father’s day.

with all this wonderful talk on the blog about moms and motherhood the past few days, i find it extra fitting that we get to celebrate fathers everywhere today! josh and i both feel very lucky to have such exceptional fathers in our own lives, and seeing my man take on the role of ‘papa’ in our house over the past year and a half or so has been nothing short of wonderful. especially seeing him juggle two little babes these past few weeks. :) i love this man dearly. our kids are some very very lucky ducks having him around.
happy father’s day!
  1. Jacky

    Ohh gooooott ich bin erst 15 aber wenn ich deine bilder sehe möchte ich am liebsten sofort mutter werden ! :>

  2. l

    "the roll of 'papa' in our house"

    I think you meant to say "role"! :)

  3. Aww…happy Father's Day Josh! You seem like such an awesome dad!

  4. This is such a LOVELY picture :)

    Happy fathers day!

  5. Hannah

    Josh is the best dad i've ever seen. Definitly better than mine! But i have the most amazing stepdad , soo anyway…
    You must be soo happy to have a man who supports your family as much as he can!

    Happy fathersday too all the dads out there!

  6. Julia

    LOVE the picture xx

  7. You need to have your hubby do a guest post about being a rock star husband. I get jealous of the things he does for you. My husband needs to read about what other men actually do for their wives.

  8. This photo is perfection. It looks like he's got the juggle down already! Happy Fathers Day and Birthday!!

  9. Ashton

    Happy Father's day to Josh! Hope your family has a great day together! :)

  10. Morgan

    this is too adorable! Congratulations on your little Samson! This picture is just so sweet!

  11. tinajo

    Great pic of them! :-)

  12. Bene

    So pretty! Did you guys do something special today?

  13. Bene

    So pretty! Did you guys do something special today?

  14. What a handsome family! congrats to josh on celebrating fatherhood of not one precious child, but two!

  15. Bri

    happy father's day to your family! great pic!

  16. Devin

    Happy father's day to your husband! what an adorable photo!

  17. Dianna

    too sweet!

  18. Dianna

    too sweet!

  19. J and K

    Awwww, amazing dad and amazing kids!

  20. Jessica

    so so lovely ♥ beautiful kids!

  21. This makes my heart warm :') Happy Father's day to all of the great dads in the world!

  22. leyla.

    oh, he has his hands full in this one :)

    enjoy father's day!


  23. Amanda

    your wonderful husband reminds me so much of mine: so involved, gentle, and loving. hope you all had a wonderful weekend. :)

    xo, amanda

  24. So very sweet! Congratulations to you on your new family of four! Board games are in your near future! :)

  25. Tin

    Umm I always thought Eleanor was still a tiny baby until I saw this – what the?!?! Baby Samson makes her look huge! They're both adorable.

    You guys seem to be the sweetest family, and I'm sure Josh counts himself as lucky to have you three as you count yourselves to have him. You're all very lucky! Happy father's day to a brilliant dad, I'm sure!

  26. this is beautiful. he seems like an amazing dad.

  27. Happy Father's Day to Josh and Best Birthday Wishes to you Taza! Your family is beautiful.

  28. aahaft

    great picture! happy fathers day!

  29. aahaft

    great picture! happy fathers day!

  30. Ella

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  31. 2busy

    Fatherhood certainly hasn't caught up with his waistline yet. But then again chasing around babies keeps you thin. What a sweet family you have…

  32. beautiful family :)

  33. Roseann

    Don't you love saying "our kids"? I think that's the first time it has appeared on the blog. :) Happy father's day to Josh!

  34. Kathy

    what a beautiful photo! Eleanor's smiles always lights me up. And Samson just looks previous.I cannot help but chuckle at his hands all spread out in front of him lol.

  35. eleanor is so precious! both your children are (:
    happy fathers day!
    xo, cheyenne

  36. So sweet! Special day indeed!

  37. Gawd bless dads, can't beat 'em

  38. Megan

    Josh looks so happy in this photo! :-)

  39. such a sweet picture


  40. Lola

    Congratulations. You have a beautiful family.

  41. Such a special picture!!!! I know you are so proud to have these loves in your life!!!! You are such a Beautiful and Blessed family!

  42. This picture reminded me of just how big Eleanor is getting!! Next to your sweet newborn she looks all grown up. Happy Father's Day Josh!

  43. sush a sweet family! so happy that baby and you are healthy and well :)

  44. just the sweetest.

  45. Yeah!!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

  46. What a great photo!

  47. You guys have such a beautiful family. I can't wait to see what kind of life the little boy brings into your lives when he starts smiling and giggling as much as Eleanor seems to do. :) Happy Father's Day, Josh–even if it is a day late.

  48. aw, yay! happy father's day to both of your father's and to your loving husband. this picture is absolutely adorable!!
    xo TJ

  49. aww this is such a sweet shot. what a good dad :)

  50. What a gorgeous photo! Your little ones look adorable x