1. kate d.

    these little pictures show off such beautiful little/big moments. praying for your family to be blessed with even MORE joy! hi, samson!

  2. Kathryn

    love these little glimpses into your days. Eleanor seems to totally adore her little brother. :)

  3. Love, love, love ur little family!! I just wanted to congratulate you on ur sweet little bundle. He is gorgeous, as is Eleanor. You look amazing by the way, can't even tell you had a baby. Love ur blog, love ur family. Congratulations, I am so happy for you. :)

  4. Love, love, love ur little family!! I just wanted to congratulate you on ur sweet little bundle. He is gorgeous, as is Eleanor. You look amazing by the way, can't even tell you had a baby. Love ur blog, love ur family. Congratulations, I am so happy for you. :)

  5. Your family is just too cute! I can't wait to welcome my baby girl. I will feel complete once I have her in my arms.

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    A Fashion, Beauty, and Maternity Blog

  6. dang girl, you look GOOD for just having a baby!!

  7. Lily


  8. Marijke

    Oooh, so cute! Looks like E & S get along just fine :). I was the exact same age when my brother was born, good times (not that I remember much of it ;) ). Again, congratulations with your new, perfect family!

  9. Thank you for sharing your life and family. Adore you all I do!

  10. eleanor's bedhead gets me every time.

    as does her panda obsession!

  11. Pamela

    oh my!!! darling, darling, darling. many congrats to you from a reader who rarely comments! :)

  12. Brooke

    adorable! Love the one of Eleanor at the National Gallery. Too sweet. So anxious to see more pics of the little one!

  13. Carmen

    Wonderful shots :) I love Elenor and Samson hand in hand pic…so adorable :) Kisses to all this cute family :)

  14. *andie*

    the cutest family ever:) I wish both of you all the best with your little bundle of joy and of course with cutie eleanor:)xo from germany, andie

  15. Elise

    Your family is so adorable I almost cry.

  16. your family is absolute perfection! Adorable

  17. Daniela

    You are a beautiful family :-)
    hugs form Italy, Daniela

  18. I love that you're at the museum with your newborn. So amazing!!!

  19. Gudi

    Kendi ailem gibi seviyorum :) buradan oraya sevgiler öpücükler! from Turkey! :) with love..

  20. Kathy

    Aw Eleanor is such a cutie pie,love the last photo with her hands cupped around her face haha.

  21. i think you are a true rockstar for leaving the house so much so soon after having little samson. gosh, your family is beautiful!

  22. Rhianne

    That first photo of Samson cuddled up to you is my favourite ever I think, he just looks so content, love it :)

  23. love your iphone pic posts!! :) your daughter is such a cutiepie..
    greetings from germany xo :)

  24. Priya

    Awwww eleanor with her head in her little hands, watching the Macbook. That is TOO CUTE!

  25. eleanor is so cute looking all serious at the computer! thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful family and all the best with the new baby!

  26. Marissa

    The last photo of Elanor is adorable!!

    Your family is beautiful!

  27. Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures that show nothing but love. I'm currently expecting my second child and wondering very much how my daughter (20 months) will react to him or her – those pictures of your little sweethearts filled my eyes with tears and my heart with joy.

    all the best from switzerland

  28. I love seeing you with two little kiddos! And Eleanor looks like such a big girl with her baby brother around. You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing with us.

  29. p.s. love seeing panda in the first photo!

  30. Aaaw! What an adorable little family!

  31. that second to last picture of you holding your 2 babies made me tear up. you need a thousand more of those!! you're such a beautiful mama and make it look so effortless, it makes me think that i could finally take the leap and give my baby boy (he's almost 3!) a younger sibling too ;) congrats to you and your sweet family! It's so wonderful to see you guys grow and, of course, how fashionably you do it!

  32. Anna

    o.m.g. cuteness overload!

  33. my goodness. don't know how you manage it to be the most incredibly cute family ever! :)

  34. gosh, you have such a cute little family :)
    and the last picture of eleanor is absolutely adorable!
    xo, cheyenne

  35. You look so proud in the pic with your two (!!) adorable kids! Wow, Naomi – you are such a beautiful mom and your family is admirable!

  36. You guys might seriously make the cutest babies ever…could you just hand one over when the husband and I are ready??? Congratulations on the beautiful family & best wishes!


  37. That picture of her on the hospital bed! I have to show it to everyone at work. She's so frickin cute it hurts! Do I have your permission?

  38. eva

    OMG–you just gave birth and you are already going to the MUSEUM??? when do you breastfeed? change diapers? sleep??

  39. Celia

    Did you know that "taza" means "cup" here in Spain? =)

  40. You make motherhood look like so much fun :)

    @Eva: I wonder the same thing.

  41. Darcie

    You are a rockstar! Look how much you are doing with two little ones! Hope everything is going well. How is Eleanor doing with her new baby brother?

  42. Nazca

    You are so perfect family…and beautifull and enjoy…********

  43. Charis

    Absolute gorgeousness :)

  44. These are the sweetest photos. Makes me want #2 seeing how precious siblings act

  45. Haley K

    your family is just beautiful, BEAUTIFUL :) hope you're adjusting well! sure looks like it :)

    oh and Eleanor's yellow swim suit…i'll take one in my size please ;)

  46. Can I just save time by saying there are literally no words to describe how sweet those pictures are? Well, there are literally no words to describe how sweet those pictures are.

  47. Alexis

    You have a gorgeous family! that little boy is making me want a third baby! I hope you are enjoying every second!

  48. Jinnie

    awwwww! i love love love all your pictures!!! congrats on the litte LITTLE one! you have such a beautiful family!
    ps-my daughter has the same yellow swimsuit! see it here:

  49. Jaimie

    love your photos.. such an honest look at life. : )

  50. congrats on your adorable new baby boy! love all your pics & thanks for sharing:)

  51. I am loving your guest posts and your instagram is so adorable too :) Enjoy the time with your beautiful family!

  52. you guys look like one big happy family!!

  53. i missed you and your iPhone pics!!!!! Soooosweet!!! love the one with Eleonor kissing Samson Rex… is she a good big sister???? I'm sure she is.

    Ale and Dahlia

  54. Yesterday I knew I have a baby boy and I'm very happy about it. You've got a lovely family! nice pics! xo

  55. Noémie

    gorgeous woman, you are on my pinterest :) lovely pictures… good luck! x


  56. Nif

    You look great!

  57. what great photos! y'all look so happy and rested!

  58. You have the most beautiful family! Your kids are just precious.

    And you look fabulous, so soon after baby!

    I just love the last picture, your daughter is just so adorable!!

  59. I can just keep looking at these pictures!

  60. Brit

    Your family is absolutely perfect. And your newest member is quite handsome. I was curious if you used any kind of yoga video or if you just did it on your own? I'm pregnant and was wondering which you recommend. Thanks!!!

    [email protected]

  61. cuteness, sweetness, yummy-yummy-yum-ness!

  62. Megan

    SOOOOO soooo sweet! I'm so happy for you and yours! What a lovely addition to your already glorious family. If I could ask, what sling are you using in the above picture where you're at the museum? xo.

  63. J and K

    Love every picture. You're so lucky!

  64. zen mom

    what an adorable family! I'm curious what kind of carrier/wrap you have? it's so cool!

  65. Eleanor just gets more and more beautiful everyday.

  66. oh my word…that last picture, I adore!

  67. rachel

    when you get a spare second, can you PLEASE say what kind of carrier that is at the museum? i went back and looked at all your posts with pictures of the sling, read all those comments hoping that you would answer that question. lots of people asked, but i haven't found an answer. it just looks so perfect for a newborn. and i am due any day! thanks so much.

  68. @rachel, sorry! i've answered this question so many times either on twitter or instagram, i thought i'd answered it on the blog, too. it's a solly wrap by elle rowley. she actually is sponsoring my blog this month so there is a link on the sidebar to her site.