the other day, eleanor refused all naps! for a little one who normally goes down at 11am on the dot for 2 1/2 hours, let me tell you, it was quite the experience. i’d put her down in her crib and she’d just keep chatting away, trying to high-five me and play peek-a-boo… i’d leave the room and she’d keep shouting towards the door, “heyyyyyyy! maaaaaaaa? MAAAA?!” and after about 15 minutes of that, i just feel rude. so out of the crib she came. and we cuddled and read stories and played while i tried to fight back my own tears of exhaustion. but by 2pm, those tears came anyway. i was so tired. i’d slept maybe 3 hours total the night before (thanks a lot, pregnancy) and it just wasn’t my day. more like, a zombie day.
i told josh that night, “it’s a good thing she’s cute. otherwise….” just kidding. but no seriously… why is it when you CAN sleep all day, you don’t want to? don’t these babies realize someday that will never be an option again? if i could go back to those first few years of my life in the 80’s, that’s all i’d be doing!
  1. I hear ya! My 8 month old has been fighting nap time so hard lately! But all I can do is laugh sometimes. Her way of showing resistance is to lift her chest up and roar like a baby lion! It's her nighttime sleep that's killing us… Or should I say lack of it. All the time we say, if she wasn't so cute and sweet, we'd have asked for a refund long ago, lol!

  2. so miserable! sorry! i keep thinking it will get better as they get older, but no my three year old just comes upstairs in the middle of the night and wakes us up! someday we'll get to sleep again… right?!

  3. I hear you and you're not alone! I'm 29 weeks pregnant and my 19 month old son is a great napper…most of the time. But the rare days where he resists altogether, or decides that 40 minutes is enough, and I am beside myself! By the time I've run around and done the chores I can't do while he is awake, and then put my feet up to try to grab a quick kip, he is awake and ready to PLAY, MAMA, PLAY! Aghhhhh. Early nights are a pregny girl's best friend. :)

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    Seriously, nap times are the worst with toddlers. we are totally struggling. i can only imagine how it must be to have a non-napping toddler while pregnant. we're trying for #2 now and im desperately praying that i can get my toddler on a good nap schedule b4 we get preggers. lol

  5. I love E's headband. Did you make it? She is so darling.. My little girl looks like her a little
    Instagram– lilyblu001

  6. Okay she is way too cute! I loved reading your post! Haha you make me laugh- Okay kids realize what you got because you wont have that option for long!

  7. I think about that last paragraph all the time.

  8. Oh, mama! I can totally relate! My baby girl, Sabrina is only five months old but she definitely has those days! And we mamas rely on those naps to get things done and "me" time, and perhaps some nap time ourselves!
    I just started reading your blog this past few weeks and I love it! Perfect combination of food, family and fashion. It would be great if you could do an entry about how Eleanor's sleep routine changes when you are away (Florida, New York, etc). Does she still nap the same times/places? Will she take her 2.5 hour nap in the stroller while you tour around? Curious, this would help since we are looking to get away somewhere in a few weeks….
    Best of luck with your delivery! Hope baby boy doesn't wait as long as your first to get here! Sabrina was a week past her due date and I was going bonkers! Even the labour finally did happen, I was so relieved that I think it helped contribute to a smooth (if there is such a thing) and fast labour! All the best!