1. Oh my gosh- I think my childhood best friend had that exact same swing set! Whoah memories!

  2. Such great photos – really captures moments – I love the ones in the boots!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Anne

    Cute as always!

  4. super cute photos! I love E's little hunter boots!

  5. Eleanor looks like such a happy baby! So cute!

  6. Love your IPhone pics! Your small one is so cute, the picture with her and boots … hahaha, absolutely "mignon".
    Hugs from France

  7. I love the last pis. so cute.

  8. I can't decide which of the photos is the cutest!

  9. Oh my goodness the matching hunter rain boots! I just decided not to get those for my little guy because they're a little pricey and now I'm rethinking it… So adorable!

  10. Gaby

    your matching gumboots are too cute, as is eleanor crawling into the kennel :)

  11. Julie

    oooh my.. such pretty, lovely pictures! it all seems just perfect! :) x

  12. She's gonna die laughing when she's older and sees all those pics of daddy balancing her on one hand!!!

  13. Clare

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  14. Haha, the one where Eleanor is wearing your Hunter boots is just hilarious! May I ask where you got her swimsuit? It's so adorable and I spotted a yellow one on Pinterest a while back and I searched the entire web for it but couldn't find it and now here Eleanor is wearing one in red with polkadots so please, could you tell me where you found it? I'm kinda desperate for a cute girl's swimsuit..
    Gosh, I think your family is truly amazing and I hope that your baby boy will only add more joy to your lives :)

  15. Where did you find your pants? I love the color!

  16. E's outfit in the last two is so adorable. She looks like a tiny little version of you. So precious!

  17. She looks so adorable in the bottom two photos. Such a happy little child! It's lovely to see her grow up. xx

  18. Your little girl is the most perfect little thing on the planet…not to mention the most stylish!

  19. Oh my, those green rain boots on her…cute

  20. how cute does E look! first in that adorable red bathing suit, sandals & hat and then…that photo with the green rainboots!

    …dying of the cuteness of your baby :)

    alissa b

  21. Andrea

    That skirt in the last two pictures is super cute. & I love the beach pictures of E.

  22. Kathy

    hahah the photo with E in those gumboots, that got me chuckling for quite a bit. Her expression is priceless! :)

  23. Goodness your daughter is just the cutest! That beach picture is adorable and I love the hat, suit, and sandal combo.

  24. the picture of eleanor in your boots is the most darling thing I've seen. and she just knows it is hilarious!

  25. looooooooove the matching hunter boots. you and your little girl are too stylish and dapper. love it (and the blog)

  26. looooooooove the matching hunter boots. you and your little girl are too stylish and dapper. love it (and the blog)

  27. Precious as always – love that ruffly red swimsuit and hat, and how adorable is the pic of her in your boots

  28. Way too ADORABLE!!!!

    Xo adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  29. Shay

    Love the boots! Where did you get them for E?

  30. Elise

    E's rain boots are so cute!

  31. L.

    I love the one where she's eating tomatoes and mozzarella! perfect italian dish, called caprese!

    kisses from Italy,


  32. E is too adorable–love the matching Hunter boots!

  33. Your daughter looks more glamorous than I do! Time to go shopping it seems!


  34. all the pictures are so cute!

  35. Bestie

    i love the rain boot pics! my daughter put mine on the other day and it looked like she was walking on stilts.

    thx for sharing all our pics! gorgeous and fun week!

  36. Morgan

    adorable photos! I love the rain boot one :)

  37. Cutie cutest with mama's wellies :)
    She is such a doll!!!

  38. Adorable phones…you have such a cute family. Thank you for sharing!!!

  39. Darling photos!! Just wondering where you got your cute church dress?

  40. Ana

    these pictures are the cutest!

  41. Athalia

    You're always out and about at some interesting place or other, awesome family!

  42. you have the cutest little family, ever! love that little eleanor and all her fashion sense!

  43. I just really can't get over how cute those last two photos are. I really hope I am an amazing mom like you some day! E is always so happy and not to mention cute!

  44. That picture with E in your rain boots is killing me. She is so precious!

  45. Rebecca

    Eleanor looks so cute on the beach!

  46. the one of little E in your wellies just kills me!! killlls me dead. cutest thing ever.

  47. Haley K

    stop the madness! and by madness, I mean cuteness ;) The pics of you & Eleanor in your dresses and Hunters is ADORABLE. Looks like life has been pretty wonderful for your sweet family :)

  48. jamie

    you literally have the cutest, most stylish baby in the world!

  49. You guys are so cute!! She is such a happy, smiley baby! The rain boot photos….so darn adorable!
    Can't wait to see your new little man in a few weeks. I'm sure he'll just add to the cute-overload of your family! ;)

  50. i know i'm the 50th person to say it, but…that swimsuit!!! i kinda want one for me.

  51. Sally

    Love love love the hunter wellington boots!! Super cute!!! That smile of E's…..how can you not smile when she smiled?!!! Have a great week my friend xoxo

  52. Oh, Eleanor, you are the most lady-like little girl I've ever beheld. You and my little Jude should be friends :)
    Haha that picture of her wearing your boots just killed me and I always love those pictures of her balancing on Josh's hands. She's just got him wrapped around her little finger :)

  53. Kelly

    You guys are too cute for words. I love your style!

  54. love the hunters!

  55. I am dying at E's rainboots! I love them!! so cute!

  56. Where did you get those mint green skinnies!? I want! :)

  57. Her boots are the cutest thing!

  58. you have the cutest little lady!

  59. Hi Naomi, your photos are always so lovely! I keep coming back to your blog since it is like looking at art. I wanted to know which apps and filters you use on your iPhone photos (and also: are you mostly using the cannon rebel T2i as it says on your faqs)?



  60. oh my! that picture of her in the wellie boots is so adorable. it's like she is saying, 'i'm cute right?, i'm wearing these giant boots and it makes me look so cute'

  61. oh my! that picture of her in the wellie boots is so adorable. it's like she is saying, 'i'm cute right?, i'm wearing these giant boots and it makes me look so cute'

  62. You two in your rain boots together is adorable!

  63. Skye

    eleanor just makes me smile! she is such a beautiful happy little doll!

  64. Your life is just perfect, Taza!

  65. Devon

    what a cute little nugget! love the matching wellies!

  66. Holly

    elenor has got to be the cutest baby EVER! the pictures of her in your and her own hunters are beyond adorable. these pictures make me so excited to have my own little one!

  67. Aarika

    Oh my goodness, I am in love with your blog!
    You are one hot momma! :)

  68. you always take such beautiful images with your instagram! and those pictures of baby e in her hunter boots?? precious beyond words!
    xo TJ

  69. Naomi, that pic of E in your rain boots is literally the most precious thing I've ever seen!

  70. love your dress! E looks so cute in her boots! :-)

  71. Erin

    What beautiful pictures!! :)
    I love the one of the swinging. How sweet!

    – Erin :)

  72. eleanor is just one gorgeous child. she's just stunning. well done guys!! :)

  73. The matching wellies have sent me over the top!!!

  74. Carly

    I love that Josh and Eleanor's party trick keeps popping up in these pictures — her balancing on his hand.

  75. Cutest. Family. Ever. Great pics, lovin' those green boots!

    Sarah & Kristina