good mom. or bad mom.

i’m not entirely sure how this happened yesterday afternoon, but it happened. on our bed no less! this will surely be the post where people will now place me in their category of “bad mom”, but if eleanor could talk, i’m pretty sure she’d tell you i’m awesome. at least yesterday afternoon for about 20 minutes i was awesome. ;)
i sent these photos to josh yesterday while he was at work and was sure he’d respond and be all, “what?! you let our baby try nutella?!” but instead he was like, “good! now we can get rid of those jersey sheets.” he’s never been a fan of jersey sheets.
in other exciting news, the cashier at whole foods this morning asked when i was due. when i told her, “5 weeks!” she responded with, “looks like 5 hours!” ….. yep. thanks for that. but it’s not all terrible. we got to see baby boy dance all over the ultrasound screen this morning and wave to us! if that wasn’t the cutest little wave i ever did see! we can’t wait to see you in a few, little mister!
happy weekend, everyone!
  1. Love trader joe's cocoa almond spread. I say good mom! So exciting about baby boy. My boy just turned 1 month old yesterday. Time flies!

  2. These pictures are so cute! E is such a happy baby, I think the whole world is excited to meet your little boy.

  3. Nutella is never a bad idea!

  4. feels like your pregnancy has FLOWN. can't wait to see you as a mother of a mister. xo!

  5. meg

    The best mom!!

  6. good choice, eleanor ;) I lovelovelove that stuff.

  7. Good mama! Nutella is yum & making a mess is fun– well played!

  8. Kathy

    You're definitely a good mother! her facial expressions is so adorable! haha :)

  9. Good mamas let their kids get dirty:) and eat something yummy in the process… Bonus! Love your blog

  10. Looks like she loved every second of it!

  11. Ha! you'd totally win 'good mom' in this house with my little one! i too have 5 weeks left until our second is born and am frequently finding myself in these situations…its definately the pregnancy that is letting our kids invade the nutella and anything else she can grab when im not looking!

  12. Haha, I just love the response of your hubbie :)

  13. Haylee

    You definitely passed on your good looks to that girl of yours. She is adorable!

  14. bad mom? noooooo, good mom!!!

  15. bad mom? noooooo, good mom!!!

  16. I love the happiness in all your photos.
    Your daughter is beautiful and show great affection.
    I never tire of seeing and reading your blog.
    Really you have a BEAUTIFUL family!

  17. a very good mum you are. this girl will know how to indulge in the fine things. very precious to lead a happy smile!

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  19. a fantastic maman ! Sylvie

  20. "You're a horrible mom" says NO ONE, ever. Everyone can see the love that you have for your children (including the one who is yet to come).

  21. Ali

    how do you edit your photos. like with the writing and texts. do you use photo shop?

  22. P

    great mom!!!

  23. I love you for that kind of motherhood.
    No stress to keep clean the sheets (even if they're jersey sheets :)
    No strict rules.
    No mummy histerical reactions
    No overprotecting attitude
    Just you and your little princess having fun and learning together…
    I was so overwhelmed and overpressed (by myself) with my first child that I didn't enjoy it too much. I was trying to keep everything perfect and I waste my energies on that… this time (I'm pregnant with my second) I'll do my best to keep that freshness that you show me it's possible to have.

  24. good mom!!! :) don't you just love when people say things like that about you being "so huge" i'm a week behind you and i got that at costco yesterday…the lady said please tell me you don't have weeks to go…um yeah i do and thanks. you do look incredible by the way!

  25. So Cute! Your totally a good mom!

  26. Good mom. Bad moms let their kids eat catfood ;)

  27. Emily

    Awesome mom. No question! :)

  28. kaela

    great mom! :)

  29. Hi, I recently discovered your blog and I have to say, it is amazing :) You have a beautiful daughter and beautiful life :) And congratulations on baby boy!

  30. Ha ha! I'd say "good mom". Don't feel bad about the cashier. I had my third baby this past March and in the beginning of December (2011) a lady behind me in line at the post office looked "knowingly" at me and said, "Christmas baby?". Um…no…I'm not due for more than three months. She was shocked. That sucked. HA!

  31. I am SO sure, you are the best mommy ever! Wish I could say 5 days, or even 5 weeks… (4 months left for me! yippee!)

  32. Just so you know, i look at your blog and think, "i wish i looked that cute and didnt show in pregnancy like her." I pretty much want to punch people who make comments like that cashier's comment. I'm due in one week, I'm short, and I've been getting comments like that for like the last 7 weeks. Also, my daughter loves nutella. She won't eat a banana without her nutella!

  33. Mrs C

    Just Look at her!!! this is a definite GREAT mum moment! And I LOVE jersey sheets hehe!

  34. hahah good mum. I'm sure she will be grateful for such a nice photos from her childhood! Lovely chocolate monster :)


  36. Lauren

    You let your baby try Nutella?? I think that deserves the Mom of the Year award. Seriously! I'm kind of jealous that my mom didn't give me stuff like that.

  37. From pictures you seem like a terrific mom and these happy photos of a smiling nutella baby doesn't change that perspective one bit! Don't let that silly cashiers comment get to you, but it's a good point to be mindful all cue certain thoughts to silence before speaking. Lesson learned!

  38. OMG!! haha so adorable and messy

  39. I don't normally comment but this deserves an A+ mama award!!! Its so easy to fall into rules and the norm… I'm proud of you for giving E that memory. Its about as good as my friend allowing her son to shower with his clothes on yesterday. He thought it was Christmas! You're amazing! :)

  40. Sylvie

    Why do ppl think they can be free to insult poor pg mamas!?!?!?! And then act like it wasn't insulting!
    You have a super cute lil belly, and your face doesn't have the "I'mabsolutelydonewiththisheftybelly" look! (yet ;))

  41. She is just too adorable

  42. Good mama!

    Mm….Nutella! I love that stuff.

  43. Ana

    haha this looks like so much fun! so awesome

  44. definitely good mom! my husband hates jersey sheets too!

  45. who can blame her!
    nutella is the best (:
    xo, cheyenne

  46. Vicky

    Great Mommy, you never get this time back enjoy every minute, but I know where your coming from with the 'five hours' comment. I was so huge people said this from about 7 months!!!

  47. Don't let that cashier get you down, I was just looking at the previous post of you and your daughter in rain boots and thought to myself "I hope I'm that small at 8 months pregnant!" You look amazing.

  48. Brenda

    Awesome mom for sure :)

  49. Atalie

    When I was Eleanors age, my grandma took off my clothes and gave me a haggan dazz chocolate ice cream bar.i have pictures similar to this. I also have an insane chocolate addiction I blame my grandma for, lol. And I am not mad one bit:) this is great Naomi!

  50. Sarah

    Adorable, great mom!!