my little sister’s wedding.

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my little sister, rachel, is married! um. that’s weird.
but anyway, the day was absolutely lovely.
the wedding ceremony (which we call a sealing that takes place inside a temple) was beautiful and my little sister was glowing all day long.
rachel had the fabulous amelia johnson photograph everything… and if you’ve ever seen amelia’s work, you know that means some gorgeous images of the day are coming soon. rachel’s beautiful dress was the creation of her twin sister, rebekah! and since my other sister and i don’t have those kind of mad skills but still wanted to contribute something special to rachel’s day, we made the little wedding cake and her hair piece, too. (with rebekah’s help, of course.)
and all the flowers by holly chapple stole the show. the prettiest bouquets i’ve seen! there was also the cutest little flower girl in attendance. i mean, just look at eleanor in that tiny little flower crown. so cute.
congratulations, sister!
  1. Lovely!

  2. What a talented beautiful family you have! Congratulations to your lovely sister and your new brother-in-law:)

  3. Omg, your little sister has the coolest style.
    Her dress is awesome, and classic and cool and pretty all at once.
    Well done with the headpiece and the cake!
    Beautiful photos and congratulations!

  4. Cute Wedding Details. and such an adorable flower girl

  5. picture perfect wedding! you have a gorgeous family, best wishes to your sister and her new husband!

  6. brosha

    She looks just like you!

  7. Anke

    Ohh, what a wonderful thing to have your dress, cake and headband made by your sisters. Looks like a perfect day, congratulations!

  8. The floral arrangements look amazing! E looks adorable with her flower crown :)
    Congrats to your sister!

  9. congratulations!! your sister looks so happy and what a beautiful wedding! Eleanor is the cutest little flower girl!!

  10. Kym

    Eleanor's flower crown is so sweet. Your sister looked beautiful! and your little brother, doesn't look so little anymore. I love weddings. Such a wonderful day.

  11. al

    wow, this looks like it was a beautiful day! I love love love her dress.

  12. Aw, congrats to you sis. I'm sure everyone else has already said it but if E isn't the cutest flower girl ever… I don't know what!


  13. Laura

    Congratulation to your sister! I love the idea that somebody from your family makes something special for the bride! I am getting married this year and my mom is doing my veil.



  14. Kristen

    Your sister has those tying wedges too?! Or did she borrow yours and put pink bows in them? I'm dying to have those. Pleeeeehehehehehese?!!! I need those shoes. Where can I get some? They didn't have them on the site you found them on.

  15. Kristen

    Your sister has those tying wedges too?! Or did she borrow yours and put pink bows in them? I'm dying to have those. Pleeeeehehehehehese?!!! I need those shoes. Where can I get some? They didn't have them on the site you found them on.

  16. What gorgeous photos! Excited to see more… Eleanor looks absolutely adorable! :)

  17. Amy

    Congratulations to your sister! Weddings are some kind of magical, aren't they? Wishing your sister a wonderful and happy marriage, full of happiness, laughter, love and wonderful memories, always.


  18. Estelle

    I really love the bouquet and cake. The colors are beautiful together.

  19. So gorgeous! How awesome that her twin created her dress. Very dreamy : )



  20. your sister's wedding looks absolutely magical! i love how all of you were so involved in making her day special!!!
    xo TJ

  21. sher

    you all did an amazing job with her dress and headpiece! she looks stunning. (you all do!) oh, and E is just about the cutest little flower girl i have ever seen!

  22. so, basically, you and your sisters should go into a wedding business. and eleanor can join; giving lessons on "how to be the cutest flower girl of all time 101".

  23. Congratulations to Rachel! Everything looks absolutely beautiful, and Eleanor really is the cutest little flower girl ever. Love this.

  24. Kate

    Wow, what a beautiful wedding! Congratulations to Rachel! These photos are just gorgeous – Eleanor makes such an adorable little flower girl! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  25. Ah congratulations to your sister she looks beautiful! her day looks lovely! im so jealous :) x

  26. Sandy

    Weddings are so often so hectic, nice to hear it was a good day. What's the difference between being married and being sealed? I ask because I know not all Mormons are permitted to enter a temple and not all Mormons are sealed, but many get married. Tour Temple Square a year ago when we wanted to hear the choir. Didn't get much time with the choir which was a disappointment, as the tour took up too much time.

  27. What a beautiful sister and I love all of the details. The cake…fabulous!!

  28. these pictures are beautiful, naomi!

  29. Lindsey

    What beautiful pictures! Congratulations to your sister and to your whole family!

  30. Does anyone in your family every think that baby E looks like your little brother? Is it just me?

  31. oh my, oh my that Eleanor is quite cute. and your sister looked absolutely gorgeous on her day.

  32. This makes me miss my sisters! Sisters are the best and sounds like you have some pretty awesome sisters yourself=)


  33. hannah

    Congratulations to you and yours! She looks totally stunning, What an exciting time xx

  34. that cake i sooooo beautiful e it must have been tasty too!!!
    YOur sister is glowing as you are. Love MIss E and her dress and her crown….

  35. Your sister looks amazing, I love all those flowers. It's wrazy the way you two look alike !!

  36. Kalypso

    best wishes!i wish her to have a beautiful life like yours

  37. Erin

    Lucky man! Gorgeous girls in your family.

  38. laura

    cutest baby e!

  39. Iselin

    Lovely pictures and lovely people! Such a pretty bride :)

  40. Can you post a link to the dress you were wearing? I love it!

  41. I was admiring her dress on Instagram when you posted the pic – I can't believe it was handmade by her twin sister. It is an incredible dress! So beautiful.

    Great photos. Eleanor looks so cute!


  42. Candice

    Everything is gorgeous!

  43. Sarah

    What a beautiful wedding!!!

  44. What an adorable wedding. I loved the dress, the flowers and Eleanor is so cute!

  45. tRiSh

    This is so beautiful: you all look so gorgeous and happy! Your smiles are so contagious!

  46. C Rose

    i always passed by that temple and thought it was a castle! beautiful sealing! congratulations!

  47. Your Sister is so beautiful and so is your daughter you have such a beautiful family :)

  48. kylie

    oh, she is just a perfect bride. SO HOT! so beautiful. love that veil.

  49. kylie

    oh, she is just a perfect bride. SO HOT! so beautiful. love that veil.

  50. Sarah

    wow! you two look so much alike! I absolutely LOVE her dress!