baby boy is here!

baby boy surprised us with an early arrival!
born wednesday, may 30th at 10:13pm in washington dc.
7 pounds 2 ounces. 20 inches.
he’s happy, healthy and so very handsome!
and considering how many kisses, hugs and *gentle* pokes
eleanor has been giving him,
let alone the amount of graham crackers
she’s tried to feed him,
i think it’s safe to say
we are all a little bit smitten with him
at the davis house.
  1. Nora

    Congrats! beautiful baby boy. can't wait to read the name :)

  2. So lovely! Our congratulations!

  3. Emily

    congratulations! What a little stud muffin:) so excited for you and your family!

  4. Ashley

    oh my gosh he is so cute and looks so much like Eleanor! congrats to you guys wish you all the best and quick and speedy recovery for you and health for the lil stud

  5. Congratulations! Let the fun of having two kids begin!

  6. Gem

    Eeeeek.. Congratulations to you all!!!! :) x

  7. Ami

    Enhorabuena!!!! es un bebé precioso!!

  8. Melissa

    Congrats! Your new bundle is so handsome :)

  9. Congratulations!

  10. Congrats beautiful! Your family is gorgeous and got that much more HANDSOME! I can't wait to know the name!!

  11. Oh my gosh, Naomi, congratulations! What a beautiful baby.

  12. OMG! congrats! he looks beyond angelic

  13. Anuszka

    Welcome little one!!!! congrats!

  14. Wow!! Massive MASSIVE congrats!! He looks like the perfect little gem!

  15. Wow!! Massive MASSIVE congrats!! He looks like the perfect little gem!

  16. Katie

    congratulations!! he looks just like you and your husband!

  17. Marina

    Congratulations!! :) 30. May is a wonderful day, because it's also my Birthday!! :)

    He looks so beautiful!!

    xx Marina

  18. First I wanted to wish you congratulations!
    I see your blog for a long time, as I think many people do.
    Whenever I get to see happiness in your photos and this is a very important because this happiness it can also be transmitted to others.
    your daughter is beatiful. She is always laughing.
    I think you have a charmed life, and with all my heart, I congratulate you for that.
    I hope this beautiful baby, bring much happiness to their lives, which is already there.
    I really believe that your life is perfect and is marked in your beautiful photographs.
    I just hope some day you read this, you smile and feel that is true and feel proud for that.

    Another thing I wanted to tell you.
    A few days ago, I watched a movie where worked Mandy Moore and I though:
    " wow! it is equal to the sister of Naomi! Hannah!"
    It ever , someone been told her? she is beautiful.

    Well, Congratulations for the new family member.
    much happiness to all!
    everything will be alright!

    many kisses and blessings!

  19. Mariana

    Oh, he is sooo beautiful!!
    Such a beautiful surprise! :)
    My little boy was born at 36 weeks.

  20. jb

    Congrats Naomi to you and your husband. What a beautiful family you have and I wish you all the very best.


  21. Megan

    Congrats Naomi! He is so handsome. Much love. Xoxo

  22. Oh gosh! Congratulations with the new family member!

  23. Congratulations! He is so very precious! And indeed, handsome.

  24. Welcome baby!!!! Congratulations family!!! :)

  25. Helena

    Awww CONGRATS!

    He looks so much like Eleanor!

  26. Tonia

    My dear!
    You will be wonderful baby boy's mama.
    It's suprise for me. You had little belly ;) But beautiful belly.
    I think, you are very orginal person!

    So, my little boy,
    we wish you only good people on your mind. Lots of smiles, beautlful rainbows, passions, pasions, travels…. And… Let yours dreams come true forever.

    Oh! I am watching rainbow now :))
    For you… ;)

  27. Benthe

    Oh my god I so didn't expect this, amazing! Congratulations :)

  28. So sweet! :)
    Congratulations! :)What's name? :D

  29. lindsay

    you truly make the most beautiful babies, congratulations naomi! i'm so so happy for you and your growing family!

  30. Erin

    what a gorgeous gift!! tons of congrats! can't wait to "see" him grow up :)

  31. Chelsea

    HE IS PRECIOUS! congrats congrats congrats!!!

    having two is JUST AMAZING! you will have a blast.

    What's his name??????

  32. He is darling! So many congratulations to you guys!

  33. congratulations from Ukraine!be happy!

  34. Congratulations!! He is beautiful! :)

  35. Ahhh! Congrats! He's gorgeous :)

  36. Melissa

    Oh, he is just perfect! What a blessing! I hope that you are recovering well and getting some rest (I know that does not come easily). Much joy to you all!

  37. I was thinking just as I was clicking on the link to your blog…"I bet she had that baby" sure enough! Congratulations! What a gorgeous boy! :)

  38. congratulations!! he is beautiful!!

  39. He's so cute! Congratulations!
    Can't wait to see pictures of him and Eleanor together, such a beautiful family!

  40. magenta

    congratulations. may he be a happy child and your eternal sunshine, too :-)

  41. Nazca

    Félicitation!!!Il ressemble déjà bcp à sa soeur…mille étoiles filantes*****

  42. kwistin

    aaaggghhh!!!! oh my goodness, this is quite the surprise!! congratulations; he's beautiful!! i hope you're soaking up every moment. :)

  43. k

    SUPER CONGRATS!! Glad you had a safe and quick (i hope) delivery! So happy for you and your now family of 4! If you didn't caption it, I think we'd have thought baby boy was just baby Eleanor!!!

  44. Hannah

    congratulations! He is a handsome littler fella! Glad you and the baby are both doing well


  45. Mandy

    Congratulations! He looks so much like Eleanor! What a beautiful family you have! Thanks for sharing all your good news on the blog. I just love checking in from time to time!

  46. What a lovely surprise :D
    Congratulations to the happy family, may God bless everyone of you, and fill your home with even more love!
    A big hug!

  47. Tania

    And what a surprise!! Congratulations!!

  48. Congratulations to your & your family!! what a blessing! I'm beyond happy for you guys! He really does look just like Eleanor! I love your blog & your family so much! You guys are such a good example to me of what I hope for my future family to be like (:

    P.S I can't wait until you reveal his name!!!

  49. he's oh so sweet! congrats to your family!

  50. Andrea

    Congratulations! Godbless your beautiful family! He looks just like Eleanor :o)

  51. Adel

    Congratulations! :)

  52. Congratulations, he's a beautiful baby. Best wishes.

  53. Congratulations! He's adorable!

  54. Katie

    Congrats! He is being welcomed into a gracious and lovely family. He is so lucky and blessed.

  55. Congratulations!
    He is beautiful :)


  56. Congratulations! What a cutie :) Can't wait to hear the name and to see all the wonderful new photos/ stories that will follow…

  57. Barbara

    OMG all my congratulations to your sweet little boy!!!!
    all the best for your little family and thanks for sharing these moments with us!!!

    xoxo barbara, vienna, austria

  58. He's so beautiful! Of course he is – he's a baby of you two! Congratulations and greetings from Hungary.

  59. Julia

    Congrats! Such a sweet little Baby boy

  60. A huge Congratulations to your beautiful, inspirational family.
    Our little man is 8 weeks old now and I know exactly how you are all feeling – like you've just won the lotto! how special our little ones are.

  61. Wow, he looks just like the precious newborn Eleanor! God bless your growing family!

  62. zen mom

    How handsome! Congrats!!

  63. Congratulations !!!1 ;*

  64. Tyra

    So handsome! Can't wait to hear the name and see the updated header represent your family of FIVE!!

  65. He's soooooooooooooo cute! hope mom is doing great too!

  66. Congrats, Naomi! ;)

    I wish you all big amounts of happiness! I'm sure Eleonor will make a great big sis' to this handsome little boy!

    God bless you four!

  67. congrats. you had been quite for some days so I figured the baby came!!!
    Congrats mine will be here in 3 weeks!!

  68. very cute & sweet Boy! <3


  69. ginesta

    Good to know!! Congratulations!!

  70. amanda

    how exciting! what a great early gift to summer! congrats!!

  71. lina

    yay!!! congratulations davis family!

  72. Lara

    have a great life, little boy, congratulations to your beautiful family, may you all be bessed with health and happyness! Hugs& kisses, L

  73. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
    He is so beautiful!

  74. Amy

    He's gorgeous!! Congratulations to you all – can't wait to read more about your little man :)

  75. Congratulations! Wonderful baby!

  76. SAH

    Congratulations!! What a wonderful, beautiful (BIG!) boy! Warm wishes to you and your family xx

  77. Shupi

    Félicitations pour ce petit bonhomme magnifique!

  78. Congrats Naomi and Josh! He is definitely handsome. Excited to hear what name you decided on.

  79. I think you guys need to get a beautiful photo of Eleanor kissing the new baby boy as part of the new header. :)

    Also, can't wait to hear the name. :)

  80. rta

    congratulations!!!!!he's sooo sooo cute and beautiful!!xx

  81. rta

    congratulations!!!!!he's sooo sooo cute and beautiful!!xx

  82. rta

    congratulations!!!!!he's sooo sooo cute and beautiful!!xx

  83. tvmom


  84. malaem

    congratulations !
    he's lovey !

  85. nookie


  86. Rachel

    He's beautiful! Congrats!

  87. Gert


  88. he is absolutely beautiful! and reminds me so much of baby E's first picture! can't wait to hear the name :)
    xo TJ