somebody that i used to know.

eleanor and i have watched this maybe 10 times. and don’t tell anyone because i so do not have the time for this right now, but i might have started learning the choreography, too. when you’re 8 1/2 months pregnant and dying to dance, something like this in the privacy of your own home is pretty doable. really looking forward to getting back into some dance classes this summer… i miss it so.
  1. pretty epic!!!

  2. Lindsay

    You must!

    Oh and you know you're already practicing! Xx

  3. Hannah

    awesome, I totally understand that you miss dancing, whould miss it too!!!

  4. I would love to some of your dance footage, I bet you are amazing

  5. Pops

    Thank you for sharing this video, I have loved this song ever since the first heard it. The choreography in this video is fantastic.

  6. abby

    gosh, i wish i was able to do something that neat! dancer, i am not . . .

  7. Rebecca

    Thanks for this! Just what I needed on a Friday :)

  8. This is wondeful. Consider my otherwise dull Friday lunch brightened up.

  9. zezee

    haha u re so cute just lay thn tıll he come(: btw ı love thıs song….

  10. Hilary

    I know what you mean about wanting/needing to dance. I just finished taking a class and will do another this summer. After dancing my whole life then stopped for 2 years it was wonderful to be able to dance again… besides trying to do it in my apartment.

  11. Lena

    I'm at work right now, otherwise I would have started learning the choreography as well. I also have a dancing background and can not wait to get back to it once my little one is born (due in 3 days… EEK!!!). So I comepletely get you:)

  12. haha how cute! i love this song when its covered by ingrid michaelson–it sounds so pretty and its one of those songs you keep on repeat a few times ;)

    have a great weekend!

    alissa b

  13. thankyouthankyouthankyou for this!

  14. wow, I love this! Such a great break from my exam writing right now :-)

  15. goodness, i can't wait to find a new good studio around my new house and get back into it. i stopped in college because i didn't have enough money or time really, but my body like aches to get back.

    also, i'd love to see you dance sometime! you should post a video or two if you're not embarrassed :)

  16. Hannah

    this is brilliant! i got back into dancing a year ago and didn't realise before how much i had missed it!


  17. The choreography is perfect, and the motions are so fluid, yet sharp! This song never gets old!

  18. Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how much I needed to watch this today! A morning of 2 warring toddlers, me oversleeping then trying to get everything ready with 2 warring toddlers, beakers poured on the floor, late for toddler group… I just needed one moment of joy and frivolity, one moment of being number 1 before I can very happily go back to being number 5 again. Thank you!!

  19. I first saw this video last week, started watching obsessively and tried to learn the choreography. Difference is I am NOT a dancer, just a six month pregnant lady dancing awkwardly in her living room.

  20. Rhianne

    I already listen to this song on repeat lol, so now I'll be watching this on repeat too, its awesome, I wish it was longer now though.

  21. Elise

    Oh! Isolations at their finest!!

  22. Nay

    Video of you doing this PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. This song is so addicting! I wonder where the dancers were…? Great place to shoot a video

  24. so neat and liquid…. enjoy dancing with you bump… hope you'll get back to dance classes asap!!!!

  25. This is the cutest video! Love this song.
    If you get a chance, I was just wondering where you take dance classes. I'm not in NY, but I'm about to graduate college and lose those readily available classes and I can't imagine just not dancing anymore. Do you go to a studio? Or open classes with a company? Any answers whenever you get a chance would be great,

    –Renee, Wild Roses blog
    [email protected]

  26. This is the cutest video! Love this song.
    If you get a chance, I was just wondering where you take dance classes. I'm not in NY, but I'm about to graduate college and lose those readily available classes and I can't imagine just not dancing anymore. Do you go to a studio? Or open classes with a company? Any answers whenever you get a chance would be great,

    –Renee, Wild Roses blog
    [email protected]

  27. leigh

    omg…. genius.

  28. LeeLee

    Haha, what a great video.

  29. oh my. I just watched this over and over and over again. Sadly, I had to quit my dance show because I found out I was pregnant and the show involved some serious tumbling and leaps. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do but I'm thinking for two now. It's funny how in the past I'd go to dance bruised and sprained and still push through but now this little poppyseed is forcing me to sit this one out. But I'm just like you, I can't wait to get back on the dance floor!

  30. So cool! xx

  31. This is awesome!

    And mom used to say to me "its when you are dancing that you make the world move and you dreams come true!"

  32. I'm seriously obsessed with this song! And this video just made me SO happy!! Thanks for sharing it!

  33. Oh my goodness. Thank you for making my day. I needed that.

  34. Tin

    a small part of me hates you for introducing this into my life (the part of me that knows i should be doing work). the larger part of me, however, loves you and is having too much fun learning this routine!

    not that i'm a dancer.

    to illustrate, my boyfriends sister laughed at me when i TOLD her i was doing this. she didn't even have to see it.

    great song and great dance, thank you!

  35. Daisy

    Love this! I must learn the choreography as well.

  36. This is so good and funny haha, loved watching it!

  37. this is so great! i love it! definitely a good find!

  38. Kieren

    I am dying to take some more dance classes, but I hate to leave my little girl behind! I am also a ballet teacher, but I would love to take some classes just for me. I wouldn't trade being a mommy for anything in the world, but it does make it a lot harder to find "me" time! And next thing I know, I'll be pregnant again…

  39. jamie

    have you seen the dance documentary pina yet? it's UNBELIEVABLE – so beautiful and inspiring, and worth seeing in 3D if you have the chance!

  40. Sarah

    I love this song! I always get excited when I hear it come on in the car. I hadn't seen the video yet though. the choreography is awesome. LOL I think you should video yourself prego doing this hahaha.

    – Sarah

  41. Lisa

    LOVE this! I'm not a dancer, but I'm a singer, and the melody of this song is just brilliant to me. Plus, I have such an appreciation for dance as an art. You know that as your readers we would positively love to see more videos of you dancing. I know you posted one a while ago. Any more out there you'd be willing to share?

  42. larami

    I pretty much hated this song and its accompanying video with every fiber of my being before seeing this. Awesome. And yes, modern dance withdrawals are pretty brutal, but MAN does it feel good to get back! Hope you're able to asap.

  43. Amber

    That video is awesome yo!

  44. thanks for sharing this, it totally made my day! I so want to learn this dance too!

  45. I really like this song but hadn't seen this cool video and love the moves.

  46. Caitlin

    Love it! This song comes on pandora while we listen to the yo gabba gabba channel

  47. this is awesome! watched it at 5am. :) you should totally show us a video of you dancing!

  48. I'm sure this is much harder than it looks! so neat.

  49. Saar

    I think it's an amazing song! (And Gotye is like one half Belgian so i'm so proud (I'm from Belgium too), he even speaks dutch!) this post made me laugh. I was imagining you doing this dance in your living room and thought it would look so awesome! :D

  50. minna

    what a small world! i know the choreographer!

  51. I read your blog religiously and this, along with your beautiful family, make me smile! Loved it! Thanks for posting.

    -From the girl who asked to take a picture with you at Claire's wedding ;)

  52. Elaine

    hahaha! I love this!!!

  53. OMG! One of my favorite songs :) Just Rad.

  54. I love it!
    I'm a pretty bad dancer, so I love this choregraphy :-)
    Have a nice week-end

  55. Hannah

    I love this!

  56. Caitlin

    Oh my gosh! The second my classmate had me listen to this song I knew it was begging to have some choreography mixed with it. You would have loved this one ballet teacher I had once. She would tell us these fantastic stories of how she danced super pregnant. She said her balance was the best pregnant. I too am dying to get back to ballet. Feets are aching to dance!

  57. jonquil

    very cool and speaking of this song, i just saw this really creative video of a guy who sings and does all the sound effects in his cover. :)

  58. Miu

    That's really cool!

  59. Aria (11month baby girl) loved it!! She was in a trance watching that. Thanks for posting.

  60. Mo

    Love that song! How old were you when you started dancing?

  61. oh gosh, now i may or may not have just watched that 10x. and who wouldn't want to learn that dance? too perfect!!
    you and baby E should start up your own little dance studio ;)
    xo TJ

  62. Xteena

    so cool, but totally the reason i was always way better at ballet (not that i was so great at that either). i can never memorize this kind of intricate, precise choreography!

  63. Azriel

    once you learn it, you should post a video of you doing it!

  64. thanks for sharing this!!

  65. ooo I am pregnant too and am a dancer too… watching this gave me the beats again! miss dancing so much !
    Eleonora from Italia

  66. jones

    LOVE! I need to edit some photo sessions, but can't stop watching. ha.

  67. I'd adore the Jantzen Vamp Bathing Suit:Black White Polka Dot <3 Love everything about it, the color, the fit!! SWOOON <3

  68. I just have to comment on your blog….because….I picked up a copy of "momentum" at a shop in Sacramento where I was for business a month or so ago. I'm home today "recovering" from a medical procedure and picked up the magazine again because I was loving the bike baskets and everything else about it. Seeing your picture again, I decided to stalk you blog (loved your style). I read the most recent post and then scrolled down and to my surprise saw a few very familiar faces….Don & Elaine Davis who I know from years affiliated with the MAC at BYU and whose StoneGate home is just a few blocks from me. So, happy new baby to you and greetings to Don and Elaine! Love your photography as well!

  69. Brandee

    I get that. Was sad when it ended :)

  70. Love it! I love that song :)

  71. loved. thanks for sharing. made my night!! xo-natalie

  72. kate

    i can totally picture you with your lovely baby bump and miss e, rocking this choreography. fun times!