little siblings.

over the past few months, i’ve noticed myself pinning and saving a number of images of siblings to my computer. the other day at the grocery store i witnessed a tiny “big” sister lovingly help her tiny brother open up a yogurt cup and then hug him (perhaps a little too claustrophobically for my liking) after handing him the cup. it was one of those moments where you just melt all over the floor…
of course, having 4 siblings myself, i know it’s not always rainbows and sunshine when it comes to having a sibling (especially when 3 of those 4 are girls all close in age. let me tell you! the hormones! my poor father and brother.) but i can’t wait to watch eleanor welcome her new baby brother into the world. i can’t wait to watch them play, and share, and forgive and love each other every day. i hope they grow to be good friends. i hope they’ll look out for each other and take care of one another in the years to come.
in a few weeks i get to see all of my own siblings here in dc! i.cannot.wait! i love them so much. a large part of the reason why i want a big family is because of the relationships and love i have from my own. i want that for eleanor. and for her soon to be baby brother. i’m so looking forward to it…. all of it.
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  1. Maggie

    my brother and i definitely went through a lot of wars with each other when we were little. but now that i'm an adult i so appreciate having him in my life. family is so wonderful.

  2. Olya

    siblings are the best :) mine little bunch – though fight here and there over who gets what first – love each other so much!

    This "lions" thing is just one of thousands and thousands they do together :

  3. I am the second of six kids, all only two or three years apart. I actually take care of the youngest these days on my own. I am so grateful to have so many siblings, I appreciate them all so much more now that I'm older and adore them all to no end. Eleanor is so lucky to be getting a baby brother so early. (My older sister and I actually have the same birthday, two years apart) Those kids are going to have a very special bond.

  4. I think once you get over the hormones, arguments, tears, I wouldn't change my siblings for the world, I think they teach you so much about yourself (the good and the bad!) xoxo louise from 'today and tomorrow'

  5. :-) So sweet… and I hear you on sibling rivalry with the sisters… we have had our fair share too! Loving the pictures.

  6. Such a sweet little post! I only have one sibling–a sister–and I sometimes wonder what it would have been like to grow up in a huge family like yours. It always sounds like so much fun, and the pictures of you with your sisters always make me smile and want to spend more time with my sister!

  7. Jorie

    Whenever I see two little sisters out and about, I immediately think of myself and my older sister! Especially when the little one (me) has chubby cheeks and can't keep up with her older sister's long strides. :)
    You must be having so much fun looking out for the big sister/younger brother dynamic while you're out and about. What an exciting time!

  8. I think it's so sweet :) My brother was 10 years older than me so I sorta missed out on that experience. I always thought it would be fun to have a sibling close in age. I ♥ those pictures!

  9. Amanda

    my husband and i cannot wait until we can expand our little family and watch our little ones get along and become the best of friends.

    i, too, have been pinning photos like this recently, and love the innocence they capture. beautiful post, mama!! you are so close to seeing this moment in REAL LIFE!

    xo, amanda


  10. a and a

    I really just melted looking at these photos!

    Sibling love is a whole new level of gushiness to melt over. E and her new little brother are going to warm your heart twice as fast i just know it!

  11. i know here'll be tons of comments but still i want to say something i've already said here, my sis and i are as close as eleanor and baby boy will be: 16 months, more or less, right? and now we are grown ups and live together because we are best friends.
    I love both of my sisters and i think they are my best friends in the whole world, forever.
    We three feel so so so grateful, tell each other how much we love ourselves and send cute sms, chat every night on the phone if not together and of course, with the closest one we've chosen to live this moment in our lives together, and it's so amazing to arrive home always waiting to share our news and cook together and chat and it's like we'll never run out on topics to discuss or stuff to laugh at together!

    I think being close is amazing and your babies are gifted for that, i totally do!

    Un abrazo grande para toda la familia hermosa que tienen y para sus lectores de habla hispana también!!!


  12. Sibling love is awesome. Having 3 girls – it's so wonderful to watch them cuddle with each other, support each other and just hang together. Some nights they all land in the same bed! You'll love watching it too!

  13. having sisters myself, i have grown up believing that one of the best gifts a parent can give their child is siblings. for that reason, i would love a big family, too.

  14. Too precious! I'm so excited for you all

  15. I just had my 4th baby 2 weeks ago and him and his siblings are all 18 months apart! I absolutely love it and watching them play and be so close melts my mama heart all the time!

  16. Olga

    I'm the same way as you! I grew up with two sisters and we were all a year apart. Let me tell you, it wasn't pretty! But now that we're all in college, we get along so well. We rarely fights and my sisters are truly my best friends who I adore. Our mom recently gave birth to another baby girl! There's almost a 20 year age gap between us, but I love her dearly! Siblings are a great thing. I would hate to be alone.

  17. Completely agree! I am one of five also (3 girls 2 boys) I am the middle child love it! I also want a big family. I've got one down and I hope many more :) Big family's rock!!

  18. Camille

    Beautiful post. As usual :)

  19. L.

    OMG you make my cry! You'll be a perfect big family!!!

    kisses from Italy,

  20. Adorable post! I come from a small family, so I can relate but in a different way. I definitely hope to have a large family when I'm older so my children can have that connection.

  21. 2busy

    Those pictures are precious. I can see how you have become addicted to pinning them. I am excited for you to have your family come visit.

  22. millie

    How sweet! There is nothing in this world that compares to the magic bond of siblings. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures, very inspiring!

  23. I love your blog! If you don't mind, I'll put it on my list of favourite blogs!


  24. this is just beautiful.

  25. So sweet!
    And how am I just realizing this, Naomi, after reading your blog for so long?: I also have 4 siblings, 4 girls/1 boy, and I'm a twin! How fun! :)

  26. My daughter (5) and son (3) are so super close…the best of friends…I think it helps having a girl first they are calmer :)

  27. this melts my heart!!!

  28. Abby

    Ahh I know the hormone thing all too well. My parents had 4 daughters, with me and my twin sister being right in the middle. The youngest is now 20 and I still don't think my poor father has fully recovered.


  29. I love seeing interactions between kids they are all so uninhibited and genuine! Exciting times for eleanor to be a big sister, she'll be great!

  30. I have two little sisters, and the relationship of siblings is like nothing else in the world! Also that picture on the top of the baby legs with little fat rolls is the cutest.

  31. I love little sibling shots! I have some super cute ones pinned for future reference haha have you seen this blog you probably have but if not go check it out now. So many adorable sibling pics there!

  32. those BUTTS!!! so cute. i can think of a similar photo of my brother and i when we were little. we both only had on shorts (he didn't have to wear his shirt at the lake, so WHY DID I!?). the photo is from the back, and we are walking down the dock on a rainy day, me holding a big bowl of stale bread, him holding the umbrella, going to feed the ducks :D

    good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

  33. Beautiful post! My 2 boys are just 6 months and 2 and watching them love on each other. Watching my older boy become a big brother has been amazing! Makes all the exhaustion completely worth it ;)

  34. Cady

    This is exactly why I want to have at least 3 or 4 kids :). These photos are precious!

  35. Erin

    Cute pictures! Personally, my husband and I only one want child. I hear A LOT of opinions about it, but we've talked extensively and it's what we've agreed to and we're happy with our decision. I love my brother a lot, but he's 9 years younger than me so we really didn't grow up together. I liked my experience being an only child. I have a very awesome imagination because of it :)

  36. Lola

    I have 3 siblings…2 bros and one sis:-) All younger than me and it was so nice to grow up with them…okay, this sounded like I was 80 or so, but actually I'm in my early twenties:-D

  37. so sweet! i grew up in a pretty big family, and i think that pushed me to other end of the spectrum, as i'd like just two kiddos! maybe, maybe three. but i think the fact that i had no sisters probably didn't help much. it was just me & five nutso brothers! haha. i think they were glad to have each other, and of course i love them all, but i always wanted a sister. you're so lucky to have sisters, and ones so close in age! eleanor is a lucky gal too, of course.

  38. I, also, hope to have a big family – one day. Primarily because I was an only child for so long (very much later welcoming a younger sister) and I always felt a little bereft of the closeness siblings have when able to grow up together – if they survive, ha! : )



  39. This post is so cute. I often think about how my son Wyatt would be with a sibling. It's such a special relationship – another person who will love unconditionally. Such a beautiful thing :) I'm excited for you and your adorable family to welcome another baby and get to experience this!


  40. Erin

    i know exactly what you mean. i've always wanted a big family too. family might seem crazy at times, but they're always nearby when you need them most.

  41. My son and daughter are 22 months apart. She started sleeping on his floor at night (she is 4) to be near him. I finally just moved her bed in. Last night they ended up sleeping in the same bed :) they talk to each other each night before falling asleep it melts my heart :) I honestly believe that siblings are a gift

  42. Meg

    This is so beautiful. It seems like little E has so much love to share. I'm sure they'll be great friends! I can't wait to see them together in this next chapter in your lives :) Family is seriously the greatest joy (even when it's hard).

  43. The photo of the butt naked sisters KILLED me! I wish the same things for my two girls. Even though there's a 6 year gap between them and the little one is only 11months old, the bond they have is incredible. I'm so grateful for it.

  44. Alexis

    That first picture of the girl and little baby is absolutely precious!!! My children are 4.5 (girl) years old and 18 months old (boy). When the boy was a tiny baby my daughter couldn't get enough holding and kissing time in! Now my daugther is my son's
    MOST favorite person. Even when he is getting pushed around. I love watching my children together and I know that you will LOVE it too!!! And I can't wait to see pictures of it!!!

  45. Kate

    Aw, these photos are adorable! I don't know what I would do without my sister, she is like my best friend and means everything to me!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  46. baby butts are unbearably cute!!

  47. how cute! my sibling is the best!

  48. such an exciting time for your, congratulations! if you're up for some heart-melting sibling love, visit! love that little family's blog!

  49. Sheryl

    Lovely photos accompanied by such sweet honesty.

  50. I myself grew up with 5 siblings, and now I have 4 of my own beautiful kids.
    There is nothing in the world like a sibling!

  51. Casey

    I love seeing siblings treating each other with so much love and gentleness!! It's precious :) My little niece Julia just learned how to be gentle with her little {infant} brother Micah and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!

    How exciting for you guys!

  52. i also grew up one of five siblings and we have always been very close. they are my best friends in the whole wide world. people always think i want a big family because i grew up mormon but it is actually because i grew up with so much fun and love in a big family, it's that simple. i am finally pregnant with my first after a LONG time trying to conceive, and i told my husband, okay, now that we're finally pregnant i never want to stop trying. i do not have much time so i don't have the luxury of planning out age differences, i want to have as many as i can before i get too old :) can't wait to see your two little sweeties together. you guys are starting such a strong and amazing happy family.

  53. the butts are my favorite…but honestly i feel kinda silly commenting, like i'm getting lost in an enormous crowd.

  54. These images are beyond cute! I will have 18 months between my two, I am due in Sept. I cannot wait to see their love for each other grow, I will be one of 'those' parents (you know, the one that gets emotional, like all the time, whenever they do something cute together) xx

  55. Lulu B

    I have to admit have 3 brothers to look after me as well as my man, make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world! :o) xx

  56. I am one of four and sibling relationships are complicated and very interesting. I am also so curious to see my own son respond to a second baby someday. Can't wait for you to have your little man.

  57. I'm the middle of 3 girls and I loved growing up with my sisters. There's always someone there to talk to and play with and they will love you no matter how bad a mood you're in.

    My sisters are my best friends and even though I don't live near them we still speak all of the time and visit each other regularly. My younger sister is visiting us this weekend and I can't wait to have some girly fun.

    C x

  58. I so understand where you're coming from! While I'm a very very long way away from even thinking about kids, I know if I ever do take that path, I'd want to have a big family because I have 3 brothers, and even though we all have our differences, they mean the world to me :)

    Such a great post! Rhi xx

  59. I definitely didn't have this growing up, but I want it so badly for my kids. I wish I had siblings I was close to. The last picture of the little girl holding the baby is so sweet.

  60. Jayme

    I never comment on blogs of people I don't know and I am sure you don't read all your comments, but I just had to chime in. I read an old post where you said that people were telling how awful having two babies so close together was. I am here to tell you that it's amazing. I have a girl first and then a boy, 17 months apart. It is absolutely the biggest blessing in my life. They are 3 and 4 now and the best of friends. They always have a playmate and it is so much fun to watch their sweet sibling relationship. Yes, there are hard days, but I wouldn't trade the experience of having them so close for anything. We have added a third to the mix and I honestly think it is easier to have them close. It is much harder to go back to the baby stage after you are out of it. I am excited for you! Good luck <3

  61. Ive been following you for some time now.Your blog is so pretty and fun. If you want an illustrated version of your little girl Eleanor please send it to my email!Ill draw it for you :)
    It's a little giveaway project of mine.Hilla

  62. Hey, we got a big sister (over 2 and a half now) and a little brother (one year on tuesday) up here and I can tell you…it's about the sweetest thing, when they get to know each other more and more the older the little boy gets. She can't stop cuddling him all the time, giving him kisses and just loves him….it's adorable!

    And here these two little ones are:

  63. Jenny

    when i was a little girl i carried around a baby doll all the time and i called it "baby brother" until i finally got one. i loved having him around! we've had lots of trouble of course, too, but we just loved each other so much and still do. i also had two cousins living nearby who we were very close to and we all enjoyed each others company so having a big family is just great!

  64. It's been so fun to see my 3 year old and 1 year old interact. lula is 3 and so she's very typical motherly girl with my son. it's so, so sweet!

  65. Anna

    so I know you get a bajillion comments on here, but I was reading your sibling post, and it reminded me of this cute picture of my little cousins Annie (3) and Evan (4)in November.
    They are the youngest of 5, and as thick as thieves. I found them sitting on the back porch sharing a cup of chocolate milk. 2 straws, 1 glass, SO cute.
    yay, for siblings!