1. Awww love that hairstyle, wish my hair was longer…
    Anyway I really love you taste, you always choose lovely stuff for Elenor and yourself :)

  2. Megan

    Those toy blocks are lovely!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  3. I LOVE IT ALL!!! That hair style is So cute :)

    XX, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  4. I love the Riley Tote. :)

  5. i had blocks just like that when i was little!! making pyramids and knocking them down was a fave :P

  6. if you figure out how to do that hair twist, please post a how to. would love to try it out!

  7. Leah

    That pretty little hair twist just may be my go-to hairstyle this summer as well!

  8. I've already bought two sets of those blocks for my son, he loves them! We have the English and French ones. That tipi looks like It's from http://www.etsy.com/shop/houseinhabit, every baby needs a tipi! Also that hair twist is gorgeous!

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  10. Love the hair twist, it screams summer and freedom!

  11. Hilary

    Love the scooter! Is that for kids or adults? When i went home to visit my parents, my mom had one, but it definitly wasn't as cool.

  12. I love your E & Me posts! And that tipi is perfect. I remember making them myself when I was younger and those were the best times. I think E would love it!


  13. I love those toy blocks and the romper is the cutest thing ever!

  14. I wish we were best friends and you could do my hair everyday ha. I have got to try these fun hairstyles I see all over the place :)

  15. Amanda

    i have had my eye on those beach blankets, too! thank you pinterest for showing me all of these wonderful things.

    as for the tipi, what a swell idea :)

    xo, amanda
    @ http://mamawatters.blogspot.com

  16. HOT

    Im in love with that scooter too!!! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  17. HOT

    Im in love with that scooter too!!! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  18. Mia M.

    I too think that the Tipi is pretty awesome, haha E would look adorbs peeking her head out or playing peek-a-boo in it, too cute!

  19. I love that hair twist + the wooden heels. Too cute! ♥Lindsay

  20. Lyndsay

    I need to try that hairstyle! Everything you've picked is really cute.

  21. abby

    The bag and the hair are just screaming you!! And any kind of platformish shoes are divine in my book…thanks for sharing…and taking time for us even when your sweet life (and tummy) are bustling:)


  22. Chynna

    very cute! love your e&m; posts, my fav!


  23. Daisy

    That scooter is the coolest thing ever.

  24. I am obsessed with that tote.

  25. I love that hairstyle and the little cute clothes you pick out for Eleanor! So incredibly darling!

  26. Love that scooter and tipi inside the home idea.

  27. okay, absolutely in love with that tipi!!
    and i love that hair!
    xo TJ

  28. My mom's best friend made my brothers and I a tipi when we were kids. My mom held on to it and now my kids play with it.

  29. My entire spare bedroom was filled with a large tent for almost two years. Tipi will be so much fun!

  30. Bri

    I'll try that hair style!

  31. jamie

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  32. Shannon

    Naomi, I know you're a great person, but I feel like these posts are a little over the top. I know you spend quite a bit of time giving to your family, but you also spend a nauseating amount of time buying thousand dollar dresses and shoes and publishing it all over the internet! I wouldn't mind if this were a private blog, and maybe if you weren't an icon for mormons everywhere. but this is public and you are a symbol of mormonism! between you and mitt romney, we just look like a very selfish, materialistic group, and we're not. I just wish you could find a cause and give back. there are hundreds of needy people around you every day– people who could only dream of purchasing food or paying rent with the amount of money you spend on lavish things. Or the skills you have– you could do so much good posting about underprivileged teens or families, service opportunities, or even publicizing charities that need help, but instead you show all of this materialism. It just makes me sad because I think you are a good person and I think you want to help others, rather than create a 'keeping-up-with-the-joneses' type of blog. I'm sorry to be so straightforward with you, but I do love your blog, I read it faithfully, and I think you have an opportunity to do a great deal of good, rather than what you're doing. I don't mean to put you on the defensive or hurt your feelings, but you are one of the most powerful people on the internet! do good!

  33. jamie

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  34. {jane}

    great selection. if you build a tipi, ::please:: let me feature you first on my design {a} fort series! xo.