the last few days…

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eleanor has been on cloud nine the past few days because granddad and nana have been visiting. it’s been so sweet to watch those three together (and to be honest, having extra hands helping around the house and with eleanor has felt like a godsend at 36 weeks pregnant.) also, thank you to elaine for helping me clean out my kitchen, reorganize my cupboards and also wash all of baby boy’s clothing. what ever would we do without mothers?
  1. Kirsten

    Seriously so precious!!
    One day your kids will say the same thing about you. What would we do without her.
    Crazy thought!


  2. Justine

    She is just a princess! Mothers deserve more than just one day a year of praise!

  3. Amanda

    eleanor looks so happy in these photos! what a beautiful time it looks like you all had. happy early mother's day to you, mama!!

    xo, amanda

  4. Justine

    She is just a princess! Mothers deserve more than just one day a year of praise!

  5. What a cutie! Her hair is getting so light and long! I can also see a lot of resemblance between Miss E and her granddad in these shots. Just precious. So glad you've been having a good few days! :)

  6. She loves them for sure. She's all smiles!

  7. Completely adorable. Congrats on your soon-to-be family of four (or five including mr.kingsley)!


  8. I don't think there is possibly a cuter way for E to smile! Completely adorable with the grandparents :)

  9. she is just so stinkin' cute :)

  10. She has those adorable always-happy eyes that you and your sisters have. All beautiful women!

  11. Eleanor's little outfit is so cute! You are an adorable family. :)

  12. Sarah

    Yep I have it planned to do all my new baby's laundry next week (35 weeks prego at that point) I'm looking forward to my mother staying with me while we wait for me to go into labor. Grandparents are the BEST!

    – Sarah

  13. That smile is too sweet for words!

  14. I love how they're all so happy!!!! Adorable :)

  15. Zoë

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  16. Zoë

    I love baby Elenor's skirt! She is just a little Naomi Mini-me, adorable!


    my baby blog: waiting for kittenheart

  17. Meg

    Wow, Josh's mother is beautiful! And Eleanor is sweet and stylish as always. Happy early Mother's Day to my favorite online mama :)

  18. Nay

    E sure can pose for a pic #smiles

  19. Nay

    E sure can pose for a pic #smiles

  20. Sherry

    she is seriously the most photogenic toddler. i'm surprised baby gap hasn't called you yet!!

    enjoy these next few days…the baby will be here any day now.

  21. Very nice-looking group! Is that where Eleanor gets her beautiful smile? From Grandpa?

  22. Aubrey

    beautiful. Little E resembles your baby sisters so much in these photos.

  23. Oh goodness Eleanor's smile is gorgeous!

  24. Ana

    Such sweet pictures…Eleanor is really turning into a little girl (a very beautiful one!) she's not quite a baby anymore. It must be bittersweet, but soon enough you'll have another little bundle of joy to dote on.

    Hope you're having a great day!

  25. kaela

    she has to be the most photogenic/happiest little girl I've ever seen! :) how can you not smile looking at that face?! you guys are great parents.

  26. Jenna E

    Haha she does look like she is on cloud nine and so do her grandparents! Precious moments.

  27. She is way too cute!

  28. E's smile just melts my heart! I bet your on cloud nine yourself with all the help. Mom's really are something special, they help in so many ways!

  29. Eleanor is just DARLING! So so soooo cute. Best of luck to you all on #2!!!

  30. Lindsie

    Eleanor is a beautiful little girl. She has the sweetest little smile.

  31. Jill

    That picture of Eleanor's Nana tucking in her shirt is the sweetest.

  32. e is just the smiliest tot in the world! xo.

  33. Liesl

    Eleanor's outfit is too darling for words…I'm in love! She is adorable and what a great time with her nana and granddad…they are all so cute, and look like they are all on cloud nine! So fun!!! :)

  34. Megan

    Eleanor is scrumptious! I love her:)

  35. Brooke

    soooo cute!

  36. do you ever see your twin sisters in her? i feel like there's totally a resemblance there.

  37. Awe this is so sweet!


  38. I love seeing things like this, where there is a generation between them both – one is just beginning their life, and one's live has already been lived. I love that they can learn things from eachother, this is so cute!

  39. She's absolutely adorable! I love her skirt so much! Can't wait to see your baby boy next month (;


  40. Love your photos – they capture such precious memories. You're right grandparents are wonderful!

  41. your daughter is not only beautiful, but she has to be happiest baby on the block. i adore her smile!! cannot wait to see that handsome baby boy of yours!! i have a boy & i have to say they are the best!!

  42. LMT

    I'm so happy you have the company/help! My mom is visiting us right now and I feel the same (i'm only 32 weeks, though…) I'm seriously so happy for you to have them there. Hang in there… he will be here soon. :-)

  43. Rhianne

    Gosh, I always thought she looked more like Josh but I can definitely see you in that last photo Naomi and your little brother, you all have the most infectious smiles :)

    Grandparents (and mother's) are the best aren't they. have a great weekend

  44. Cate

    E is just too darn cute!
    Love the pics!!!
    And yes, what WOULD we do without moms!
    Happy M-day…

  45. Eleanor looks so happy with her grandparents, great photos!

  46. Linn

    Hi Naomi. I'm a huge fan of yours from Norway. I just wanted to say how much I adore your blog, and that you are a big rolemodel for me. I love your honest and inspiring way of writing, and I so much admire your faith and outlook on life. Wish you & your family all the best. – Linn

  47. What lovely pictures!She looks very happy with her grandparents and I am sure you were delighted with their visit! ; )

  48. I have to admit, one thing I really love is how my baby is spoiled by his grandparents. I love to see him being loved-it makes me feel so happy.

  49. Such lovely photos, Eleanor looks gorgeous in that outfit! X

  50. Love! Grandparents are the bestest.
    Also, your baby looks so much like you!

  51. LeeLee

    So adorable. :)

  52. Ana

    E looks so much like nana! omg so cute!

  53. So thankful for mothers! Eleanor is looking just like your twin sisters!!

  54. Laurie

    1. Eleanor is the cutest thing ever.
    2. I love your blog! I am new to the city, and reading about your adventures inspire me to start some of my own!

  55. E's smile is so beautiful! She definitely does look like she's on cloud 9!


  56. hyemi

    I must confess, my stalker level has gone thru the roof. its eleanor's fault for being so insanely, ridiculously, madly CUTE. love that girl!

  57. Alexis

    Eleanor is so fashionable! Where did you get that outfit? I love the shirt and skirt! The only question is can I get it in my size:) or can I get it in a size
    4-5 in a little girl? I <3 her smile too:)

  58. L.

    Your baby girl is soooo fashion!!! love everything you buy for her!!!

    House and About blog follow me!!!

    kisses from Italy

  59. I love the "Red polka dot vamp" suit. I haven't been able to buy a new suit since my daughter was born – and she's almost exactly the same age as eleanor.

  60. Heidika

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  61. Oh my word, I want E's outfit in adult size! So sweet. :)

  62. how cute :) grandparents are the best!
    xo, cheyenne

  63. Laura

    This is so inspiring, I have so much love for you and your family even though we're only strangers.
    I hope your pregnancy is going well, I really can't wait to meet Eleanor's baby brother. She is going to be such a perfect big sister to him!

  64. she is the cutest baby ever!

  65. Carmen

    Love that pics :) Just see, and i smile too :D

  66. amanda

    what a darling skirt your little miss is wearing!

    and i LOVE being an aunt…but i imagine the rewards of being a grandparent is even more joyful.

  67. *woof*

    hello all across the globe from Singapore! Love your blog & pics, and baby Eleanor – she's so pretty, just like u!

  68. oh goodness, that big smile is the most adorable thing ever! how wonderful having family in town! and thank goodness for beautiful mothers helping you prepare for your sweet little boy! so very close :)
    xo TJ

  69. eleanor is seriously the most stylish little thing ever !

  70. eleanor is seriously the most stylish little thing ever !