1. Anna

    All photos are so sunny :)

  2. Gaby

    Eleanor and the chalk wall is too cute! As are her red saltwaters. I have the same pair, but they're not nearly as cute on me :)

  3. Love LOVE your dog!

    And Eleandor is pretty adorable too :)

  4. Life looks great! I love the picture of E in her crib such a cutie! And you guys always eat the best food!

  5. Janell

    what i wouldn't give to be living your food life.. sigh.. every time you post any food photos my mouth literally waters like Pavlov's dogs :) lovely photos, my dear

  6. 2busy

    Busy life + good times = interesting, fun pictures.

  7. I agree with everyone!! your pictures are soo fun, and sunny! LOVE them all!!


  8. These are so sweet! What a cutie E is!


  9. Your photos are awesome – they really capture the moments and the emotions. So much JOY! So fun to look at! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful Pictures. You have a beautiful family!



  11. Looks like Kinglsey got a lot of loving this week, favorite is the one where it looks like E is scolding him or just having a conversation with him lol

  12. Ashton

    Love all the pictures of E. She is just getting cuter and cuter. :)

  13. Dianna


  14. lovely as always! And wow- your sisters are gorgeous! xo

  15. Rebecca

    They are all so pretty :)

  16. I love looking at your photos. You and your family just look so happy. =)

    The Simple Swan
    A Fashion, Beauty, and Maternity Blog

  17. Bri

    lovely pictures!

  18. Tiana

    you already know, eleanor is such a beautiful baby!
    but you're sisters are gorgeous too :)
    thank you for sharing your photos, and your heart with us!

    tiana of l'esthetique

  19. such a busy and beautiful life! and i so love seeing photos of you and your sisters! :)

    great photos, great post!

    alissa b

  20. A-Russ

    I can not stand how cute you family is. Little E is adorable in every way (the pic of her in the crib and looking into friendly's… Amazing).

  21. A-Russ

    I can not stand how cute you family is. Little E is adorable in every way (the pic of her in the crib and looking into friendly's… Amazing).

  22. great photos! looks like she loves that chalkboard wall!

  23. Great photos. I love seeing your updates on Instagram. x

  24. WOW ! I'm a french girl from Paris ! I LOVE your blog ! Your pix are so amazing and your family is so cute !
    I like so much your "universe" and sensibility. Your blog is one of my favorite! I like your style so much.

    Sorry for my bad english… :(

  25. everyday I come to your blog to see photos and hear stories of your little family adventures; and EVERYDAY I am filled with joy from your posts. You're so fun! Eleanor is a beauty like her momma.

  26. abby

    hope you are feeling well and growing that sweet baby more every day! thanks for sharing your life with us.

  27. Ale pięknie ! Prawdziwe życie :D
    So pretty ! True life ! :D
    Maedlein ♥

  28. sinika


  29. i see the wall's a hit already! e screaming from the crib? adorable. and rinah looks dear too. xo.

  30. Kendall

    You have SUCH a cute fam!

  31. Erin

    Your instagrams are always my favorite. I want to "like" all of them.

  32. Sarah

    Oh DC temple: LOVE. We're moving to Baltimore this fall and I'm just so excited that we're in the DC Temple District!

  33. your life always looks so very beautiful! how blessed you are to be surrounded but such incredible people that love you!
    and what a joy to follow you both on instragram. you always capture perfect little memories and moments in time :)
    xo TJ

  34. Emily

    Love to see you guys enjoying every moment in DC!

  35. that little girl of yours took my heart. awww.

    by the way, I just gave my blog a facelift, have a look?


  36. Lyndsay

    These pictures are so cute! I really need a chalk wall.

  37. abby

    still loving the red sandals…they get me every time!

  38. That giant dog looks like it came straight outta The Sandlot.

  39. Hilary

    haha! Your husband and his bowtie!

  40. Super cute photos. I feel like they need a soundtrack :)

  41. She's getting so big! What great photos to look back on some day!

  42. I love the temple at the end. Perfect photo to end with

  43. laura

    such beautiful photos! :)

  44. tRiSh

    E. is the cutest girl alive and K. is my favorite dog in the whole world.
    I needed to point this out. ;)

  45. So cute…all the pictures are so sunny and happy..

  46. Jessica

    what darling pictures. i love the one of E holding onto that little ladder. she is a gem.

  47. Summer in the district, ain't no time like it!

  48. Corinne

    eleanor is such a sweet baby, i can't even take it. you should write a book on how to keep babies so happy. she's always smiling!


  49. alex

    Great photos!