celebrating 5 years…

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on tuesday night we celebrated five years of marriage by having dinner at againn and dessert at hill country bbq (for me) and pitango (for him). we talked a lot about what we’ve done with the last five years and what we look forward to and want out of the next five. i love this man, a lot. i’m thankful for his support and love and that he’s the one i get to spend forever with. here’s to the next five years…and all the years after that.
  1. congrats to you both! and what a lovely looking anniversary dinner you had!

    oh and that braid … i'd love to know how you did it!

  2. Well you look amazing. As always!
    Happy 5 years, you guys are so cute.

  3. You look so beautiful! I LOVE your dress!!!

  4. so sweet. happy 5 years, you guys :)

  5. Dianna

    how divine is that hair front braid! Love it…. and I just love you two and wish you many more great years!

  6. Lindsay

    This is going to sound strange, but I SAW you taking a photo outside Hill Country on Tuesday! My husband and I were driving past at that very moment. Small world!

  7. Melly

    Congrats Naomi an Josh!

  8. LeeLee

    Cute hair! Happy five years and to many more!

  9. alli

    Happy anniversary! My husband and I celebrate our 5th in a few weeks. Hard to believe!

  10. Congratulations! We celebrated 2 years on May 14th :)

  11. Eleni

    Aw, congratulations! You two are a constant inspiration :)

  12. Mariela

    Congratulations!! you look amazing!, beautiful couple!

  13. haley

    You are glowing! Your happiness is so evident. :)

  14. congrats!! you both look stunning!!! love your hair!

  15. You look gorgeous, Naomi!

  16. ali

    you don't even look like you just had a baby, my goodness!

  17. Congrats!! You look oh so lovely!! Your hair is fantastic!!


  18. Congratulations! We will be married four years next week and it has just flown by so quickly. Five years is the one I am looking forward to though because the traditional gift is wood and although we usually don't exchange gifts there's a lot of great possibilities I have in mind for that one.

  19. YOur hair is beautiful! Love it! And congrats :)

  20. Loulou

    How great and so very happy you both look! It's fantastic to see. Looks like your dinner was fantastic too. And I'll join the gang and say how much I love your braid!


  21. Nikki

    Congratulations to both of you!
    You look gorgeous! Where did you get your dress?!


  22. Natali

    You both look so lovely! Congratulations, your love and family are such an inspiration to me. I'm going to celebrate 5 years anniversary in a year from now with my hubby and we also have a little 3 years old daughter.


  23. You look gorgeous! Congrats to both of you

  24. Congrats!!! You two look so lovely! :) Happy 5 year!!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  25. Emily

    Any celebration that includes food is a good one.
    Congratualtions on 5 years!

  26. Faith

    You look gorgeous, Naomi! Congratulations to you and Josh on five years of marriage! Your love is inspiring, and your children are beautiful.

  27. Alexa

    i love that you went to two different places for dessert. from what i can tell, that says a lot about a happy marriage :)

  28. How sweet!!! I love that you had two desserts. That's so special! Happy Anniversary!

  29. hallo! i' ve just found your lovely blog & made a little tour through the years! :) i wish you the best! nice to meet you!

  30. Selvi

    oh your hair looks so pretty! in general i am so aaaawed how beautiful you look. it is as if you didn't giva birth just a couple of weeks ago!
    i wish you the best, and i really enjoy reding your blog!

  31. so sweet! happy anniversary xx

  32. Aww that's adorable! You really inspire people you know? Wish you two all the best in the world! xx

  33. search

    Whenever I look at your pictures on Instagram and read your posts here, I can't comprehend how one can be so happy with life. You're blessed in every way and even though we are from two entirely separate worlds, it makes me happy to see someone so happy and satisfied with what they've been blessed with and what they have got. May you always be happy and love life forever :)

  34. Anke

    5 years – wow, congratulations! And I am very very jealous of your hair. Mine is so thin, I could never braid it like that – it would probably hold for about 5minutes. You look gorgeous!

  35. teeny

    anniversaries of any sort are the best…don't you think?
    wishing you and josh heaps and heaps more.


  36. First, congrats! Second, how did you do the braid?! Love it. Third, how ON EARTH do you look this good after having a baby just a few weeks ago?! You lucky girl. My baby is now 2 months old and I feel like I have a 3 months pregnant pooch that will not leave. I'm probably a lot shorter than you though, so it shows more :-(

    I wish you and your beautiful family all the best.

  37. Congrats you guys!

    P.s. I love your hair! you should do a tutorial! :)


  38. congratulations! You look beautiful, and you seem so perfect for each other :-)

  39. looks great! you look so happy! all the best.

  40. Chelsea

    your hair looks cute!

    congrats on 5!

  41. miriam

    um, didn't you just have a baby like yesterday? you look fantastic!

    congratulations on your anniversary!

  42. You look stunning, your happiness is contagious! Congratulations on 5 years! It's been so fun watching your family grow!

  43. happy 5 years!! you look amazing! i can only hope i look that good after baby!

  44. That looks like a perfect anniversary evening to me!! My husband and I also celebrated 5 years in may, and we were talkin about how fast that has gone by, but also that it feels like we've been together so much longer than that (in a good way of course) and as much as we love taking baby girl out with us, mama and daddy solo dates are kind of the greatest. Happy anniversary!

  45. Lindsey

    Congratulations! What a fun way to celebrate! Your hair looks amazing!

  46. Camille

    Happy Anniversary. Love everything about this post <3

  47. Joan

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  48. you two are too cute! you look great for just having a baby! I don't think you could ever take a bad picture! Glad you guys had a wonderful night. happy 5 years!

  49. this is incredibly sweet. i love that you kept it simple (but stunning) and got to catch up a bit. happy anni, you two sweethearts!

  50. 1-HOW CAN YOU BE SO THIN AND BEAUTIFUL AFTER GIVING BIRTH JUST 2 WEEKS AGO! amazing! maybe the countless years of dancing, eh?

    2-through this blog–i am a follower 4 years now i feel sometimes i know you and i gope one day we could meet … if you come a trip to europe or me in dc… i would really love to read all the love story of you and josh… i loooooooove to know how all relationships start, the first moment yoy saw each other etc….

    i know you are super busy and you do not know me, but i would like to send a little present to your babies if you want it too :)

    good health and a lot of smiles! :)

  51. congrats on your 5 year mark! that is such a treat. it is SO great to see a positive side of marriage these days in the world and your family is just THE sweetest. thanks for being you and sharing :)

  52. Simi

    congratulations! these are so beautiful…would you do a tutorial on how you did that braid? it's absolutely stunning!

  53. saraH

    Congratulations to you! we celebrated our 5 years a few weeks ago. I wanted to go on a trip, just me and my husband so bad, but with two little kids, it was impossible. But they are worth all the trips I could go on w/ my husband. :)

  54. congratulations! and your hair looks lovely!

  55. Sarah

    Yay for 5 years!!! We celebrate 5 years in July. How fun. I don't think we'll be going on a date though. We are still new to our new city we live in and don't know any sitters and there's no family around. Your date looks lovely though =)

    – Sarah

  56. Bri

    you look so happy! I wish you many years together!

  57. Sophie

    Congratulations :-)

    You look great and I love the shoe/foot-picture. Adorable.

    What did YOU have for dessert?

  58. olive

    I love what you guys stand for: love, family and togetherness. You say it so stylishly too! I hope you guys have lots of kids!

  59. Sophie

    Congrats to you guys! I am going on 8 years with my hubby and it just gets better…..

  60. wow, 5 years is really significant. You guys are such a power couple. :)

    Congrats on your anniversary. We just had our first 6 months together and I got so excited about the next 4.5 years after reading this.

  61. Oh I forgot to ask you in my comment – is there any chance that you'd make a tutorial on how to make that braid? :) Thanks! Congrats once again!

  62. Priya

    What an absolutely gorgeous couple! I love that you spent your anniversary going over the last 5 years and planning the next 5. Just awesome. Congratulations to you both!

  63. Congratulations on 5 years and baby#2!

    May I ask how you were able to get out of the house – and make 3 stops while tandem nursing, nonetheless! – with such a brand new baby? Our second child is just a week older than Samson and my mind is reeling wondering how you were able to get out on a date so soon!

    I love the upbeat and positive nature of your blog; it's the main reason I visit your blog as opposed to some others. But I also enjoy posts where you share challenges as well. Because sometimes all the pretty pictures seem so "perfect" it leaves me wondering if you have the same difficulties all the other parents I know do. Or if maybe your babies don't scream in their carseats…or ever have diaper blowouts while out and about…or want to nurse the moment you enter a restaurant…or if you ever leave the house looking anything less than magazine ready.

    If you are open to suggestions for content/posts, I would love to know more about how you overcome the practical challenges of parenthood. (Ex. How you approach nursing in public, how you manage to nurse in some of your outfits, how you find time to get all dolled up with two little ones, how you manage long road trips with baby, etc).

  64. Wow! 2 weeks after having a baby and you looks SO GOOD! You can't tell that you JUST had a baby. Congrats!

  65. Sandra

    Aww this is so sweet, congratulations to both of you! :D

  66. Alison

    I love how excited you seem five years in. Most people seem happy, and even comfortable, but you still have sparks together in your pictures.

  67. Congratulations! My husband and I just celebrated 2 years together and I feel the same…I am over the moon that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.

  68. KSarge


    I'd love to know where your shoes are from.

  69. Congrats to you both!
    Dinner looks delicious!

    I alwo love your hair (braid), did you use a tutorial?

  70. Lottie

    this brought a lump to my throat. congrats to both of you and here is to the many years to come!

  71. Rachael

    Congrats! Can't wait to celebrate 5 years with my man! Your family is adorable it's always fun reading along!

    Rachael McMullen

  72. I adore your lovely frock! (Some dresses aren't really dresses…they are lovely frocks.) So says me. :)

    Happy anniversary and holy moly woman, you look AMAZING after just having a baby!

  73. Congrats!!
    Your hair looks amazing! You are a very sweet couple! Wishing the best ever!!!


  74. Allie

    big congratulations to you both! wishing you many, many more! :)

    ps: you look amazing!

  75. hannah

    you are the most adorable, naomi. congratulations on your five years of marriage! may the rest of your years be just as blessed. :)


  76. Congratulations!! Wish you happiness together for many more years! And the desserts look absolutely delicious, yumm

  77. jenny.v

    but really, how are you so tiny after just having a baby? tummy looks like it's back to its old shape! what's the secret??

  78. wait, didn't you JUST have a baby? you look fantastic! congrats to you both

  79. Lou

    Congratulations!! You both look lovely.


  80. i know everyone's already said it, but you look so amazing! i can't believe you just gave birth. congrats to you and josh and here's to many more!

  81. jamie

    didn't you JUST have a baby? I would never have believed it! You both look cute as buttons.

  82. naomi, you are flawless! truly, one of the most beautiful women, ever. you and josh are such a gorgeous couple! congratulations on 5 years! :)

  83. Emily

    Happy Anniversary! You two seem like such a perfect and pretty match :)

  84. wow, you don't look like someone who JUST had a baby! Kudos and Congrats!