1. Aww congrats and happy FIVE years!!! Those pics are gorgeous!

  2. Johanna

    Happy anniversary! Beautiful photos!

  3. Johanna

    Happy anniversary! Beautiful photos!

  4. your love is inspiring, and we are so lucky to follow along on your journey. congrats, you two! cheers. xo! blog.tarapolly.com

  5. Lyndsay

    Congratulations & Happy Anniversary!!

  6. Jo(ke)

    Lovely. I'm getting married in 2,5 weeks and can't wait. Congrats to you two!

  7. Happy Anniversary!


  8. gorgeous gorgeous pictures!! congrats!! (:


  9. June is a big month for your family! Congratulations!

  10. love these photos – happy anniversary!

  11. happy anniversary to the cutest couple i've ever seen! :)

  12. Dianna

    lovely! congrats!

  13. Aya

    Has it been five years already!? Time flies! I hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

  14. Skye

    wow, lots of milestones this month! you two are such an adorable couple and it's obvious you are still just as head-over-heels in love with each other as you were on your wedding day. i hope you have a wonderful anniversary.

  15. Daisy

    Isn't marriage the best!? Happy Anniversary to you :)

  16. Bri

    congratulations you two! and keep the anniversaries coming :)

  17. How grand! Congrats!

    Ps great picture!


  18. ah! what beautiful pictures those are :) congrats!

  19. Happy Anniversary! I hope you've had a lovely day.

    Ashley xx

  20. Amanda

    Happy Anniversary! Aren't June weddings the best?

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  22. happy anniversary!

  23. 2busy

    You two are so sweet! Happy anniversary…

  24. Happy Anniversary to such a lovely couple!

  25. Naomi

    Aww, happy happy anniversary – and many more to come!! Such a big milestone!

  26. belle

    Such a lovely dress! Congrats!

  27. Kylee

    Awww, you have the same anniversary as my parents, it's their 20th today! Congrats! You are so dang cute and I absolutely love your blog!


  28. Congratulations!!! June is such a fun month for y'all now! Birthdays galore and anniversaries? enjoy my dear!

  29. Nadine

    Happy anniversary! These photos are so sweet. It's been lovely following along with your journey.

  30. Erin

    Happy Anniversary, you two! ♥

  31. haley

    Such a joyful day! Happy 5 years to you both!

  32. Rebecca

    Aww, congratulations!

  33. Mariela

    Congratulations!! lovely photos, have a wonderful day with your beautiful family!

  34. Aubrey

    child bride!

  35. Ashton

    Congratulations you two! Happy 5 Years! :)

  36. You two were just babies! So sweet. Isn't it amazing to look at all of the wonderful things you've created in the last 5 years? Happy Anniversary!

    Along Abbey Road

  37. Congrats! Happy anniversary! :)

  38. Kristen

    I love that Nicolas Cage and Mandy Moore fell in love, got married, and had babies. It makes the world more right.

  39. Cutest couple ever! Congratulations!

  40. Wow, I do love that dress! Happy Anniversary.



  41. tinajo

    Congrats to you both!

  42. seriously, how are the two of you just so precious! a very happy 5 years to the both of you!! :)
    xo TJ

  43. Happy anniversary. It is our 5th year anniversary on the 30th :) xx

  44. Congrats! You guys are such a beautiful couple:)

  45. Happy anniversary ma'am and sir ;)

  46. Happy anniversary ma'am and sir ;)

  47. Happy anniversary xx

  48. happy anniversary!! :)

  49. DF

    Lovely photos!

  50. aw you guys were so young and innocent. and saturated. ;)
    happy anniversary! 5 years means your marriage just started kindergarten. way to go!

  51. happy 5 years! my hubby and i will be there with you in 6 more months :)

  52. happy anniversary!

  53. Congratulations! This is definitaly a full of celebration and love for your family!

  54. Loulou

    Happy anniversary to two people who seem to make a really wonderful couple. These photos are lovely!


  55. happy anniversary. how beautiful. <3

  56. happy anniversary! and to many more happy years together!

    p.s. It's such a small world…Leo is a good friend of ours. He's super talented. Your wedding photos are awesome!

  57. Aissa

    We have the same anniversary, except it's only our 2nd year this year. Happy Anniversary you two!

  58. Amie

    happy anniversary!! you're dress is GORGEOUS!

  59. Happy Anniversary to you both!!!!!

  60. inga

    awww <3

  61. Hannah

    aww congrats to you both for your engagement! such gorgeous photos



  62. Dani

    How beautiful! Congratulations! <3

  63. Dani

    How beautiful! Congratulations! <3

  64. Carolyn

    I remember when you two started this blog! Can't believe it's been five years already. Lots of happiness to you both and you're little two!

  65. Oh, wow! How beautiful! Congratulations you two!

  66. Eve

    Congrats! Today is my two year anniversary with my husband! So glad to share the day with you guys. Happy Anniversary!!

  67. Kathy

    June is such a wonderful month for you guise!! :)
    Congrats on your 5 year anniversary!

  68. laura

    happy, happy anniversary, you two!

  69. Cindita

    Hey I got married on June 19th too! :)

  70. Faith

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  71. Happy 5 years together! What's one key to a successful relationship that you've learned through your marriage?

  72. Happy Five. Congratulations. Love following your beautiful journey. Xo

  73. 5 Years is an accomplishment! Happy Anniversary! We celebrate the same anniversary except my husband and I have only been together for 2 years.
    Hannah Rosette

  74. carol c

    you two are so cute together. swoon!

  75. Chelsea

    congrats to you both.

    you were a beautiful bride!!!!!

  76. Congrats! U guys r so cute, role models for every couple :)

  77. You guys are cute :)
    Happy anniversary!

  78. May

    Por días no coincides conmigo!!!
    Enhorabuena a los dos!