celebrating 5 years…

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on tuesday night we celebrated five years of marriage by having dinner at againn and dessert at hill country bbq (for me) and pitango (for him). we talked a lot about what we’ve done with the last five years and what we look forward to and want out of the next five. i love this man, a lot. i’m thankful for his support and love and that he’s the one i get to spend forever with. here’s to the next five years…and all the years after that.
  1. Faith

    You looked incredible! Happy anniversary!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! what a beautiful life you've created together. here's to many more years. xo.

  3. Alyssa

    congratulations! I love the dress and shoes you're wearing in these photos (disclaimer: I love all the clothes you wear that I've seen on the blog).

  4. Congrats! Where is that beautiful dress from?

  5. Yayy for 5 yrs!!!!! You make such a Beautiful couple, so glad you were able to get out together and enjoy this special time!

  6. Darcie

    First of all, congratulations on 5 years of marriage. Second, congratulations on looking so beautiful this soon after giving birth to your second child. You look amazing!

  7. Congrats! You guys look like you're having fun!

    I agree with the others-tell us about your pretty dress. Can you nurse in it?

    Also, thank you for talking about tandem nursing. My daughter is the same age as Eleanor and we are still enjoying our nursing relationship.

  8. beautiful! congratulations!

  9. Such a beautiful couple. Congrats! :)

  10. you both are seriously just the cutest!!! i love that you are matching too! sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your anniversary! adore :)
    xo TJ

  11. Jessie

    How is it you look so amazing just a few weeks after your baby is born? You look beautiful! And happy and in love. Plus, you can't go wrong with food that looks like that!

    Happy 5th Anniversary!

    P.S. We just celebrated our 5th anniversary in May. 2007 was a good year.

  12. tinajo

    Congrats to you both!

  13. hey naomi,
    i just love the way you edit your photos, the soft color of them. do you use presets, and if so, which ones?

    any tips would be great! thanks, katherine

  14. you both and your life are perfect. It´s just a dream, to live the same way.

    Much love

  15. Laura

    happy 5th anniversary to you both! :) x

  16. Hannah

    Congratulations on your anniversary and also the arrival of your beautiful little boy!

  17. Anne

    You look so great! Happy Anniversary!

  18. Wahy

    aww congrats!
    long lasting <3

  19. Congratulations! And YUM. :)

  20. Your marriage brings us young people hope. It's nice to see couples in their twenties so put together, and in love. Congrats to the both of you!

  21. you guys are beautiful!

    i'd love to know where your shoes are from! xoxo

  22. Daisy

    :) What a sweet post. Marriage is truly such a blessing. Happy Anniversary to both of you.

  23. Congratulations! You look beautiful Naomi, if I didn't know, I would never have guessed that you had two babies… And that one only arrived a couple of weeks ago! x

  24. Erin

    I love posts about food since I live in DC! I can go the places you suggest and they are always sooo yummy.

  25. Love your braid!


  26. Love your photos, so positive:)
    All the best from Poland!:)

  27. just the sweetest. you two were made to be. here's to MANY more years together — and eternity, that's a lotta wonderful, wonderful years ; ) xo.

  28. Hi Naomi! Congrats on 5 years!

    I also just wanted to tell you that I work in the MTC and saw your sister there today! I recognized her from the blog and asked if she knew you and she got this big smile and said you were her sister :) She seems like she's doing really well! Love

  29. Raquel

    Hi Naomi,
    I've been following your blog for a few years. I went to school at GWU and then got a horrible entry-level job in Crystal City. Your blog helped with the down time and I've been following ever since!
    I travel around the world now (I'm in Asia for now) and it's always nice to see your posts and be reminded of home.

    I've had my own blog for four or five years and I'm trying to get a real jump on it. I was hoping you could take a look and let me know what you think!


    I'm sorry I'm one of the many followers that reads and never comments. Hopefully I can be more engaging. Thanks!

  30. jaimey

    Congratulations, Naomi and Josh! I'm so happy you found time to go out and celebrate–5 years happily married is definitely worth celebrating. Hooray!

    P.S. Naomi, your dress is FAB. And your hair, even FAB-er. :)

  31. jaimey

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  32. Elle

    Congratulations guys. Love Elle xo

  33. Love Love Love the dress. Love the fact that you had two different desserts even more. Here's to a life filled with lots more love and laughter. xox

  34. Aubrey

    I have been following your blog for a while now and finally figured it was time to actually say hello!! lol Such cute photos – looks like life is just lovely for you right now :)

  35. CONGRATS again wonderful couple!!!!!

  36. Anna

    Happy Anniversary! you both look so classy. :)

  37. Kathryn

    aw, congrats! this is a super sweet post, you both look wonderful. :)

  38. Britti

    You are both so beautiful! Congratulations!!

  39. You both look amazing and I love how your outfits kind of match. C'est très romantique! Happy anniversary to an inspiring couple and may you have many more years of happiness ahead!

  40. ps: could I ask where your dress is from? I'm 16 weeks pregnant and long dresses is about all I can wear at the moment so I'm on the lookout! Merci from a Parisian mama x

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