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it is my complete privilege to be called “mama” by this sweet baby girl each day. i can’t count how many times throughout our days together that she touches my heart in the sweetest ways possible and makes this life so worth living.
as all children do, eleanor brought the most joyful love into our home last february, a love which keeps on expanding by leaps and bounds each and every day. i absolutely adore, with all my heart, being her mama. and i get butterflies of excitement in my stomach just thinking about the baby boy i get to meet in a few weeks who will someday also learn to call me “mama” as well. that word, by golly, it’s a good one.
happy mother’s day to all you fabulous mothers, motherly figures and future mamas out there! and a special thank you to my own beautiful mother and mother-in-law who we love very much. those two ladies are seriously the best.
happy mother’s day!
photo of 3 week old baby eleanor and me by carissa gallo.
  1. Dianna

    happy mom's day lovely lady!

  2. Happy Mothers day! :)

  3. Jay

    happy mother's day to you!

  4. So sweet! Eleanor is so beautiful! Have a wonderful Mother's Day from sunny England :)

  5. Hannah

    about a week ago you posted this good or bad mum post. And i can tell you that you're the most perfect mum for eleanor and your baby boy. Because you love them. in every single word you write about them is love. there is now way not to see that you love them. Even if ou let Eleanor eat nutella or other not soo healthy stuff, you wanna see her happy and not sad and crying and that makes you the perfect mother for E. and baby boy. Happy Mother's day!!

  6. Aww that is so sweet.
    Happy mothersday!

  7. Happy mothers day! Hope you have a wonderful day. Would love to know where you got this template for your blog from. I love the dashed dividers…

  8. inga

    OMG super cute. I'm in love with your blog <3

  9. I love hearing "mama" called 245 times a day too! I wish he would never grow up because mom isn't quite as sweet as mama :)

    Happy mother's day… You deserve something special!

  10. Ashton

    Happy Mother's day to you! :)

  11. Mariela

    Lovely picture!, have a wonderful day with your lovely family!, Happy Mother's Day!!, big hug!.

  12. Happy mama Day

  13. Happy Mother's Day!

    I have been waiting for your Mother's Day post all weekend- they're the best. I hope your day is magical. Hugs!!!

  14. I just found out I was pregnant last weekend, so this is my very first Mother's Day! Have a great day with your family! :)

  15. I just found out I was pregnant last weekend, so this is my very first Mother's Day! Have a great day with your family! :)

  16. Happy Mother's Day and congratulations on the soon to be baby. That must be so exciting!

  17. Happy Mother's Day and congratulations on the soon to be baby. That must be so exciting!

  18. Zoë

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone! Happy Mother's Day Naomi! I love reading your blog and seeing your photos I hope I can continue to be a loving and happy Mother like you.

    Love and Happiness!
    -Z waiting for kittenheart

  19. 3 week eleanor?! be still my heart.

    have a great mother's day, naomi! your last mother's day as a mother of one. :)

  20. Banshee

    So wonderful. Happy Mama's day, pretty mama!

  21. Happy a great day!

  22. you are a mother so many others look up to, too. hope you enjoy your special day! xo.

  23. you have such a big, beautiful heart, naomi. this day was made for mamas like you. xo.

  24. Happy Mother's Day! <3

  25. L.

    Happy mother's day!!! you r beautiful!

    kisses from Italy,

    House and About blog

  26. Hannah

    beautiful photo, hope you had a lovely mother's day


  27. You are about to have the "millionaire's family"!!!

  28. I just found out last Saturday I am pregnant and I am the happiest I have ever been. I can't wait to meet my little one in January!!! Happy Mothers Day!!!


  29. that is so touching!!!! Thank you so much and Happy mother's day to you too.

  30. Ana

    Happy Mother's day! hope you hada lovely weekend

  31. Megan

    Happy Mothers Day Naomi!

  32. Clara

    I don't know if you know sign language but E is signing "Mommy" in this picture! How fitting!

  33. IF*

    Hello! My name is Francisca and I am Portuguese. A friend of mine showed me your blog and I loved it!
    You have the most loving family in the world. You are all beautiful!
    I love your blog and I'll try to visit it whenever I can! ;)

    F* – Brings Happiness

  34. Pamela

    Oh my goodness! I totally need something retro inspired. That red one with the little flounce and polka dots is to DIE. But maybe in blue :)

  35. Amy

    Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I love reading your site and all the wonderful stories you share. It's always so inspiring to read about your adorable daughter!


  36. Leah

    Happy Mother's day to a beautiful mother (of almost 2!)

  37. Love the Jantzen Vamp Retro Kiss-N-Tell One Piece! The back is so adorable!

  38. Aarika

    Happy Mother's day! :)

  39. Sladja

    aw so lovely :)


  40. Erin

    Happy (belated) Mother's Day. Your blog makes my heart happy and excited to be a momma someday, if that is my calling. :)

  41. Happy Belated Mother's Day!

    The photo on this post is amazing. It makes me quite emotional and I can't really explain why. It just makes me so happy and excited for the time in my life when I will be a mom myself. Anyway bless you and your beautiful family!

  42. Skye

    so precious! I love reading your thoughts on motherhood.

  43. oh goodness, 3 week old baby E is absolutely adorable! and how precious that moment must be when they call you "mama" for the first time!
    xo TJ

  44. That is so perfect picture because the way Eleanor used her hand is a sign, mother! That's American Sign Language for Mother. so amazing!