1. Betsy

    how gorgeous are these shots! especially that last one of little miss e on her tip toes!

  2. Emily

    E is just adorable in that hat.

  3. I hope you intend to have more children…your kids are just the cutest!

  4. Leah

    You are such a stylish mommy. I hope I glow like you do as a new mom.

  5. Wonderful pictures as always ! Your blog is just beautiful.

  6. b.k.

    Beautiful pictures!! My new baby is just a few days older than Samson :) Where is your baby carrier from?

  7. Faith

    Your family is darling.

  8. Rosie

    You and your husband are doing some fantastic multi-tasking of the best kind! Congratulations on your new arrival – what a handsome fellow!

  9. Joan

    those are just the sweetest thing ever. double stroller=amazing. but does it fit through doors?? (former nanny asking questions)

    that picture of E reading in the stroller with that hat is just beyond.


  10. What kind of baby carrier is that? So cute!

  11. Aubrey

    love the straw hat E has on – too cute for words!

  12. This post just made my morning!! I love love love! Amazing family.

  13. i adore E in her swim suit and sun hat! she couldn't get any cuter!

  14. Amanda

    These are so, so, so sweet! And I love the donkey – SUCH a great double stroller!

  15. What a beautiful family :)


  16. these are so, so sweet! i can't pick a favorite, but i do especially love that last photo of E on the piano bench.

    such a beautiful family :)

    alissa b

  17. Naomi – congrats on the beautiful addition to your lovely family!
    You look amazing! It's hard to believe you were pregnant just a month ago! Go girl!
    Greetings from London :)

  18. it is a very rainy, quite cold day in berlin, but looking at your pics brought the sun back. you are such an adorable, bright looking family. have a great week!

  19. you have the world's cutest family! that little girl is going to be a little heartbreaker. I'm sure you're little boy will be a looker too!

  20. Naomi… How do you get your pictures to appear side by side? Love the new pics of your little family! Eleanor looks like she loves being a big sister!

  21. Awww great pictures! Your babies are sooooooooooooo cute! xxoo A-

  22. eloise

    hi! can you tell us where your striped baby sling is from? it's so cute!! thanks! eloise

  23. very nice Naomi! I love you so much! :)

  24. sweetest little baby thighs!

  25. Ashton

    Love the pictures! The kids are precious! :)

  26. Aracely

    Beautiful Pictures!

  27. Ami

    Qué bonitos están los peques!!

  28. Such a beautiful family!!!!


  29. that piano pic is so precious. xx

  30. Rock It

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  31. Oh my gosh, so much adorableness!!! :) Those are great iphone pics!

  32. Rock It

    I love following your instagram pics, your life is so bright and colorful – always inspiring. :)

  33. Kalypso

    how adorable!your little one has beautiful lips :-)

  34. that stroller looks awesome!! and those chubby roly-poly knees on that babe? so cute.

  35. Kym

    oh man. such cute kiddos :) and that piano video kills me. she's so into it!lol

  36. i love how busy & colorful & summery these are. xo.

  37. Samson looks so alert in every pic! He's going to be a fast learner

  38. Mary

    Those movies cracked me up!! Oh to be young again! And that giggle…. cutest.

  39. Cute little family! Love Eleanor on her toes– I wonder if she'll be a dancer like her stylish momma? Also WHERE did you get the stroller? What brand is it?

  40. And a beautiful life it is… :)

  41. Aya

    SO so cute! I used to think E was small but now seeing her next to S makes me realize how much she's grown. How time flies!

  42. Love the picture of you and the two littles in the stroller! So happy for you!

  43. Wendi

    That picture of her at the piano is SO precious I just can't stand it! And the video of her giggling…probably the sweetest sound in the world!

  44. Emily M

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  45. IPhone photos just blow me away these days. People (ahem…me) drop loads of dollars on big equipment and editing software just to get their photos to look like yours straight out of the phone camera. Ridiculous and kind of awesome. : )



  46. l.c.s.

    she is so cute in that little polka dot bathing suit!!! hope you are surviving the brutal DC summer with the little ones :)


  47. You're photos are all absolutely beautiful!
    They're adorable :) xx

  48. Julia

    You've such a wonderful family !:)
    Everytime i see your pictures i smile :) Eleanor is such a sweet girl and your baby boy :):)

    Good Luck you both by the way for more years of lucky marriage ;)

  49. Laura

    oh, I love the photo with the piano.

    Have a beautiful week with your babies!



  50. abby

    How can a newborn be that handsome already….!! Good genes that is how…good,good, gooooood genes!!!!

  51. This makes me so excited for our #2 to come. Adorable family.
    I am going to join in the crowds loving the stroller. I would love to know the brand and what you think of it. If you don't mind.

  52. you're family is adorable!

    Can you please tell me where you purchased your baby sling?

  53. Love, Y

    baby girl's hat is so adorable!!! So stylish ;)


  54. Bri

    I always smile when I see your photos!

  55. the best instagram feed out there. beautiful as always:)

  56. the piano video is adorable. love how quickly she turns around for encouragement from you two!!

  57. Mary Jo

    Really interested in knowing more about your carrier…where is it from/what's it called? thanks!

  58. Eleanor's little sun hat kills me! So cute!

  59. your baby girl and that hat! ugh, so cute.

  60. Erin

    Awww, Eleanor is so cute! I can't wait until Samson gets a little personality of his own, too.

  61. Mariela

    Beautiful family! Have a lovely week!

  62. oh gosh, those giggles are way too cute! you always just have the best instagram shots. what a beautiful family ;)
    xo TJ

  63. your babies are just so adorable!

  64. isyana


  65. Alexis

    You have transitioned into being a mother of two very young children with such grace and ease! I wish I looked like you after my second. You're family (ALL OF YOU) are BEAUTIFUL! And Eleanor cracks me up! Such a little fashionista:)

  66. Emily

    i can't get over how cute your family is!

  67. kate d.

    E's piano playing sounds like something legitimate! (Perhaps modern and atonal, but STILL…I dig it!)

  68. Okay I just have to say your white hat is adorable!! Where did you get it?!
    Love keeping up with your blog. :D

  69. hi! wondering what baby carrier you use for the littlest. I'm due in 5 weeks with my first and still can't find the right one!

  70. little miss eleanor..oh how i love her <3

  71. Hi! love the pics!!!

    I would like yo know to where the striped baby sling is from' it is beautiful!!!

  72. your iPhone pics makes me smile every time ! Love your wonderful family….one day you'll tell me your secrets of love and happiness!… and cuteness of course…

  73. I love your baby carrier! Where might I find one? I'm on a search as I'm due in November. :)

  74. Elaine

    So cute! And, oh my goodness, where do you get E's adorable clothes? I love them, especially those cute striped leggings I see her wear from time to time.

  75. Laury

    Really nice Blog! :)
    Lovely, Laura.

  76. I know you probably don't have the time, but I discovered a new docu-series that might be perfect for late night feedings– it's called Breaking Pointe on The CW–reality show featuring six weeks behind the scenes at Ballet West in Salt Lake City!! I couldn't help but think of you!


    Graylin @graylinsample

  77. Rachel

    What beautiful babies!!! Looks like you're having a wonderful start to summer :)

  78. so much fun! what a beautiful beginning of life for your son. so awesome. thanks for sharing the photos! xo.

  79. Your family is undeniably, unimaginably gorgeous. If you could bottle this you'd be set for life. :)

  80. Julia

    another person desperate to know where your baby sling is from please? I am searching for the right one and none i have found seem quite right yet… gorgeous photos as always!

  81. amanda

    i love that E is rocking that little sun hat. how precious!

  82. Kate

    How sweet is she holding on to the piano! Looks like a post card. So sweet!

  83. such adorable babies!

  84. Mia

    I just came across your fien blog from Bleubirds blog. Congratulations with the new baby boy :) I love New York, but I have only been the 2 times (I live in Denmark, so it is veeerrry far away). I love your pictures and I think you have a beautiful family.

  85. Adin B

    Beautiful photos and adorable babies! :)

  86. Adorable pictures! Also, congrats on 5 years!