a chalk board wall for miss eleanor.

a couple of weeks ago, josh and i painted a chalk board wall for eleanor in her nursery. i have long loved chalk board walls in homes (i painted one for myself in my first new york city apartment, and josh and i have had one in every space we’ve lived in together, too– see here, here, and here).... Read more

my little sister’s wedding.

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my little sister, rachel, is married! um. that’s weird. but anyway, the day was absolutely lovely. the wedding ceremony (which we call a sealing that takes place inside a temple) was beautiful and my little sister was glowing all day long. rachel had the fabulous amelia johnson photograph everything… and if you’ve ever seen amelia’s work, you know that means some gorgeous images of the day are coming soon.... Read more

saturday morning.

on saturday morning, josh surprised me by having eleanor’s babysitter (who we are losing to sunny arizona in a few weeks which makes me wanna cry) knock on our front door at 8:30 in the morning! happy mother’s day to me! josh and i spent the morning together sans toddler (but not sans that big ol’ baby bump) and enjoyed a nice long brunch at founding farmers.... Read more