she captured the day perfectly. and so makes me want to get back into film. you are all stunning apart, but ten times more lovely together.

  48. You have such a beautiful family! And I am obsessed with your sisters tattoos!!

  49. Lauren

    You all are a beautiful family! Great photos. Thanks for making the choice to share them! They turned out lovely.


  50. I love your sistas dress! I am obsessed the the DC temple.

  51. Her wedding was beautiful! I love her dress and the all the bridesmaids dresses! Super chic and classy!

  52. Dorien

    Such a pretty family!

  53. Nekane

    What camera address you holding?

  54. Nekane

    Are not address Ugh auto correct

  55. Nekane

    What camera address you holding?

  56. this is simply stunning. so happy for your sister and your family!

  57. I grew up in NM and when I was 9 my oldest sister decided she wanted to get married in the DC temple, so my dad flew our whole family out for the wedding, even though none of us could go in the temple yet. It was a beautiful day and I'll never forget it! It was also the first temple I went in (for baptisms) so I just love that temple. Your sister is so beautiful! I love everything about her wedding, and I especially can't believe how amazing you look in your bridesmaid dress so far along.

  58. where did your sister get her dress? It's so beautiful!

  59. Marijke

    I'm in love with these photos, so beautiful! And you and your siblings look so much alike :).

  60. nelson was in my ward growing up. pretty crazy to see him here on your famous blog. what a small world.

    the wedding looks gorgeous and i love all the details.

  61. abc

    Your family is so beautiful! And I love love love your sister's dress!

  62. Dom

    the pictures are breathtaking! but seriously, how does one family end up being so gosh darn beautiful!?
    congratulations to your sister and her hubby!

  63. I love your sister's wedding dress! I'm looking for one just like that. Would you mind sharing where she bought it? :)

  64. tRiSh

    everything looks amazing and gorgeous and lovely and adorable. your family is really one of the most beautiful ones.

  65. Court

    can i ask you how you cleaned your dress before wearing it? i absolutely love it, so i bought it for my baby shower and am nervous to wash and iron (or possibly steam) it as you never know what might happen even when you follow the instructions. did you get it professionally cleaned? or just wash and iron? or steam?


  66. wow thats sooo pretty!!! your sister looked gorgeous!! Im a new blogger, but please feel free to follow me :) im a new fan of your blog! xx tatiana

  67. @court, i didn't wash the dress before wearing it since it was the first time i wore it. i washed it after the wedding though just in my own washing machine and hung it to dry in my bathroom like the instructions said. unfortunately, it has a more static feel now. i don't know why. but it's not as soft… good luck!

    @wonderwatson, my sister's wedding dress is the creation of my other sister, rebekah!

  68. Tarah

    where did you get eleanor shoes she wore? They are adorable.

  69. what a beautiful family and the DC temple that is always such a sight!

  70. I had to come back to this post because you looked so amazing and gorgeous (everyone did) but the "glow" thing that they say. I don't think I ever had "the glow" during my pregnancy but I hope that next time mother nature is nicer. lol.

    PS. you look gorgeous post-babe as well (im almost there, 4 months later)