mother’s day.

the night before mother’s day, eleanor woke up almost every 45 minutes. i think we were all pretty confused by it, including eleanor. the night was hard and exhausting for all of us and i kept thinking, “mother’s day. yeah, right…”
by 4:30 in the morning, we all gave up trying to sleep and found ourselves in the kitchen having toast and warm milk together as a family. and while it was mother’s day and i was wide awake and exhausted at 4-something in the morning, it kind of hit me while i cradled eleanor there in the kitchen and watched josh butter our toast… that this is my life now, as a mother. and it isn’t so bad. sure, i’m always a little sleep deprived and stuff like that, but this mothering gig? for the most part it’s actually pretty wonderful.
*ps. i feel the need to disclose that i did get to nap for the majority of sunday morning while josh took eleanor out. and considering that josh didn’t sleep much the night before either, that meant a lot to me. so thank you, josh. i love you.
  1. Daphné

    Such a cute picture of E and you! I cannot wait for you to "introduce" us to baby #2!

  2. Love that you are always so grateful despite the hardships. You are one beautiful momma!

    Tiny Crush

  3. I second the request for your ebelskiver recipe (pronounced abel-skeever). We used to have these all the time when I was a kid. I now have my own pan but have only used it twice and the results were not great. Yours look so flaky and light, though! PLEASE SHARE YOUR RECIPE!?*?

  4. Happy late Mother's Day! I'm so excited for your family & the new baby!!

    I don't have any babies yet, but I have lots of friends who are expecting and the bamboo wall clock would look so cute in their nursery! (:

  5. Your hair! Amazing!

  6. Woah, what a day. And what a night! I hope you've had plenty of sleep since then. I am in awe of how good and healthy you look, too. Looking forward to your news!

  7. Naomi, you're really an inspiration. :)

  8. ebelskivers? okay. share the recipe.

  9. debs

    may I ask where you got your cardigan that you're wearing with the striped dress? I've been looking for one just like it!

  10. Candice

    Where is your dress from? And the necklace? You have such amazing style. I wish I could shop your closet :)

  11. mollie

    it amazes me how perfectly round your belly is! haha! i know that sounds weird but i assure you, it's precious.

  12. Ah happy mothers day! in England its on a different day which i never knew till today aha! but you look lovely and hope you had a lovely day! x

  13. Hi Taza!

    I'm in love with your outfit in this post, as well as everything you where. I'm just curious about where you like to shop.

    What would you say are your Top 5 places to shop for yourself??

    Thanks girl : )

  14. woowwww….ı can not stop following you.louely photos,nice kids,gorgeous stylish family.