an afternoon in st. augustine.

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while in florida last week, we spent an afternoon in st. augustine. we toured the fort castillo de san marcos which was built by the spanish in the late 1600’s. eleanor thought it was pretty cool. she had to touch every single cannon she saw. ;)
last time we were in st. augustine, i was about 26 or 27 weeks pregnant with eleanor. so it was fun to have her running around the place in person this trip. also, after looking back at my last blog post from our time in st. augustine a few years ago, apparently we’re making it a habit of getting candied apples each time we visit. i guess i love them extra in st. augustine!

  1. Gaby

    wow, it's so tropical and beautiful! and i love both your and eleanor's outfits x

  2. WHOA! Naomi, you have to bring those bangs back!!

  3. Seriously the cutest family ever!
    And that water is soo blue!
    What a cute town too!

    Where are those adorable mint pants from?


  4. These are so sweet! I love this lovely city.

  5. Lena

    What a gorgeous looking place, child and family… That's all I have to say!

  6. love seeing y'alls adventures… and the matching sandles for mommy and E? LOVE them!

  7. lizzy

    i like how you were wearing stripes the past time in st. augustine as well. stripes & candied apples. oh yes! i adore the picture of eleanor on the bench, listening to her daddy as he pointed things out to her.

  8. so fun outing! your pictures are great! and you look great yourself! :-)

  9. cuuuute outfit! what a pretty pregnant momma<3

  10. Oooh, is that a cinnamon sugar caramel apple? It looks so interesting, like a walk on the beach mixed with donut.

  11. a.m.l.

    where is your top from? i love it with the mint pants!

  12. sooooooo darling!!!!!!!! looks like you had so much fun!

  13. just fell in love with St. Augustine all over again. i lived there for 4+ years & miss is so much.. beautiful pictures!

  14. Elise

    gosh! You make pregnant so glamorous!

  15. Those pants are so cute. How can you look this amazing while pregnant!?

  16. Beautiful photos! :)

  17. Oh, I want to visit St. Augustine! Where did you get those pretty mint pants? They're so cute.

  18. I'm so jealous of all your travels! St. Augustine is definitely on the list now…

  19. I love your colorful outfit :)

    Baby girl looks adorable as usual!~

  20. i love st. augustine! that is where we went on our honeymoon :) so i love it extra for that reason :) cute family as always


  21. Claire

    I practically grew up in St. Augustine and I was just back visiting about a month ago! Did you guys stay right in town? Those beach pictures look a LOT like Anastasia State Park to me. And that picture of you and Eleanor at the fort looks like a J. Crew catalogue!

  22. Kym

    I'm glad you had fun! I grew up in FL, and St. Augustine is one of my very favorite places… I almost went to college there (Flagler college is breathtaking. if you've never been, it's a cool place to visit). Some of these photos make me homesick :) it's so nice to see others enjoy, appreciate, and love a place as much as you do, ya know?

  23. beautiful photos. you all look great! :) so glad y'all had a good time!

    – l

  24. Dani

    Love these pictures!! And it's so adorable, you and E look like you have matching sandals! Are yours perhaps from Madewell?

    Thanks so much for sharing your family's trip with us!


  25. Beautiful pictures! You guys are the cutest family.

  26. looks beautiful, would love to visit there someday too!

  27. Kilwin's is the best! I'm assuming that's where the candy apples were from. I LOVE their ice cream and waffle cones!

  28. your trips and pictures from st. augustine remind me of the beauty and history in florida. it's the same way i felt when i went to miami and saw all the art deco architecture. such a beautiful and interesting state.

  29. Tae RM

    love that shirt!! would you mind where it is from?

  30. Wow GREAT pictures. I LOVE St. Agustin its so pretty and those candy apples look delicious. It funny how you've been pregnant both times you've gone :)


  31. Loulou

    Looks like such an interesting place to visit. And I don't blame you one bit for going for one of those varied apples. They look scrumptious!


  32. i love your outfit in this post. i just got some red saltwaters and am obsessed.

  33. I absolutely love St.Augustine! My fiance and I've visited his grandma there a few times. We absolutely love walking around their downtown area, exploring their shops and arts, especially when they have their monthly art event!

  34. Janell

    I let out a good laugh when I saw the photo of Eleanor on that cannon! Such a lovely trip you had :)

  35. Meryn

    Im from Jacksonville, which is just north and I always love to jump down to St. Augustine for a touristy getaway…we always get caramel apples too! Something about St. Augustine makes you want those apples!

  36. AAAHHHHH!!! I'm soooo flippin out right now. I'm from St Augustine & I just love how lovely it is! Did you guys get to go to the Lighthouse or did any of the trolley tours? Castillo de San Marco is pretty sweet too. We did a couple of our engagement photos there. I am so stoke right now :)


  37. I'm from Sarasota, a ways south from there, but my sister just arrived in St. Augustine today! Looks so rad, I'd love to go one day!
    xo, V

  38. Emily

    What an amazing experience! The photos are beautiful.

  39. Johanna

    Awesome photos! This is going to sound super creepy but my fiance and I actually saw ya'll in St. Augustine at the fort when you were taking some of the photos. I wanted to say hi, but didn't want to ruin family time. Glad ya'll loved St. Aug! It's so beautiful!

  40. Chelsea

    love the outfit!
    you look cute!

  41. i love your shirt! you look great for being so far along.

  42. Sylvie

    LOVE your outfit! And E's!

  43. Aww cute! Love your top, totally camoflages your bump, but very cute, where did you get it?

  44. Mia M.

    Aww you and E look so cute on the steps haha and her on the cannon is adorable! And those look like THEE best candied apples I have ever seen!

    Mia M.

  45. Oh, I LOVE St. Augustine! I grew up in Orlando and we always used to go there for a fun weekend day trip. Now that I live in Amsterdam these sunny photos are making me really nostalgic :)

  46. Love St. Augustine! The picture of Eleanor on that canon kills me. : )



  47. I never knew there were parts of Florida that were so pretty! Going to have to add it to my travel around the US list. Your mint pants are to DIE for by the way. I hope you dish where they are from!

  48. Viki

    lovely photos – by the way, do you mind me asking. how do you get your photos side by side? is it photoshop? thank you!

  49. wow you look amazing in those jeans! where are they from? Beautiful pictures as always xo

  50. meig

    beautiful photos!

  51. i remember going there on a family trip in middle school… even then (when a 13-year-old hates anything that doesn't have to do with fashion or her friends) i liked it!! haha

  52. What a beautiful place. I'm really looking forward to getting away for a few days and just wandering aimlessly around small towns and sitting by the sea.

    C x

  53. Dianna


  54. It looks beautiful, makes me want to go on holiday so much to get away from the cold, drizzly and grey English weather we've had for a month now!

    plus it makes me broody to be pregnant again! You look great!

  55. I want to go on a trip after seeing your photos – love your and Elanor's cute outfits

  56. ooh, these pics are making me restless. if i hadn't read the blurb i would have thought you were in the south of spain! i love little pockets of global delights right here at home! thanks for the post.

  57. Love your red/mint outfit! Beautiful pictures!

  58. I live a few hours away from St. Augustine and I cherish every time we get to go! Last year we rented bikes and road around on the Fourth of July. It was so so fun! Not to mention the beautiful college + fountain. Such a lovely spot.

    xo, Meghan

  59. Wow, looks like such an amazing time! I hope to get down there sometime soon. Also, your outfit is absolutely adorable!

  60. Emily

    my husband and i went to St. Augustine back in October 2009. it's beautiful there! can't wait to go back someday. thanks for sharing!
    God bless! :)

  61. tavmac

    Thank-you for sharing, theimages are lovely. I looked back at your post from when you were pregnant with Eleanor. You look gorgeous whatever, but I must say you really suit bangs!

  62. Gina

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  63. Makes me want to drive there right now, instead I am stuck studying for Finals!
    lovely pictures!!!

  64. Kat

    St. Auggie is my home town! I'm so excited that you went there and appreciate its charm. My family's sailboat "Moondance" is moored right there on the bay front by the fort! I think if I look closely I may just be able to spot it in your photos!

  65. wow, it almost looks like you guys are in a different country! you always take such beautiful images! and i love all those ones of josh obviously saying and trying to teach eleanor something. too cute!
    and that last post of when you guys were there while pregnant with baby e? you are just too perfect!!
    xo TJ

  66. the candied apples over there must be so much nicer than here, they look delicious.

    I love the photos of Josh with E, he always looks so happy to be a Daddy (as you do to be a Mummy) Have a great weekend!

  67. Anna

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to run away to the beach asap!

  68. Megan

    St Augustine is a very neat place. I live about a 2 hour drive away from it so it's nice to get down there every now and then. I'm glad that you and your family had a nice little excursion to Florida!

  69. That looks like it was fun! I have to know where you got that pink/red and yellow striped shirt!?? It's SO CUTE!

  70. court*

    Where are your shirt / pants from? I love the shoes as well, all fabulous!

  71. Gorgeous photos, outfits, and smiles! So fun :)

  72. wow looks like an italian medieval village… interesting to visit and E looks enjoying it!!!!

  73. I already like you, your style, and E's style so much it hurts. But then you have to put on that red shirt paired with those fantastic mint pants. Unbearable!
    keep up the good work

  74. Danica

    Oh my goodness, I discovered your blog a few months ago and I love it. Imagine my surprise when I was browsing thru and realized you were about two blocks from my house last week! I live on Charlotte Street (yes, the oldest street in the nation). Hope you guys had a blast (it looks like you did)!!!

  75. Ami

    Es precioso!! y hasta conserva las banderas de España y una de sus Comunidades Autónomas.
    Un saludo desde España. :)

  76. Miu

    St. Augustine is a really beautiful city!
    I love the father-daughter-picture on the bench.

  77. Wendy

    Ahh St. Augustine! My family used to live in a townhouse off of the Bridge Of Lions. Beautiful beach town – nice to see how your lovely photos portray it! (Speaking as a Florida girl :) ).

  78. This is too funny! Someone linked to your blog on a forum, and I was really enjoying scrolling through your posts when BAM! My hometown! We live right in downtown St. Augustine and looove it. So glad you had a great time! I wish I had caught you beforehand to say that you have to go to the Hyppo for the best fresh popsicles ever. Next time you're in town, be sure to stop in there!

  79. This is too funny! Someone linked to your blog on a forum, and I was really enjoying scrolling through your posts when BAM! My hometown! We live right in downtown St. Augustine and looove it. So glad you had a great time! I wish I had caught you beforehand to say that you have to go to the Hyppo for the best fresh popsicles ever. Next time you're in town, be sure to stop in there!

  80. i went to college there and love this city! thanks for sharing these (:

  81. Lena

    I love your top on the photos, can you tell my where you bought it? Greetings from Germany :)!