guest post // build your own fruit salad bar. from anna liesemeyer

**UPDATE: PLEASE NOTE that galvanized pails may contain harmful substances and not be suitable for food.**
**The following guest post is from Anna over at In Honor of Design.
“So while Naomi is enjoying her sweet little babe (so thrilled for her!), I am going to share with you an idea that could work for a backyard bash, bridal party, or brunch with friends. This Build your own fruit salad bar is adaptable of course, and the possibilities are endless:)
The supplies:
Mini galvanized tins (purchased from a craft store)
Mini dishes
Fruits of choice
Toppings of choice
Set Up:
Rinse and cut your fruit as needed and separate into tins. If my local grocery would have been on target, raspberries would have replaced those bananas;) Choose your toppings based off your fruit choices. I used agave nectar, strawberry yogurt, fruit dip, vanilla yogurt, and sugar. A little something for everyone! Place a spoon in each dish and tin, and set out your bowls. Serve with beverage of choice.
This is easy to put together, and fruit is always a hit…
Wishing you all a summer filled with bbq’s, celebrations, and time with family and friends~
Thank you Naomi for having me!”

  1. Dianna

    awesome looks great and Im sure taste even better!

  2. This looks like my breakfast! Yum! And great summer party idea.

  3. This is such a good idea! Will be trying this at weekend for sure! Jacob x

  4. Love the idea of a healthy dessert bar. Putting the fruit in the tin is too cute!

  5. Bridget

    mmmm. anything fruit-centered is deeelish to me. i might add some granola to mine.

  6. karkova

    super nhamii

  7. Such a great idea! Will need to remember that for this summer – so fun! Thanks

  8. SUCH A SWEET/CUTE IDEA! I must try this :)

  9. SUCH A SWEET/CUTE IDEA! I must try this :)

  10. Those little tins make it instantly adorable! I'm so pinning this ;)

  11. Leigh

    Such a fun idea! I LOVE Anna.

  12. I love this idea…Usually we mix all our fruit with home-made whipped cream but this idea is great because you can pick what you want. (Wish I would have thought of this for my sister's baby shower)

    Also – love your pretty top!

  13. jae

    that looks delicious =)

  14. this is such a refreshing idea! and its bound to make everyone happy given the ability to choose whatever suits their palate!

  15. Bri

    nice healthy idea! thanx for sharing

  16. Love this idea! So unique and fun. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Ashton

    Fruit is the best summer treat. And this looks so delicious! :)

  18. my girlfriends and i get together once a month for breakfast and coffee with the little ones….last time i hosted i did this same fruit salad bar. everyone loves this meal and it's easy prep and clean up ;)

  19. Excellent idea. I'm thinking of doing a similar thing for my sister's upcoming bridal shower! I was contemplating doing a fruit pizza-like dish, on top of a sugar cookie. But just doing a massive salad is really appealing (not to mention healthier!).

  20. O I love this, what a great idea! Totally doing this the next time we have a little get together.

  21. O I love this, what a great idea! Totally doing this the next time we have a little get together.

  22. Lottie

    I love this idea–what is better than a fruit bar?

  23. Marion

    I am honestly not trying to be mean, but I cannot believe that someone wasted an opportunity to guest post on RD by writing this. Who needs instructions on making a fruit salad bar? Surely anyone old enough to read this blog knows how to cut fruit and put it in bowls, with or without toppings like yogurt and granola. I mean, seriously?

    I like Rockstar Diaries a lot, but it really bothers me when loyal readers are subjected to boring guest posts like this. Carissa's post about becoming a mother via adoption was so sweet it made me cry – but posts like this? I'd rather not see a post until Naomi is ready to write again than read posts like this that are so mind-numbingly DUH.

  24. Yammi Yammi :-)

  25. What a great idea!!! This looks incredible and super easy :)

    Nurse Frugal

  26. So cute & a fantastic idea =)


  27. Great idea! Love it! <3

  28. Thank you for sharing this fresh idea! :)

    Definitely will use it!


  29. DF

    Great idea!

  30. Burgess

    What are the toppings?

  31. This would've been great for the all-fruit picnic I went to on Friday! Ours was a lot less glamorous, with lots of tupperware, lol :)

  32. Sarah

    YUM! Such a fun and unique party choice. I love this for a baby shower or bridal shower.

  33. Shannon

    perfect for the cottage next week!!!!!!

  34. kdub

    last night i made a fruit salad like this but chopped up some fresh jalapeno really fine and sprinkled it on. gave it a kick!

  35. That might just be the best thing ever! So trying that this weekend! Glad I found your blog :)


  36. This is a great idea! I love the galvanized tins to hold the fruit – perfect for summer parties :)

  37. alex

    This is such a good idea!(: It looks so good!

  38. Audrey

    Love this idea! We take turns on Fridays at my office where each employee gets to plan breakfast, I am going to do this for my next breakfast. Healthy, pretty and delicious!

  39. Lovely and budget friendly idea for little gatherings! BTW, I have that same Tolani dress!
    Hannah Rosette

  40. Rachel

    What a cute idea! :)

  41. Mmmmm I know what I'm doing for breakfast tomorrow!

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  44. sonya

    someone called this a genius idea? this is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I'm so shocked at these comments! Do you guys not know how to make a fruit salad?
    Naomi, Carrissa's post was beautiful, but THIS?

  45. Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, but NEVER EVER eat from galvanized metal. Any product containing galvanized metal should NEVER be used for food preparation or storage. Eating from galvanized containers can lead to zinc poisoning and can make you EXTREMELY SICK. I repeat, galvanized containers are NEVER food safe.

    Please don't use this idea. Don't pin it, or repost it. Please use food safe containers if you are going to make a fruit salad bar.

  46. This is so sad. I mean…people really think a "recipe" for fruit salad is groundbreaking news over here. If ya don't know how to assemble fruit salad then there's probably something wrong with you. No offense.

  47. What's up with these nasty attitudes?! Ffs, make the cute little salad like this or don't. Clearly, this is an idea! Ideas are to be shared, not ridiculed for there alleged simplicity. It's a cute set up. Relax.

  48. Sandra

    Oh wow this looks so yummy! Thanks so much for this great idea :D

  49. Magda

    I love fruit salads!

  50. Clare

    Anna, I love this! Fun outfit, too :)

  51. From the American Galvanizers Association Website:

    Is it safe for food to be in contact with galvanized steel?

    For most foods, contact with galvanized steel is perfectly safe. Only acidic foods should not come in contact with galvanized steel according the the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. (emphasis added) The acid in some foods reacts with the zinc coating to form salts that are readily absorbed by the body and in excess could cause a very mild sickness.

    Most fruit is acidic so I agree with the commenter above that you shouldn't use these types of pails. If you're really in love this idea/look, I'd recommend lining the pails with plastic wrap before you put the food in the pails to ensure the food doesn't come into contact with the galvanization.

  52. Scooter, I don't think this should be soft pedaled.

    According to the FDA, zinc poisoning can occur after eating acidic foods that have been in contact with galvanized containers for as little as a few minutes. The symptoms of zinc poisoning are mouth pain, abdominal pain and cramping, vomiting, diarrhea, seizure, shock, and in the worst cases can result in death. Heavy metal poisoning can be extremely serious and is nothing to mess with.

    Instead of lining those galvanized buckets with plastic, just use some other adorable, cute serving container. Seriously, why take the risk.

  53. Darcie

    Great idea! I wouldn't use the tins, but I do like the idea.

  54. Darcie

    This is a great idea to make a fruit salad – having them separated for people who are allergic to certain fruits! I have friends who are allergic to strawberries and cantaloupes and I have always hesitated in making a fruit salad at gatherings because I consider them to be essential. This way, it allows each person to make it their way and everyone gets to eat the fruit they like. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Thanks for having me Naomi! Thank you all for the kind comments!
    I should have noted to line the tins with wax paper for those concerned about eating from tins:) Problem solved!
    Have a beautiful week!

  56. I'm so glad Woodengirl posted her comment, but it's too bad it was after many, many people have read and probably pinned this idea. Naomi, not that you're responsible for what your readers choose to do, but since this was posted on your blog, it would probably be a good idea to do a new post (even now, a month later), with just a little note saying that the "recipe" is a great idea, and the photos were certainly beautiful, but that any readers that noted the idea for future use SHOULD NOT use the galvanized pails. I'm a caterer and I know that it's easy to find very cute vessels for serving food, at craft stores, home decor stores, etc., but being cute is not the only requirement! There are many materials, especially in craft or dollar stores, that are in no way safe for food. You should really consider a quick post to bring this to the attention of your readers who would have no idea that using galvanized pails could actually hurt them. And heaven forbid, if anyone used this idea to serve fruit to children? Anything that is toxic to adults is MUCH more dangerous to children because of their size, so you should really post something about this!