we spent saturday morning on the grounds of the university of virginia and toured the rotunda. what a beautiful campus! i always get ‘campus envy’ (is that such a thing?) when i see university grounds like that… we didn’t have a campus at juilliard. we had a building. a single, five story building. everyone would always joke that new york city was our campus but seriously… not the same thing as huge green lawns and old historic buildings. anyway, the grounds are just beautiful and josh wants to remodel our bedroom after edgar allan poe’s dorm room which is preserved and on display there. ;)

ps. for those who have inquired, my white dress is from more of me maternity. jacket from jcrew. shoes from ruche.
  1. Anuszka

    Oh… Little Eleonor make a speach… so cute :)

  2. Great post Naomi! I too went to a city university and I did miss having a lovely leafy campus to stroll around!

  3. Lovely pictures, it's so pretty this time of year! I felt the same about UVA when I first visited. My boyfriend completed his undergrad there, and took me for a visit this same time a couple years ago. I will have to show him your pictures! He will love them.

  4. Dianna

    your belly, aww the cutest!

  5. Rebecca

    And your shoes! Where are your shoes from? :)

    I completely understand campus envy.

  6. Old buildings is something special! Great pics!

  7. I go to UVA now as a grad student and I also visited the Rotunda for the first time on Saturday…after nearly a year of living here. For shame! I'm a bad hometown tourist.

    I'm glad you had a nice time in Jefferson Town! I hope you got to see Belmont (best/prettiest neighborhood in town) and the farmers market, which is amazing. If not, next time!

  8. Campus envy is most definitely a thing! Or at least, it should be. The uni I go to is so beautiful and I still look at photos of other unis, like these, and get just a little bit jealous.

    Looks like a great day :) Rhi xx


  9. Such gorgeous photos!!
    You have such a sweet little family!!

  10. sonja

    Love, love, love the photo of your little professor. She's obviously got quite a lot she would like to share with the class! <3

  11. colleen

    you seriously look awesome in that dress. and the pictures of Eleanor are too much! on her tiptoes pushing the stroller, behind the pulpit, talkin with josh at the desk. love them all.

  12. I know you have heard it before – but these photos are amazing. Such a photogenic family!

  13. Lyndsay

    Looking at these pictures I have campus envy too. My college was this ugly concrete structure that only looked nice for two weeks in the spring.

    Your family is so sweet! The picture of Eleanor giving a speech is adorable!

  14. Alicia

    beautiful pictures!! I have never been to VA!

  15. If I could ensure that I would have as beautiful of a daughter as you, I would be a mother right now. Your family is adorable. Oh, and UVA is nice too!

  16. Laura

    oh gosh, such adorable pictures! and the campus seems to be really pretty:) x

  17. roza

    adorable little girl, lovely parents, nice photos.
    your blog is my favourite.

  18. the bonding between josh and E is so cute, your white dress is adorable. and i'm glad that we have a tiny (green) campus in vienna.

  19. tinajo

    She´s so adorable and the pics are really nice to see! :-)

  20. LeeLee

    Gosh, Eleanor is so adorable!! Beautiful photos.

  21. Your family always puts a smile on my face! (and, given that it's finals time, it's a much needed smile!)

  22. I totally understand what you mean, I feel exactly the same everytime I go to one of those places. In France we don't have that campus tradition, there are a few old universities buildings such as the Sorbonne in Paris but no laws, no dorms… When we went to Cambridge or to Gerogetown University in Washington I felt so nostalgious of my student years, and couldn't keep imagining what it would have been like to spend my 20's in those incerdible campus… And I can't help thinking how can you be a bad student when you're studying in buildings like these ???

  23. Natasha

    Ahhh! so happy you went to UVA while you were here! My husband went there and it's still the most beautiful campus I've ever seen. We spent part of Sunday there, exploring the gardens and taking pictures in the rain for a blog post :)
    So thrilled that you had such a wonderful time here!

  24. Katie

    i love the picture of your husband explaining the architecture to eleanor…so cute.
    UVA's campus is gorgeous; i really wanted to go to school there. My parents actually got married in the chapel the summer after they graduated :)

  25. Char

    Oh my gosh! Love the picture of E and Josh with their arms up! So cute! You are exposing her to so much! She will be such a well-rounded little girl!
    Char xo

  26. Alexis

    We almost moved to Charlottsville, Virginia. My husband was having interviews for a campus job and we were looking into everything and it was georgeous. I wish he would have gotten that job. I love the pics of Josh and E!

  27. beina

    I'm in love with your family, seriuosly!!!I really would like to be like you, one day!So compliments!!!

  28. cde

    Ugh, I get the campus envy too. I went to school in downtown Chicago, and though it's a great city, everything downtown closes after 7.
    Love that pic of Eleanor at the podium! She looks like she's giving a fabulous lecture.

  29. Liz

    Oh you've made my heart yearn to be back amidst the red brick & white columns of my alma mater. Spending four precious years as a UVa student, exploring Jefferson's handiwork and falling in love with Charlottesville was undoubtedly as wonderful as you might imagine. You've captured its magic and splendor perfectly. Hope you enjoyed your visit!

  30. Aracely

    YOur little one is so darn cute! YOu have a beautiful family!

  31. Kate

    beautiful! My grandparents live across the street from Mary Washington College in VA and the architecture of here is similar! I remember playing on the grounds as a little girl- ahhh the memories!

  32. Laura

    AH! that picture of E behind the podium. The nerd in me is dying. I love it.

  33. Cady

    Gorgeous pictures! As an NYU student I totally feel you on the campus envy. :)

  34. Wahoowa!! I love seeing you all enjoying my alma mater :)

  35. kLr

    The hand picture. Precious!
    The father/daughter photos…love.

    And, I am slightly envious that you were in Charlottesville! A good friend of mine attends there!

  36. L.

    sooo beautiful place!!! I've always dreamed a campus like that but my university was just a heap of cement!
    I love the shot where miss E. was simulating a speech in front of the class!!!

    kisses from Italy


  37. Mariela

    Amazing photos, very lovely, have a great day!

  38. marina

    such a beautiful family!! & lovely photos:)

  39. Melissa

    That is indeed a gorgeous campus I loved visiting there last year. Your family is just the cutest I die everytime. Love the pics of E and daddy

  40. Ha! That photo of her at the pulpit made me giggle. Such a doll.

  41. oh my gosh, i love that eleanor is growing up into a sweet little lady with her own personality. it looks like you guys are having so much fun playing with her. also, those chunky legs! i love them :)

    and yes, campus envy. i got to a tiny private college of like 2,000 people, so i definitely envy people with huge, beautiful campuses. mine is pretty, but not quite like this.

  42. Another wonderful post, Naomi! As a fellow optimistic, I love how you write about your life, love and family with such hope and positivity. In case you read this, you should bring your little family for a trip to Charleston, SC! One of my favorite places to go is Poe's Tavern . It is completely inspired by him and specializes in, wait for it, BURGERS! Just a little recommendation if you ever make your way south :)

  43. We don't have a campus either. :/ Looks beautiful!

  44. Beautiful!


  46. You're posting about my alma mater on my birthday! Love it! (WAHOOWA!) I've really been enjoying these entries about Cville and Monticello, but they're making me homesick. Glad you had a great time, though! :D

  47. I wish my Uni looked like this! Mine is boring grey…

    Lovely pictures!

  48. love my alma mater! wahoowa!

    glad uva showed you such a great time :)

  49. I recently discovered your blog! OMG, you're such a cute family with such an amazing photos! Whis you all the best in the future .. xx

  50. cute! love the pic of E at the podium! :) what a fun trip!

  51. ok, eleanor at the podium… kind of the cutest thing ever.

  52. ha! great pics.
    I'd love to know, do you edit the color of your photos? or are they straight from the camera (not counting cropping) i just love the tone and color of your shots, also do you still just use the kit lens and the 50 mm?

  53. ellie

    That's the chapel where my grandparents got married!

  54. Janell

    Oh, Edgar Allan Poe! I'm jealous that you were able to see his dorm room.. so so cool. If Josh follows through with the bedroom renovation, posting photos is a MUST :)

  55. Lottie

    Love the photo of E making a speech and of E and Josh waving.

    Makes me wish those uni days when the lawns were there for lounging on but I don't miss the exams.

  56. I really want to go on this same trip now, the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. All the pictures of Josh and E are so cute, they are quite the pair.

  57. Kristen

    I really want to know where your shoes are from too! Can you share? That's one cute baby.

  58. Leny

    Awesome family!!! :)

  59. Those two together are just so so precious!

  60. I will be in Cville this weekend for Foxfields! You are right though, such a seriously beautiful campus.

  61. It is so beautiful! Here in the Northwest, we don't have near the historical buildings as there are on the East Coast – I'm in complete awe when I see old places like this! :)

  62. What an awesome weekend! The campus looks beautiful! Yes, it's totally possible to get campus envy. I went to college in Australia and the campus I went to just doesn't even compare to something like that. They're beautiful in the states! x


  63. Joan

    I get campus envy as well! I went to FIT and the "grass" was what was growing around the 3 fenced in trees. I always wanted to just go sit on the quad like I saw in movies, ha.


  64. I love those dad and daughter pictures. too cute.

  65. Beautiful! The campus and your family!

  66. Amelia

    oh my goodness, josh and little E together is the most precious thing. and beautiful beautiful photos as always.

  67. Elena

    Oh that picture of Eleanor at the podium kills me! Love your blog and your lovely photos.

  68. I have a question. cuz I read "julliard" and my BRAIN stopped working.

    You attended JULLIARD!? seriously my brain cant handle this. do you think you'll ever dance again? or teach once little E and baby bump get older?

  69. Holy! EVERYTIME I see Miss. E she is cuter and doing more heart melting things. And those pictures of her and Josh. Don't even get me started!! TOO CUTE! And you, you are a catch as well! (E and Josh are pretty dang lucky!) Thank you So much for sharing! My day is a little brighter!

  70. Emily

    Love the picture of E at the podium and with her dad. So sweet!

  71. Priya

    That campus is beautiful! And Eleanor and Josh are TOO CUTE together! Love that picture where they both have their hands up. Josh looks super funny

  72. Meg

    The ones with Josh and Eleanor are so sweet. They look like such good buddies :)

  73. i get total campus envy, too. i attended a beautiful university but i think it's just nostalgia for higher education at this point. beautiful shots!


  74. where to you get E's hair bows and accessories? love 'em.

  75. What type of stroller is that? Cute!

  76. I absolutely LOVE the picture of josh and little eleanor sitting at the table! those two have the perfect relationship. it is simply adorable :)

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  78. Karin

    Don't you just love C'ville?! I go about once a month to visit my brother and his family (they have 5 kids!). UVA is a beautiful campus…and there are so many great restaurants and shops in the area! And the drive down 29 is lovely…passing all the farms and green pastures. Love it! Glad you all had a great time! :)

  79. Love the photos of Josh and Eleanor mimicking each other. Daddy-daughter bonding at its finest!

  80. Amberly

    Where did you get E's moccasins?

  81. Kate

    I love these photos! I think I say this every time I comment on your blog, but Eleanor is SO adorable! :)

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  82. yay! so glad you visited cville and enjoyed your stay. it's a pretty fine place to live!

  83. you look great! you wear pregnancy well, mama!

  84. AH! You went both to Monticello & The Lawn! I tweeted those as recommendations to you, however I'm sure you got a thousand tweets and repeats of the same advice.

    These two posts made me feel so giddy and excited to go back to my alma mater in the future with my own little family!