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today we have a giveaway for you from our sponsor, pinhole press! just in time for father’s day, pinhole press is giving away any product of your choice to one lucky reader! below are a few fun customized options…

to enter to win, please visit pinhole press. then come back here and comment below telling us which item you would choose! the winner will be drawn at random and announced this friday.
also, pinhole press is offering all rockstar diaries readers 10% off any product with the code, “rockstar” at checkout. good luck!
UPDATE! 6/6: congrats to our winner below!
please email me your contact info- naomi.megan {at}

  1. I love Pinhole Press! I've used them before and have been so happy with their products. I would have to go with the Signature Photo Book – what a special gift!


  2. my name is madison michelle and i would love the magnetic notepad!!!!! thanks so much!!! and i love your blog!!!!

  3. Kelsie

    i love the photo books! what a great giveaway!!!

  4. Mrs Z

    This is wonderful!:-) I absolutely adore their photo pad, but would also love to give my dad a signature photo book.:-)

  5. Definitely a signature photo book for my grandpa for father's day!

  6. Love the magnetic notepads. :) Cool giveaway!

  7. Annies

    I like the pine wood frame with your personal photo.

  8. Annies

    I like the pine wood frame with your personal photo.

  9. Annies

    I like the pine wood frame with your personal photo.

  10. oh i already have my eye on the desk blotter! so fun!

  11. Miranda

    My husband would most like the easel desk calendar, I think! He's a brand new daddy too so I would love to surprise him with a gift like this! :)

  12. Ali Jae

    Love the beer bottle labels! Would love to surprise pops with one of those when he sits down to relax :)

  13. I love the photo books. It would be the perfect gift for my husband – share all the pictures of our little one who will turn 1 on Father's Day

  14. Emily

    Just the motivation I need to construct my wedding photo album!

  15. Karen

    I would get a framed photo! great giveaway, and thanks!

  16. bBf

    Its all so fun, but I would love to give my dad the easel desk calendar!

  17. Robyn

    The beer bottle labels are THE COOLEST THING EVER – too bad we don't drink. I'd get them anyway and put them on soda bottles.

  18. My dad would feel really special if he received a framed photo of me, my sister, and him! I adore the pinewood frame. So simple and lovely.

  19. I couldn't decide between the Signature Photo Book and the bottle labels. Such fun gifts and PERFECT for Father's Day!

  20. Marilyn

    My dad would love the desk blotter. What a cool gift!

  21. Eli

    I would definitely make a photobook! Thanks for the giveaway!
    [email protected]

  22. For my dad, one framed picture says it all. So I would choose the father's day 1-photo black wood frame.

  23. How exciting :) my dad I think would want the panoramic photo book.

  24. My husband and I still don't have a photobook of our wedding so I'd love to get one for our second anniversary thats coming up right around father's day. We actually got married on fathers day and my husbands dad married us and my dad prayed for us during our wedding, it was really so special!

  25. what great gift ideas! i love the beer labels. both my dad and brother-in-law are beer drinkers, that would be so fun to give them! thanks xo

  26. Lesley

    I love the chenille dot baby announcements. I am due at the end of July so this would be a GREAT gift. Thank you :)

  27. bria

    I would LOVE to win this giveaway and I would choose the easel desk calendar. My Dad puts his passion into his work daily, and since I live in another state it would be great for him to reference his calendar and think of me and our memories at the same time :)

  28. .

    I would get my hubby- (a new father to be) a signature photo book! :)

  29. BMarie

    I love the beer bottle labels. That's just what I may get my awesome dad for Father's Day! Great giveaway.


  30. Dawn

    The panoramic photo book would be pretty awesome!

  31. My dad would love the Signature Photo Book or Easel Desk Calendar for Father's Day! He always does so much for us and I think this would be a great way to show him how much I love him. Thank you for the very sweet giveaway!

  32. Rachel

    I would definitely get one of the panoramic photo books! We still have wedding pictures that need to be printed after 7 months of marriage… whoops!

  33. I think my dad would love to have one of the photobooks. It is something that he could have forever, and even be passed down for generations.

  34. I would love to give the Photo Notebook to my husband on behalf of our two toddlers – he would love to take notes on a pad with their photo on it!

  35. cindy

    My Papa would love a soft cover book filled with his favorite moments from his time traveling.

  36. mommahB

    i would chose the panoramic photo book , with the pictures we don't have in frames it would be a great gift . Also considering the fact the husband is a great step dad and we recently had a baby in March , it would be awesome to have pictures of our whole family of 5 now :)

  37. Katie

    I love the photo books!!

  38. Alexis

    I would get the Easel Desk Calender for my wonderful husband. He is the best father of my children that I could ask for. He comes home from work exhausted and plays with the kids for the rest of the night. He also takes the kids for me when I need a break:) What more can a woman and kid ask for in a huband/father:)

  39. I would absolutely love to give my papa the Signature Photo Book for Father's Day. My parents have been divorced for a little over a year, and my dad is finally moving from his little apt. into a townhouse. The book would fit in perfectly. :]

    Thanks Taza and Pinhole Press! <3

  40. aboed

    I'd love to win a photo book and make it a sweet tradition, we have a new born baby, so his daddy will surely love it! Count me in. Thank you Naomi!

  41. julieb

    what a great idea! i would love to make a photo book for him!!!

  42. jking

    I'd love the panoramic photo book for Father's Day!

  43. Awesome stuff. I would choose the signature photo book and fill it with family photos of fishing, tubing and all the fun moments we have at our cabin in Northern Minnesota.

  44. Lauren

    Loving how unique the beer bottle labels are! Would be great to take on a Papa's Day golf outing! ;)

  45. bec

    definitely the beer bottle labels….my brother makes beer and this would be the perfect way to gift it to dad!

  46. by BUN

    Such a great giveaway!! Thank-you!! It would be a tough call between either the beer bottle labels (so fun) or the photo book (so personal, and such a lovely gift).

    xoxo rox
    [email protected]

  47. Jessica

    signature photo book looks cool.

  48. Tiff

    I would love to give my pops a photo book of his growing family!

  49. Carey

    the photo books are the best!

  50. Barbara

    The panoramic photo book would be perfect.

  51. Kenna

    I'd love to make a photo book for my Papa. :)

  52. Awesome giveaway! I just made a photo book for my boyfriend's 5 year anniversary present, and I would definitely want to make another photo book – maybe the big book of names of faces for our cute nephew!!!

    [email protected]

  53. Jacqui

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE those beer bottle labels!! I would definitely get those for my dad. He is a beer connoisseur and would absolutely love them!

  54. I would totally choose the Signature Photo Book!

  55. I love the black wood frame

  56. i've been wanting to try pinhole press. hope i win!

  57. Dani

    I love Pinhole press!! I would go for either the beer bottle labels (so funny!) or the photo pad.

  58. kati

    signature photo book for sure! i love pinhole press, their magnetic calendars are a christmas present staple in our family :)

  59. Alyssa

    I'd definitely go with the photo book! When I was a kid I decided to make a family photo album. For some reason, I cut out my Dad's head in all of the photos and pasted them onto the pages. So all of the photos of my Dad are tiny, floating heads… with no body. I think he deserves a real photo album this year!

  60. Ashley

    yes please! i would get my husband a photo book.

  61. Unknown

    I would def do the signature photo book!! super amazing!!!

  62. My dad would love the panoramic photo book!

  63. i would love a photo book-0 maybe the panoramic? you can never have too many photo books

  64. My dad would love the signature photo book filled with pictures of his new and first granddaughter!

  65. oh my goodness i love photo art!!

  66. Kate M.

    My dad would absolutely love the beer bottle labels, but I also have a bunch of old pictures that would look amazing in the signature photo book! decisions decisions!

  67. Angela

    oooh, this is perfect! We used pinhole to make photo magnets for Mother's Day, and I was just thinking that we need to get ready to do it for our dads too! So i would choose the photo magnets!

    thanks for hosting this!

  68. Emily

    I really love the note pads, and the photo books too. Decisions, decisions!

  69. Rachel

    I love the beer bottle labels! :) HOW fun!

  70. Sophie

    Perfect! I was planning on making my grandpa a photobook from Pinhole Press, and now I can!

  71. Charis

    I love the photo books!

  72. Amanda

    I'd sure love a photo book to display my daughters 1st year! She just turned one :)

    xo, Amanda

  73. I'd love to get a panoramic photo book! Love the beer labels & magentas too though!

  74. I think that the easel desk calendar would look incredible on my Dad's new desk! He's being promoted this week to manager!

  75. Chelsea

    The panoramic book is perfect!! These are all so great!! perfect for good ole dad.

  76. Unknown

    The father's day signature photo book

  77. Marlo

    Awesome sauce!! And way better than another set of golfballs.

  78. Loving the pine framed photo- could do some cute things with that. Thanks:)

  79. I would have to get the Signature Photo Book, hands down. It is simply stunning.

  80. Lovely giveaway! I would get the panoramic photo book.

  81. I love the beer bottle labels!

  82. love this company. i'd choose #7, the personal stationary.

  83. what an amazing giveaway! I absolutely love the panoramic photo book, beautiful.

  84. i love pinhole press! i would definitely do a signature photo book!

  85. holly

    Oh how fun! If I were chosen I would pick the easel desk calendar for my sweetheart. Thank you for the chance.

    Much love to you & yours xo

  86. Olivia

    The beer labels are pretty rad :) Perfect for Father's Day!

  87. I love the quality of the photo books! They aren't full of cheesy collages like some other photo sites' books.

  88. I would love to create a desk calendar or signature photo book with my sibs of past vacations– one of the few times my dad is capable of unwinding!

  89. Katie

    Their products always turn out beautifully! I'd choose the signature photo book, what a great way to preserve memories!

  90. Stef

    Ah, it's hard to choose, but I would choose either the beer labels or one of the photo books!

  91. Jill

    I would definitely choose the panoramic photo book for my husband. Thanks!

  92. larami

    Love the desk calendar. I bought one for my mother-in-law one year and it was a huge hit!

  93. Sherri

    I would love the photo book!

  94. I was already thinking about their amazing photo book! AHH!

  95. I love the signature photo book!